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Affiliate program

For Internet Marketing Study Centers

Serpstat - is a leading online service for SEO/PPC specialists, search analysts, content and internet marketers.

Over 50000 professional use Serpstat on a daily basis. Serpstat has already become an integral part of workflow for many established internet marketing agencies, in-house teams and high-profile specialists.

Numerous publications and posts dedicated to the service are being released on top mediums and blogs.

What Serpstat offers to its study partners:

Student accounts

We give free accounts in Lite plan with no access to API to all students for the duration of studies on keyword research

Lecturer accounts

We give free account in Standard plan with no access to API to our affiliate study center for the duration of studies on keyword research

Referral payment

Each student participates in our referral program automatically and earns up to 30% of profit to his/her study center

Webinar from Serpstat

Our specialists will hold a webinar on full Serpstat functionality for our affiliate study center students

Individual support

Lecturer will have full support of our Customer Success specialist

Info collaboration

We will publish info about our affiliates and his/her study program in our mediums

We work with:

OnlineSeo Courses

Full-time and remote internet marketing education in Glasgow, Scotland.


Courses at WebPromoExperts Academy – become an expert in internet marketing. (Ukraine, Russia)

Software University

Affordable and quality program education in Bulgaria.


«Netology» — internet marketing, project management, design, interface and web design university and additional education center in Russia.


Full-time study on internet marketing in Israel.

EMPO. Internet marketing school

Internet marketing courses for entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

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Our customer support specialist will give you an on-line presentation at any time that fits you. From the presentation you can learn about the benefits and unique features of Serpstat Affiliate Program.

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