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Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool

Want to know what your competitors do to rank higher? Combine their backlinks data with rank tracking and analyze their strategies!

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What are the benefits of our Rank Tracking Tool?

Backlink data in one click

Get a detailed backlink analysis report with Serpstat. Get a list of anhors along with referring domains and pages. Monitor the backlinks of your website and your competitors' websites.

Backlinks historical data for the last 2 years

Serpstat will show you how your competitors worked on their backlinks over the last 2 years!

Pinpoint the exact moment when number of backlinks suddenly grows or drops. Reacting to such changes in time and fixing the issues is a good way to avoid being filtered by search engines.

Quality scores of referring domains

Serpstat Page Rank (SPR) represents how influential a URL/domain might be based on how many sites link to it. Links are now not all created with equal weight - and because a strong link will have a relatively stronger influence on URLs/domain.

Compare Serpstat To Its Alternatives

There are world-known backlink analysis tools that may show you more backlinks in some areas, but that’s all there is to those tools.

Serpstat’s backlink analysis tool is brand new, and it already has more data on referring domains and backlinks than most of the tools you’ll find. Plus, Serpstat is an all-in-on SEO platform, which means you get a lot more than just a list of backlinks. You can combine backlink data with our search analytic tool and rank tracker and get the full picture!

4 complementary tools that you’ll get with our backlink analysis!

Rank Tracking

— Track and save data for all top-100 results for each keyword
— All project history is saved forever
— Track positions daily in any region on our planet
— Create keyword groups with tags for precise analysis
— Monitor the market share distribution in your niche

Keyword Research

— Get competitors’ keywords
— Build a semantic core
— Find keyword lists for each URL
— Get a list of autocomplete suggestions and search questions
— Tree-view breakdown of your keywords
— Keywords cluster analysis
— Use Advanced Filters for better results
— Get access to our API

Competitor Analysis

— Find your closest competitors in organic and paid search;
— Use batch analysis to get data on up to 200 domains at once
— Track your competitors’ organic positions and advertising campaigns
— Get lists of top ranking pages in any niche
— Find what keywords your competitors use but you miss

Site Audit

— Get an SDO score for your website to know how well it is optimized
— Find your internal optimization errors
— Use our recommendations to fix the errors on your website
— Improve the loading speed and conversion rates of your website

Personal demonstration

During a Skype-call or Google Hangouts session, our specialist will show you how Serpstat works live, by sharing the screen with you. Within 20 minutes you will see our best features in action and learn how to use Serpstat to improve your working processes and save time. During the presentation you can also ask questions about the service and get all the answers you need

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Personal demonstration

Our specialists are ready to show you Serpstat in action. A short introduction to our features for you and your team can show how your working processes may be improved with Serpstat.

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