Use cases

How to find duplicate pages?
How to avoid excessive redirects on your site?
How to identify loading speed issues on your site?
How to view the top 100 search results for the tracked keyword and ranking fluctuations over custom periods?
How to split up the tracked keywords into groups?
How to instantly get insights into your online market share?
How to view the cached SERP for a tracked keyword?
How to learn about your competitor search traffic fluctuations for the tracked keywords?
How to track your competitor rankings on a daily basis without burning up extra keyword credits?
How to identify pages with the greatest traffic opportunities?
How to take the data-driven approach to internal linking for SEO?
How to discover missing keyword opportunities for a URL?
How to identify competitors at the URL level and perform URL vs URL analysis?
How to collect high-opportunity long-tail keywords?
How to find unique keywords of your competitor you might have missed?
How to discover your direct competitors?
How to run domains batch analysis?
How to discover the most traffic-driving pages of your competitor?
Rankings Flux: Time to Panic or Regular Google Updates?
How to avoid keyword cannibalization and keep the SEO consistency?
How to automatically cluster a set of keywords?
How to group the semantic core into clusters?
How to gauge keyword difficulty and find the easiest keywords to rank for?
How to employ Serpstat Text Analytics to create a task for a copywriter?
How to speed up website audit?
How to audit and find website SEO issues?
What to write in Title and how to optimize meta tags on a site?
How to audit and find technical issues on a specific page of a site?
How to add new keywords to Rank tracker?
How do I manually update keyword positions in Rank tracker?
How to see the distribution of competitors by traffic / keywords quantity / average position?
How to promote your site pages to the top of the search results?
How to conduct a quick analysis of all pages of the site and their keywords?
How to increase page traffic with semantics extension?
How to correctly group and distribute keywords across the pages of a site?
How to inform Bing search engine about changes on the site?

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