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There are 5 ways you can get a discount or even a free access to all of our tools!

Long term subscription discounts

Serpstat always offers discounts for those who buy a long-term subscription. Size of discount depends on what period you choose, it varies from 5 to 40%. You can subscribe to 3, 6, 12 and 36 months to get a discount.

Plan A
Buy year
Plan B
Buy year
Plan C
Buy year
Plan D
Buy year
Plan E
Buy year
Plan F
Buy year
Plan G
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Plan H
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Affiliate program

For those who always recommend the best solutions to their friends and readers. By becoming a Serpstat partner you can make money on commissions up to 30% by sharing your personal referral link with your friends.

Benefits of our affiliate program:
1. Recurring income
2. High commission
3. Full statistics
4. Ability to withdraw the money or use money to pay for subscription

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Bonuses for writing a Serpstat review on your blog

Do you run a blog for internet-marketers? If you write a review of our tool, we will add funds to your Serpstat account so you can buy a subscription to Serpstat or extent the term of existing subscription.

Reviews must include the following:

Information about Serpstat 
(minimum 1000 characters)
At least one screenshot, showcasing Serpstat’s features
A dofollow link to
You can use your referral link

Depending on the number of visitors on your blog, the amount of funds to be added to your account varies from $19 to $299.

All reviews will be featured on our Reviews of Serpstat page. We will also promote your content on our social media pages and in our newsletters.

You are not limited to writing an article, a video review also works!


We constantly provide gifts to our followers and subscribers. Just follow us on social media and read our blog so you don’t miss another giveaway.

Educational programs

Serpstat is a tool that can be used in many areas from Marketing to SEO. We have a special proposition for Universities, Educational Centers, Online course programs and etc.

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Our educational program includes:

Students Accounts

Lectorer`s Account

Referral payouts


Personal support for teachers

Informational partnership

Contact Editorial Head of Serpstat

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