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How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

How to Become an Authority in Your Niche
How to Become an Authority in Your Niche
Today, there are hundreds of factors that are taken into account by search engines when ranking websites. Domain Authority is one of them.

This metric has taken on great importance over the years. It is used by SEO and Marketing specialists to define the overall strength and quality of the domain.

But why does DA matter so much? How is the domain authority calculated? What methods can we use to gain domain authority and trust?

All of these will be discussed in today's article.
The following experts from Twitter Chat contributed comments to today's topic:
Joey Trend
Co-Founder of Hum JAM
Joseph S. Kahn
President of Hum JAM
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media & Community Specialist at Serpstat
Remco Tensen
Digital Marketing Consultant &
Founder at
Yıldırım Sertbaş
Founder & Owner of Yıldırım Sertbaş
PraveenKumar Yadav
Performance Marketing &
SEO Analyst at Easebuzz
Amal Ghosh
Passionate About SEO & Writing
It's no big news that Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that indicates how authoritative a website is. Having a high Domain Authority increases your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPS) and getting more organic traffic.

DA score can be determined by different of factors:
your website’s SEO performance in general;
the number and relevancy of incoming links pointing to your website;
internal linking;
the quality of your website’s content;
domain age;
the popularity of your domain in social media (Social Signals), and so on.
Where can you find your domain authority score? This is one of the metrics that can be checked in Serpstat.

Using its Backlink Analysis tool, you can see the SDR score — Serpstat Domain Rank, an indicator of domain authority on a scale from 0 to 100.

This score depends on the quality and quantity of sites linking to the analyzed one, and sites linking to these referring sites.

1. What is the best way to grow authority and trust?

Here below, you will find several practical steps you can follow to grow your domain authority and trust:
1. Improve Your Website's Off-Page SEO
The process of improving your backlink profile includes techniques you can use to acquire quality links that will eventually improve your site's rankings. You should:

→ remove bad links or add “nofollow tag” to devalue such links;
→ apply natural link-building techniques, providing your audience with useful info;
→ practice blogger outreach and cooperate with authoritative influencers.

All of these can be optimized with the previously mentioned Serpstat Backlink Analysis tool: use it to find low-quality backlinks that can lead to search engine penalties, identify high-quality backlinks of your competitors, and analyze backlink donors.
2. Take into account On-Page SEO
On-page SEO involves optimizing your page and content:

→ use proper Headings, Titles, and Descriptions;
→ optimize all the media elements used: images, videos, and so on;
→ use appropriate keywords, the ones that will supplement your content;
update your content;
→ add internal links to the texts on your site pages;
→ pay attention to URL structure, and so on.
The best way to get authority/trust is to put out quality products and content. That will get attention, great reviews, and people wanting to share it. People expect this stuff to happen overnight.
Joseph S. Kahn
Joseph S. Kahn
President of Hum JAM
3. Carry Out a Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit
Your Domain Authority and rankings can be negatively affected if you don't pay attention to the technical SEO aspect of your website.

Among the important points, your regular checklist should include:

→ optimize your XML sitemap and submit it to Google;
→ check your robots.txt settings;
→ consider adding structured data (schema) information: in this way, Google can better understand what your site pages are about;
→ make proper use of hreflang if you have a multilingual website;
check redirects and see whether they point to the correct pages;
→ use AMP elements for fast site loading on mobile devices.

What's more, consider migrating your website to HTTPS, surely, in case you haven't done it yet. Replacing HTTP links with the new HTTPS versions is essential in this case.
I think that appearances matter. Having your SEO, social media, and PPC ads all in alignment is the best way to grow authority and trust.

Make sure you index your pages and monitor what is ranking and what is not. Appearing in Google and Bing isn't always straightforward. It takes tinkering. That is why you need tools like Serpstat.
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder at Hum JAM
If you want to fix on-site issues and ensure that your website is optimized, you should pay attention to Serpstat Site Audit tool.

Using this tool, you can:

  • scan any site page to check for on-site issues;
  • see technical issues by their priority;
  • find recommendations for fixing issues that have a higher impact on your rankings;
  • track the growth dynamics of the site optimization level;
  • schedule automatic site checks.
Want to learn how to use Serpstat Site Audit tool?
Leave a request, and our experts will advise you on the development of your project, share training materials, and offer test access to Serpstat!
4. Work On Your Social Signals
There is a clear connection between pages that rank high on Google and those that have strong social signals. Such pages usually have many likes, shares, and tweets. So:

→ create social media accounts;
→ make sure that you have an active social media presence;
→ receive feedback from your audience;
→ interact with your users as much as possible.

And remember that the more testimonials you post on your site, the better trust it will receive.
In fact, doing certain things together will enable you to be an authority and trust.
  • answer questions expertly;
  • write about specific topics-answer questions about those topics;
  • consistently create original high-quality content;
  • become a guest author on others’ blogs.
Yıldırım Sertbaş
Yıldırım Sertbaş
Founder & Owner at Yıldırım Sertbaş
5. Don't Expect Fast Results
Be patient. The process of improving your domain authority is not something that can be done right away in a few clicks.

Even if you choose to entrust these processes to experienced specialists, your site won't skyrocket overnight. Rashness will come to no good. So keep calm, and adjust to the plan :)
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat, Olena Prokhoda, highlights the following essential points one should take into account to increase a website's DA:
  1. Reliable quality of service/product.
  2. Getting started with trust-building and helpful content that brings value to potential customers.
  3. Focusing on a niche (don’t be a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none).
  4. Being open and engaging with your community will help you cement your position as an authority.
Consistency is essential to build trust and establish your reputation as an authority.
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat
It's definitely not a quickly achievable thing.

Prepare the right plan, make your presence felt across social media platforms and other community platforms, share your experience, contribute by helping others and keep posting valuable content from time to time.
Amal Ghosh
Amal Ghosh
Passionate About SEO & Writing
  • Provide correct answers.
  • Showcase Domain Expertise.
  • Invest in Real Case Studies.
  • Stick to vision values.
  • Getting started with Trust-Building Content in today's AI world.
I believe that all of these need to contribute in building trust and authority.
PraveenKumar Yadav
PraveenKumar Yadav
Performance Marketing and SEO Analyst at Easebuzz
get a personal demo Serpstat
Feel free to get the most out of Serpstat when improving your site's authority!

Now you can request a personal demonstration of the service and our expert will provide you with all the info needed :)

2. How can SEO be used to gain authority and trust?

There is one thing that drives businesses of all sizes — it's organic traffic. As we all know, the more traffic you get, the more likely it is that you will convert and gain new customers. More leads — more successful business.

To obtain organic traffic, you need a strong digital strategy that will focus on search engine optimization and allow you to boost your website authority.

This is where it's important to mention E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) — an outlined in Google's Search Rater Quality Guidelines' concept that has received a lot of attention in recent years.

Technically, E-A-T has no direct relation to SERP Rankings. But it can be defined as a system of assessment for checking changes to the ranking factors.
There is no one "golden standard" that will help you improve your website authority, but there are some techniques that can positively contribute to this outcome. Among them:

  • Evergreen content: you should always update the info you provide your readers with, and keep it relevant and captivating. What's more, try to choose keywords according to DA.
  • Links audit: internal and external link optimization is definitely something every site owner should focus on.
  • Contributing guest posts: seek guest blogging opportunities in publications that cover the topic of your business.
  • Considering Responsive Design.
  • Paying attention to Google’s guidelines.
  • Getting listed in directories and investing in public relations.
Our main speaker Joey Trend believes that SEO can be used to dominate search phrases in Google and Bing:
Showing up and ranking for top phrases speaks volumes. Most consumers only consider the top 3 results when browsing online. Therefore, using SEO to rank at the top will build your authority!
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder at Hum JAM
Here are the opinions of our experts on this topic:
SEO is broken into three main parts, but in our equation, authority starts with security and solid technology. So I always start with the technical foundation and build from there. Privacy and Security are #1 when it comes to Authority.
Joseph S. Kahn
Joseph S. Kahn
President of Hum JAM
A high ranking on the SERPs indicates that you are a credible resource to searchers. You may build significant trust with users when they find helpful material on your website.

Create new content on the company blog regularly, choose topics using keywords that are related to what your customers are looking for.

Note that if high-authority resources refer to your site, you will rank higher.
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat
SEO is the best way to gain authority and trust. Start building relationships with others through email outreach, guest posting, keep sharing content related to the problems your audiences are facing and engage with them.
Amal Ghosh
Amal Ghosh
Passionate About SEO & Writing
When you are looking to expand your content according to the topics that attract the interest of your audience, you should use such tools as Serpstat Keyword Research

This platform can help you collect real-time search suggestions and find out the interests of your potential clients to write effective content.
The service shows similar keywords based on the similarity of the top-20 of their search results, for which there are at least two pages at the top as in the analyzed keyword. For example: 

  • "Related Keywords" report represents all search queries that are semantically related to the searched keyword. This is where you can check and use new variations of the queries. 
  • "Search Suggestions" report shows the queries offered to users under the search bar.
Overview the most popular keywords, improve your site pages, attract new visitors and grow your authority using Serpstat.
Most imp is very simple, kindly stick to the quality and frequency of your content. Your brand messaging should be consistent and trusted across all your digital properties if you want to gain authority and trust. Always help to solve the queries via SEO activities.
PraveenKumar Yadav
PraveenKumar Yadav
Performance Marketing and SEO Analyst at Easebuzz

3. How can social media be used to gain authority and trust?

Creating a great site with high-quality content is essential. But it will bring no success if you don't share it.

With a social media marketing plan, you can increase traffic to your blog posts, which will increase in turn your domain authority. Social media sharing is as simple as clicking a button.

The more people it reaches — the more recognized your brand becomes, and the better results you receive.
Having a strong social media presence can open doors for you that you never thought possible. When people research a business, social media is often the first place they start. Being active on social media shows that your business is still operational.

I measure the effectiveness of social media by using a combination of tools. For me, effectiveness means clicks and opt-ins. Google Analytics, Clicky, and HotJar are what I use to measure clicks and opt-ins from social media.
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder at Hum JAM

Use These 10 Social Media Tips to Skyrocket Your SEO Now

What steps you should follow when using social media platforms to grow domain authority?
1. Choose the right social networks for your industry.
2. Outline your content strategy.
3. Develop your voice and visual branding to create a Brand Identity.
4. Be authentic & trustworthy there.
5. Be consistent.
6. Be reactive and flexible. If big news happens in your industry, adjust your strategy to this.
7. Build connections. After all, social media is for socializing :)
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat
Just 5 steps that will achieve trust and authority in social media for SEO are:
1. the content quality and freshness;
2. the possibility to solve others' problems;
3. using the right platform;
4. better and clear short messages;
5. engaging, engaging, engaging...
PraveenKumar Yadav
PraveenKumar Yadav
Performance Marketing and SEO Analyst at Easebuzz
Being on the right channel can help you reach your audience quickly, increasing awareness of the brand to them. Understand their pain points, check their engagement, share relevant content consistently, and win their trust.
Amal Ghosh
Amal Ghosh
Passionate About SEO & Writing
Socials are both over-estimated and under-estimated. A lot depends on what type of business it is, what creative/labour/financial capacity it has, and what the marketing strategy should be. Most small businesses should probably invest in 2 large channels, max.

Make sure positive feedback on social media makes it on the walls, not hidden in some star rating nobody can share.
Remco Tensen
Remco Tensen
Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder at

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4. How can PPC ads be used to gain authority and trust?

SEO can go hand in hand with PPC — a form of internet advertising through which an advertiser pays a publisher when its ads are clicked by users.

Using both these tactics can help you in boosting your site traffic, Domain Authority, and online presence in general.
Spending money on #PPC ads shows the world that your business is investing in marketing. Would you want to work with a company that spends nothing on marketing? These days, how much you spend on ads is not private. Who is and isn't spending tells you a lot.
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder at Hum JAM
Obviously, the best scenario would be to use PPC ads to drive traffic to the SEO-optimized website.

You can improve your PPC strategy by focusing on domain authority by performing the following:
focus on ads' relevance;
don't forget about using negative keywords;
always make your ads specific and clear;
test and track regularly.
The top one is the business goal of targeting the right customer through the right medium of content providing. Next via Authority, Relevancy, and keyword selections. Creating more intent. Brand visibility.
PraveenKumar Yadav
PraveenKumar Yadav
Performance Marketing and SEO Analyst at Easebuzz
People make the mistake of cramming an overload of trust signals into their landing pages. Digital Marketing Consultant, Remco Tensen, believes that they don't need to do that.

However, a highly competitive retail product type that varies a lot in quality in the market, may benefit from a consistent stream of reviews.
How do I determine how many of these signals are needed? It depends, but a typical landing page can generally get away with just having a small section for social proof, and whatever web elements the niche and region/branche regulations require, and then whatever else you can think of that's not just going to force people to scroll.

In my experience, you can often get the info on what's needed to succeed with any given channel, from whoever you're buying the ad space from. Google of course has the various guideline docs that'll give you clues. Competitors will tell you as well. And hey, testing always works.

Hot tip: If you have a highly competitive product and want to position it in the market(s), a good influencer can work wonders. BUT they can consistently net you a lot of reviews on the cheap, as well!
Remco Tensen
Remco Tensen
Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder at

5. What can hurt your authority and trust the most?

Not defending and protecting your online reputation can be catastrophic for your business. That is why the combination of SEO, social media, and PPC ads is so important. You need to use those avenues to grow a positive reputation online.
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder at Hum JAM
Whenever you work to increase your domain authority (DA), you might notice a sudden and significant decline. What factors can affect it?

Suspicious link-building: you need to avoid being involved in any black hat link-building tactics.

Irrelevant content: update your texts regularly.

Too rich anchor text: stop using the same keyword anchor texts over and over again; dilute your anchor texts with other relevant words.

Massive keyword stuffing: use your keywords deliberately.

Slow load speed: avoid overloading your web pages with images and videos.

Lack of social posting: as was mentioned previously, brand awareness and trust depend on a social media presence a lot. And remember that "sharing is caring."

The Most Common Technical SEO Issues That Damage Your Site

1. Significant issues with the service/product that can't be resolved quickly.
2. Using Black Hat marketing techniques.

Obviously, all of these can hurt your authority and trust.
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat
Here's an easy thing you can do: go grab a webshop certificate TOS PDF, and just do what it says. And then also do what the law requires you to do in your region. Typically, the legal rules are pretty specific about what, specifically, should be on your webshop.

You have to follow all the rules of the regions you're trading in! Not only the regulations in the country you're based in!

Then, you also want to make sure your site doesn't error 500 on your customers! Limit your crawls :)
Please note: there are new regulations on privacy, but also: consumer protection, online reviews, what influencers you can legally use and how you may use them, etc. Google is changing rules again, but the laws in your region are changing too.

Just to add: a branche organization will usually have instructions on what should be on your site, what language you should be using (what words and guarantees to avoid and such), where you should be registered, and all that jazz.

Only put people on your communication channels that:
  • have some level of decision-making power: nothing worse than getting no help on a fast-help platform;
  • aren't temps;
  • signed a communication protocol.
If employees fight people in public: throw them OUT!
Remco Tensen
Remco Tensen
Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder at
Doing black hat SEO, buying links, using AI-based content, not specific to the brand or product positioning, target the wrong customers to your website all can lead you to hurt your authority and trust from Google and even from your actual target audiences.
PraveenKumar Yadav
PraveenKumar Yadav
Performance Marketing and SEO Analyst at Easebuzz

6. Why does your authority and trust in the market matter?

Domain Authority determines how you rank on search engines. Obviously, it's a quite important fact users often pay attention to.

You can see how you compare to your competitors and understand your site's credibility in the eyes of search engines, as well as your potential audience.
Nobody wants to do business with a company that has no authority or trust. Especially, for high ticket offers. Give your potential customers a reason to trust you. Then remind them time after time.
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder at Hum JAM
Customers find your business credible when they trust you. The result is increased advocacy, loyalty, and engagement from customers. By gaining customers' advocacy, businesses will be able to attract more customers who are ready to invest in their services.
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat
Trust is important for all businesses. Authority for many. Most people don't give a rats arse who sells them their Nikes; they just want the best deal. The question should be: what can you do to increase these, and how much of it should you be doing to compete?

Aside from what Google thinks of you: you shouldn't just judge authority relative to your niche requirement, but also, relative to your brand identity and competitor brand levels. A big brand will be compared to other big brands, this will impact expectations.

So the higher you shoot, the more you'll be required to do at the competitor brand level. Smaller brands, with less "luxury" identities, may not have to do as much — compared to yours. Who you're aiming to be a part of — their level — should be a consideration.
Remco Tensen
Remco Tensen
Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder at
So, what is of most importance in succeeding in the digital market? The technically healthy site, content, strong backlink profile?

An experienced SEO knows that the most successful sites in organic search have just the right mix of all these fundamentals, including those that contribute to your domain authority.

To learn this topic in more detail, read the following article and check how E-A-T influences SEO in today's digital world:

What Is E-A-T and Why It's Important For SEO

Would you like to learn how to use Serpstat to grow your domain authority and boost your results?
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That was quite informative, wasn't it? Expand your knowledge with us, and never stop improving your SEO performance. The end result is worth it!

Hope you will join us to discuss even more captivating topics :)
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Looking forward to interaction — we’re sure you’ll love our little community as much as we do :)
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Enjoy reading! 
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