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News 9 min read March 4, 2019

Technical Audit Of A Page In 2 Clicks: Rate Your SEO Performance

Technical Audit Of A Page In 2 Clicks: Rate Your SEO Performance
Vera Zhukova
Customer Success Manager at Serpstat
Imagine that you've found a long list of SEO errors on the site. You are an experienced SEO, and you can say for sure which step is the next one: to fix these mistakes. What now? For example, how can you rate your weekly or even daily benefits? Are the changes really for the better? Before it's too late, check if you're really on the right track.
A new feature from Serpstat can help you. Meet Page Audit, a unique option, which has no analogs! It makes it possible to check a specific page for technical errors to rate the results of your actions even faster. Let's see why this option is so important.
Our support team often gets such questions:

  • How can I check a separate page for errors?
  • How can I see if the errors on the page have been fixed?
  • How can I save limits on the audit?
If you are interested, this option is exactly what you need.
How To Find Errors On JavaScript Pages: JS Rendering Is Now Available In Site Audit

Previously, SEOs could not check pages with JS scripts for technical issues with our Audit, because it did not see the content there. Now the tool can render JS pages and check them for technical issues! Read more about the update and why you need it below.
Personal advice
Want to learn how to use Serpstat to find and fix errors on your site?
Leave a request, and our experts will advise you on the development of your project, share training materials, and offer test access to Serpstat!

What advantages does the page audit offer?

This is a unique option from Serpstat that lets you make technical monitoring and track errors of each page. The audit checks multiple ranking factors and provides recommendations for fixing them.
Instant in-depth analysis of any page. Checking a page is much faster than a full site scanning. Now you can check the most important pages:

  • those that attract traffic
  • landing pages
  • recently updated pages.
Check the loading time of every page, not just the main page. Why is this important? Loading time is one of the most important ranking factors. Search engines take this aspect into account and can decrease the relevance of a website if it doesn't meet the recommendations. Especially when it comes to mobile search.
Advanced opportunities for competitive analysis. Try it if you don't understand why the competitor's page ranks better than yours. You can evaluate your disadvantages and make appropriate changes.
Limits saving. With this option, you can save your time and money: limits are used rationally.
Evaluation of the services. The Page Audit shows how well the page is optimized and which errors still exist. This is especially important if you:

  • have changed the site from a technical point of view: the audit analyzes whether it did not lead to any bad consequences
  • corrected existing errors: repeat the audit to assess the performance of the actions taken.

How do you set up the audit?

Before you start, you should make a quick setting. Open Site Audit Page Audit and click Start Audit:
Enter the following data in the window:

  • URL of the page you want to check
  • page name
  • User Agent (how our bot introduces itself to the server)
  • login and password will appear automatically.

Click on the button Start Audit and wait a while.
Serpstat provides a brief summary of the bugs found on the page. To see the full report, click on Result. If you need to check the page once again, click on Start.
See the full report for general data about errors.
Serpstat Domain Optimization Score (SDO) is a measure that shows how well a domain is optimized based on the correlation of the total number of errors and how critical they are to the number of possible errors.

Errors on the page are situated according to priority:

  • High priority — the serious errors that significantly affect the ranking and should be fixed immediately
  • Middle priority — less important mistakes you should also correct
  • Low priority — errors and that hardly affect website positions. Nevertheless, you should also check these things on your website.

— recommendations where you should draw attention.

Viruses — results of testing for malicious software.

After you've done several checks, you'll get a graph of the changes on the page:
The report not only shows your site's weaknesses but also suggests helpful solutions:

Which errors does the audit show?

Server codes:

  • server status code: 4xx
  • server status code: 5xx

  • missing description
  • missing title
  • description too long
  • description too short
  • title too long
  • title too short
  • multiple title tags
  • missing character encoding
  • H1 duplicates the title

  • missing H1 heading
  • broken headings order
  • multiple H1 headings

  • page size is too large
  • missing body text
  • pages with Lorem ipsum

  • broken images
  • image size is too large
Accessibility and Indexation:

  • multiple rel=canonical tags
  • flash elements on page
  • Iframe found on page
  • page is hidden from indexation via noindex tag
  • low word count
  • page with canonical tag
  • page is hidden in robots.txt
  • cross-domain canonical links
Redirects and links:

  • redirect is not set up on the page
  • too many URL parameters
  • URL Too Long
  • missing Favicon
  • too many external links
  • rel=nofollow attributes on external links
  • rel=nofollow attributes on internal links
HTTPS Certificate:

  • incorrect certificate name
  • using HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) support
  • old version of the TLS protocol
  • using SSL protocol
  • the certificate is not trusted in all web browsers
  • self-signed certificate
  • certificates are valid
  • HTTPS URLs are present in sitemap.xml
  • mixed content
  • HTTPS page goes to HTTP
  • unsecured page
Hreflang attributes, AMP and Markups:

  • page is not multilingual
  • AMP is not used
  • implemented schema markup
  • implemented Open Graph
  • implemented Twitter Cards


Page Audit is the new feature of Serpstat, which offers you a quick SEO analysis of a page. With its help, you can check any page for technical errors. The advantages of the new feature are undeniable:
A quick review of a page that's important to you right now.
An evaluation of the page's loading time.
A lightning-fast competitor analysis.
Limits saving.
How do you like our new feature? Express your opinion in the comment or ask our support team ;)

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