Keyword Clustering Tool

Keyword grouping tool. Upload up to 50 000 keywords and get them grouped automatically by SERPs similarity. Add related keywords to website pages to improve rankings and SEO.

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Clustering tool

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Customize clustering parameters

 ● Add domain name to get recommendations for which page certain cluster is better to implement
 ● Choose Connection Strength to group keywords in clusters with closely related thematics.
 ● Set the Type of Cluster to group keywords by matching URLs in the top 30 search results.
 ● Combining different settings, you never miss out anything useful to fill your website with powerful keyword combinations.

clustering parameters

Get keyword clusters ready to export

The Keyword clustering tool returns a list of created clusters and a list of keywords included in each cluster. Moreover, you can compare keywords volume and connection strength; add, delete or move keywords to other clusters manually and export results for further processing.

Clustering tool

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Frequently asked questions about Clustering

What is keyword clustering?

Keyword clustering is a way of organizing keywords into categories that can be used for SEO purposes. It involves grouping related keywords together in order to make them easier to manage and optimize for search engine rankings. This allows you to identify keywords that should be targeted for content creation, link building, and other SEO-related activities.

Who needs keyword clustering?

Keyword clustering is used by marketers, content writers, and web developers to more effectively organize, target, and optimize content for search engine optimization. It helps identify keywords that are relevant to the content being created and provides a strategic system for grouping them together. By clustering related keywords, marketers are able to create campaigns that are more structured and effective in targeting the audience they are looking for.

How Serpstat keyword clustering works?

Keywords grouping into clusters accordingly to the number of URLs top of SERP for each keyword and depends from Connection Strength and Clustering Type

What are advantages of Serpstat keyword clustering tool?

Serpstat Clustering tool is automated, have variety of settings and regions and easy to use.

What do experts say about our tools?

Lori N.
Lori N.
Creative Director & Web Designer

We love Serpstat. Its clean interface makes
it easy to navigate. We use the rankings tool
daily as well as the keyword research tool.
We've compared it with other software, and
it always comes out on top. Any time we
have questions, Serpstat is quick to respond. It helps us tremendously with SEO,
especially local SEO.
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Jacob M.
Jacob M.
Cloud Engineer

Our overall experience is incredibly useful.
We found many issues on our mobile version and realized that we should improve visibility of our blog posts. Serpstat is constantly improving. It could be quite engaging, I pull up our Rank tracker dashboard every morning and look at our current positions on Google.
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Klemen V.
Klemen V.

Serpstat is using a large database. This is
evident when researching long tail / low
volume keywords. Serpstat produces more
accurate results than the majority of other
tools, while being cheaper than best of breed tools like Ahrefs and Semrush. It also has very good competitive analysis. I use Serpstat for initial KW research.
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