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SEO 8 min read May 6, 2021

Growth Points for SaaS: How to Increase Organic Traffic by Using Competitors' Semantics

How to increase organic content with competitors semantics
Dmitry Sergeev
Dmitry Sergeev
One of the growth points for SaaS in organic is getting traffic from competitors. If your colleagues are getting good traffic for relevant keywords, then so can you. In this article, you will learn about several non-standard ways to grow organic content using the semantics of competitors.

Searching for direct competitors

Before starting work, you need to collect all competitors; on their basis, we will build a collection of semantics and a content plan for the section.

We can do this easily with Serpstat. In the search bar of the service, enter the address of your domain and click "Search". Go to the section "Domain analysis → SEO research → Competitors".
analysis of competitors in Serpstat search results
We export the report and transfer the most relevant competitors to the document.
download the list of competitors
Next, we take 4 directions to collect data:
Users looking for a product replacement
Users who want to compare popular products
Users looking for a solution in a familiar tool
Users who don't care about the tool but want a solution
Let's take a closer look at these points below.
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Pages for users looking for a product replacement

The advantage of such landing pages is that the most targeted clients come from these requests. Most likely, they have already tried a similar service and did not like something. Creating such landing pages will help attract users who, for example, are looking for an alternative with a lower price or advanced functionality.

Such a page's main task is to convince a potential client that you are better than a particular competitor on several parameters.

We create similar pages for both large and small but growing competitors. Traffic to your landing pages will grow along with them.

Let's take a look at Dropbox as an example. For semantics, the following queries are suitable:
Analyze demand and traffic potential using Serpstat:
how to collect the semantics of competitors
We study the top, choose good examples and create our own pages with alternatives:
In this case, the project gets organics for "dropbox alternatives" requests.
sync service landing page
Additionally, we create a page with a list of other competitors, for example:
beebom landing page
Such pages also help to get traffic based on the semantics of competitors.
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Pages for users who want to compare popular products

Such pages will help to attract potential customers who have not yet decided to choose the service. This way, you can snatch them out of the hands of your competitors by demonstrating your advantages. For semantics, the following queries are suitable:
analysis of keywords using Serpstat
Compare two leaders, but lead to your product along the funnel.

For example:
Dropbox vs box, but the funnel is directed towards the product.
Comparing your product with a popular one.
This way, users who are looking for your competitor can come to you and become your customers.

Pages for users looking for a solution in a familiar tool

For example, a user searches for "How to Edit PDF in Google Docs", and you show them a solution to this problem using your product. Great example:
pages for users looking for a solution in a familiar tool
On the page, you describe the competitor's functions, but, along the funnel, you lead the user to your product, in this case —

Pages for users who don't care about the tool but want a solution

And then there are pages for the hottest leads - users looking for a solution to a problem that your product can solve. For example, for the request "photo cropping websites" we create a page:

There are 10 sites that solve the problem of photo cropping, while the promotion is directed at the product

We use this type of materials:
in project's blog
on PBN grid
on external sources for outreach
From my own experience, I can say that this gives about 10% of additional organic and targeted traffic.


Summing up, I would like to note once again that the semantics of competitors is an effective channel for getting leads from organic. The main thing is to use it correctly. Let's repeat 4 types of pages that will help you get organic traffic for the following keywords:
Pages for users looking for a product replacement.
Pages for users who want to compare popular products.
Pages for users looking for a solution in a familiar tool.
Pages for users who don't care about the tool but want a solution.
Happy promotion, Friends!

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