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SEO 19 min read August 16, 2022

What Any SEO Specialist Should Know: SEO Skills From Junior To Senior

Ida Pettersson
Ida Pettersson
Content Writer at ResumeGenius

Are you new to the world of SEO and wondering how to begin developing your skills? Or are you a seasoned SEO expert seeking to deepen your knowledge of website optimization? Because the internet is teeming with information on SEO-related topics, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We have also faced this problem, so we decided to publish a complete knowledge map for SEO specialists from Junior to Senior level to help you grow your expertise.

SEO For Beginners

Basiс Knowledge

SEO is a complex field that requires a range of skills, including technical, analytical, and creative abilities. Developing a strong foundation is crucial to ensuring your future success as an SEO specialist and will allow you to devise and implement effective SEO campaigns that drive traffic and improve conversion rates.

In this section, you will find relevant materials that will guide you as you take your first steps on the way to becoming an SEO expert. But first, make sure to take a look at our SEO Glossary to familiarize yourself with key terminology.

This will equip you with the knowledge you need to go through Google’s own SEO starter guide:

You can find and analyze competitors using the Serpstat Competitor Analysis tool.

Keyword Research

Understanding what language your target audience uses to search for information related to your business’ products or services is a must. Including relevant keywords signals to search engines that your product is relevant to your audience and directs them to your website.

Serpstat Backlink Analysis tool will help you analyze and improve your website's backlink profile. This report will gather data on referring domains, malicious sites, inbound links, outbound links, link anchors, top pages, backlink donor intersection, and more.

Basic Website Knowledge

For SEO specialists, understanding how websites work as well as the technical aspects of optimizing a website for search engines is essential. By learning the basics, you will be well on your way to creating your first SEO campaign.

Skills For Upper Junior Level SEO Experts

So, you have passed the basic level. Now it's is time to deepen your knowledge. Let us start with some tricks for keyword research as an upper junior level SEO specialist:

Keyword List: Top Similarity Clustering

Mid-Level SEO Abilities

Web Analytics

As a mid-level SEO specialist, you should know how to use a Google Analytics feature called Enhanced Ecommerce that provides advanced insights for e-commerce sites.

What You Need To Know As A Senior SEO Specialist

Here is what you need to know to take your SEO abilities to the next level:

Web Analytics

To reach a senior SEO level, you need familiarize yourself with Measurement Protocol, another feature of Google Analytics. You will also need to upgrade your computer-related abilities and gain some basic programming skills.

Тепер розглянемо основні напрямки у крипто-бізнесі:

Artem Melikyan
Artem Melikyan
Head of SEO at Mobalytics

The graduation of specialist levels is subjective; it depends on both the company and the specialist, and even on how confidently and charismatically the specialist presents information :) (Be careful with this, you can hire an incompetent one).

For me, the level of a specialist is measured in independence. Signor works as autonomously as possible, regardless of the type of task, up to the automation of work. Middle needs help making difficult and important decisions and developing scripts.

In fact, all the missing knowledge can be filled when the task appears if the specialist is experienced enough to google and apply the information.

To sum up, Senior is an experienced Middle with knowledge of related areas.

P.S. I am not writing about things like knowing the basics, tools, strategies, etc. It goes without saying.

Eugene Kravchuk
Eugene Kravchuk
SEO Team Lead at Inweb

In addition to basic things, such as writing meta tags correctly, collecting semantics, creating a site structure, analyzing SEO indicators and competing sites, an SEO specialist at the Middle and Senior levels must:

1. Know the file structure of popular engines: WordPress, Open Cart, CS cart.
2. Be able to find the necessary files for CMS sites.
3. Know basic queries in SQL.
4. Be able to implement elementary edits on the site.
5. Know and use various modules of popular CMS engines.
6. Be able to write and read elementary code on PHP.

Анастасія Вороніна
Vitaly Kravchenko
Founder of Webline Promotion

First of all, for me, the most important difference in the levels of specialists is not the amount of knowledge but thinking. Knowledge is essential to be applied correctly and in time.

Speaking about a set of knowledge, the main difference is in working with numbers, big data and the ability to automate it all. Junior promotes the site, Middle - promotes, analyzes actions and draws conclusions, and Senior - draws many conclusions and hypotheses, tests them with minimal costs.

When it comes to data volumes and analytics, these are programming languages, scripts, BI, and a thorough work with the main tools that serve as a data source.

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