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News 10 min read April 16, 2020

Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available

Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
We all value time and always try to manage it efficiently. Since SEOs often have unbelievable amounts of data to analyze, they spend a lot of time processing and analyzing the SEO reports. Here comes the need to implement the API technology, which can help you with this task. Add the fact that API can save you 23 hours per month = 276 hours per year for a minimum budget! Let's see the details :)
I want to remind you that we've recently released our own Backlink Index! At the moment, we have 1 trillion backlinks for 160 million domains. We also compared it with the Ahrefs index, and the results turned out to be impressive.

We also increased the number of methods in the API through which you can get the necessary data. We added a new method that you can use to get a list of anchors of all backlinks to the analyzed site.
Now you can perform Backlink Analysis with the help of Serpstat API: you can crawl referring pages, anchors, and landing pages not only in the Serpstat interface but also through the API and receive reports in JSON format. The backlink documentation is based on Postman — a program for running APIs.
New Links Intersection Tool: Find New Growth Points For Link Building!

Links Intersection tool allows you to compare the link mass of several domains and find common and unique donors for each analyzed site. Previously, you had to analyze each competitor separately and manually search for common sites in the reports. Now it is enough to find several competitors, enter their domains in the tool, and automatically find those donors who refer to them simultaneously!

What is API, and what advantages it offers for SEOs

API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to access specific functions or components of a tool. The API lets you query the Serpstat server and retrieve data without having to use the tool's interface.

API Serpstat covers Website Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Site Audit, Backlink Analysis. Such businesses as Flatfy, WebXpage, Accesstrade are already using Serpstat API to approach their goals.

You can use the API as part of your plan with the following features:
How To Automate The Work Of An Internet Marketer: All Tips And Tricks Of Serpstat API
Let's take a look at some of the key benefits of using APIs:
Possibility to upload and analyze a large amount of data
Automation of SEO routine processes
Saving time for the development of additional integrations
Creation of custom reports

How do you start working with API?

As an example, I'll show you how to work with the API.
Follow the link and create a file copy if you are a Postman user:
Otherwise, you can copy the code and use it in any convenient interface.
Add the address where you want to send a request. In our case, it's the URL of the Serpstat server.
Then confirm that you are a Serpstat user: enter your personal token. You can find it in your profile:
Copy the token and enter it in the server URL field instead of {{token}}. Line:{{token}}.

How do you analyze the backlinks of your website with Serpstat API?

#1 RFQ creation

To send a request to Serpstat servers, you should specify a method that you want to use to generate the report. This example shows how to apply the .getNewBacklinks method:
  • method shows what data we will get in the final report. In this case, it's about new referring links
  • query is a domain or page that you want to analyze
  • searchType: choose "url" for the URL analysis or "domain" for the domain analysis
  • page & size determines the pagination of the report. In this example, we get a page with 10 lines in the report.

# 2 Report

This is how the report for the query .getNewBacklinks looks like:
  • url_from: referring page
  • url_to: landing page
  • link_text: anchor text of the link (if available)
  • nofollow: Yes / No = 0/1
  • noindex: Yes / No = 0/1
  • links_ext shows how many external links a page contains shown in the Url_from field
  • redirect: Yes / No = 0/1
  • spr: Serpstat Page Rank
  • str: Serpstat Trust Rank
  • organic: Yes / No = 0/1
  • ip: IP address of the referring source
  • first_seen: when the link was first found
  • last_visited: when the link was last found.

    Available API methods of Backlink Analysis

    There are currently 7 Backlink Analysis methods that correspond to the reports in the Serpstat interface.
    Below are:

    SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getSummaryData allows you to find data that is available in the Overview report.
    • SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getNewBacklinks and SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getLostBacklinks allows you to analyze new and lost backlinks for a URL or domain
    • SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getRefDomains provides data for referring domains for a URL or domain
    • SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getTopPages displays pages of your domain that have a maximum number of referring domains
    • SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getOutlinks parses outbound links from your site.
    • SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getAnchors gives you a list of keywords used as anchors for backlinks of a site you analyze. The data set is similar to the Anchors report. Outdates metrics are not removed from the method to maintain backward compatibility.

    We also have API methods for other Serpstat tools as well as SDK scripts that work with our APIs. You can read more in our articles:

    How to use API via Postman: simple steps

    In conclusion, I want to show you simple instructions for using the API via Postman. It will be useful for those who were inspired by our new tool but have not yet tried working with the API.

    Follow these simple steps and upload data at lightning speed:
    First you need to download Postman. This software is free.
    Next, run the program and, if necessary, create an account.
    Create a new request:
    профиль serpstat скопировать токен
    Next, we proceed to configuring the request:
    type of request — POST
    in the tab body choose raw, then — JSON.
    профиль serpstat скопировать токен
    Fill in the request address and insert your token.
    профиль serpstat скопировать токен
    Next, fill in the request body. I will show the process by using the Summary report by domain (getSummary).
    профиль serpstat скопировать токен
    Send a request and get the result:
    профиль serpstat скопировать токен
    Regardless of whether you are a seasoned API user or not, this short guide will make your SEO routine much easier, especially if you need a fast backlink analysis. Please follow the updates in this article for more Serpstat API capabilities.

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