Who We Are

Serpstat is a global online service headquartered in Odessa, Ukraine. It provides keyword and ranking improvement information, which is crucial for in-depth competitor analysis and business intelligence, and for creating advertising campaigns. Serpstat makes it possible to scope out competitors’ domains and ascertain where to focus your own SEO efforts.

Our Accomplishments to Date

Serpstat was launched in January 2013 at the digital marketing agency Netpeak as a SaaS product. Serpstat was initially used by SEO and PPC professionals within the agency. Because it demonstrated such remarkable effectiveness, a month later, in February 2013, we released the service to the public.

In April 2015, Serpstat was turned into a subsidiary entity of Netpeak, and it saw tremendous growth in the English-speaking market.

Our History in Numbers

Jan 2013

Start! Serpstat was launched as a SaaS for keyword research and competitor analysis. Added the Google.ua database

Nov 2013

Google.ru and Yandex.Moscow databases

Jan 2014

Google.Bulgaria database

Nov 2014

Google.Kazakhstan database for Professional tariff

Mar 2015

Google.USA database is launched

Apr 2015

Yandex.Saint Petersburg database

May 2015

Google.Great Britain database

Sep 2015

Google.South Africa and Yandex.Ukraine databases

Oct 2015

Google.Canada database

Dec 2015

Investment! We raised $250,000 in a seed round.

Dec 2015

Integration with the Key Collector interface (an application for semantic core development)

Mar 2016

Google.Australia and Google.Lithuania databases

Apr 2016

Google.Latvia and Google.Belarus databases

What We Are Planning to Do Next

Our team has managed to create one of the most powerful and scalable products on the market. A number of Serpstat’s unique features ensure its competitiveness and innovativeness. At this point in our history, we already have substantial experience expanding into international markets. We are going to channel the investments we received from Digital Future in October 2015 towards this end.

Just a Few Statistics

Serpstat is already a must-have tool for SEO and PPC professionals all over the world. The number of users in the USA and South Africa is growing day by day. There are more than 100 million keywords, 180 million ads and 200 million search suggestions in Serpstat’s database.

Today Serpstat provides data for 10 Google regions: the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Lithuania, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. It also provides data from Yandex for Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ukraine.

Nowadays our service is used by more than 30,000 online marketing practitioners worldwide (as of December 2015): SEO and PPC professionals, marketing managers and copywriters.

So what’s next? The sky’s the limit!

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