Get current data for a set of keywords in search results according to the selected region, type of search results, language and search engine:

Unlimited SERP Crawling Service from Serpstat

Unlimited SERP Crawling Service from Serpstat
Site position by keyword
Domain, subdomain and target URL
Snippet (title, description and their length)
Presence and type of special element
Paid search results for a keyword (ad, position, Google Shopping)
HTML of search results' top
Study SERPs of Google and Yandex using a separate tool by Serpstat. Use the API and create your own Serpstat outside its interface, process large databases and visualize them in any convenient format.
Select any region including a city
Scan the top of all SERPs in Google and Yandex
Set up an easy schedule for scanning and automatic reporting
Get your data using API in JSON format.
SERP Crawling
Be flexible in setting up crawling. Serpstat will collect search results for keywords by several parameters:

Analysis of search engines top results, which your target audience sees

Search engines: Google (top 100) and Yandex (top 50)
Local settings: language, country, region and city
Organic and paid results
Start scanning at any time
Mobile or desktop version of SERPs
Analysis of search engines top results, which your target audience sees

Analyze SERPs for the required number of keywords from $0.001 to $0.0013 per request, depending on the volume:

Serpstat is the most cost-effective tool for SERP Crawling

Serpstat is the most cost-effective tool for SERP Crawling
Unlimited number of requests per day and month
The minimum budget for ordering the service is $300 (more than 230 thousand requests)
Perform analysis regardless of the availability of a pricing plan or available credits
Credits for SERP Crawling don't expire at the end of the month; you can use them when it is convenient for you

How to use SERP Crawling data?

Analyze a new niche to identify leaders and your prospects
Examine snippets in the top, find out the weaknesses of competitors and optimize your pages
Track the dynamics of positions by keywords and determine how you can outperform competitors with minimal effort
Compare mobile vs desktop, organic vs paid results
Analyze regional rankings to assess perspectives by language, country, region and city
Find out your competitors' strategies in context (ads, landing pages and schedule)
How to use SERP Crawling data?

Other advantages of SERP Crawling

Other advantages of SERP Crawling
Special API methods that are not included in the standard Serpstat pricing plan
Results are stored for 24 hours from the moment they are ready
Data in JSON format that can be stored in a database (My SQL or Big Query, etc.)
Integrate crawling results into your reports or visualize in Data Studio or other BI system
Personal demonstration
Leave a request to learn more about Serpstat's capabilities for solving your tasks.
Serpstat is a solid SEO tool. It's got all of the features you'd expect from an SEO software suite. And it's competitively priced compared to its main competitors. I haven't had a ton of interactions with Serpstat support. But the few I did were impressive. A big checkmark here.

I like Serpstat because it allows me to easily see which keywords bring up featured snippets on the results page.
Serpstat is a solid tool that can be a cost-effective alternative to some of the industry heavyweights such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. Serpstat is certainly worth a trial if you are looking for a tool that can provide actionable insights and help improve your SEO and PPC campaign performance.
Serpstat is another comprehensive keyword research tool that I discovered recently. They have done some really good work when it comes to helping us identify winning keywords.
Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko
Jeff Bullas
Digital Marketing influencer
Neil Patel
Digital Marketing influencer
Robbie Richards
Digital Marketing strategist
Harsh Agrawal
Head and CEO of ShoutMeLoud
Serpstat is one of the newest on the market and is quickly gaining users across the community thanks to key features, such as its powerful API and a huge database of keywords and domains.
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based on 127 reviews
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based on 17 reviews
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