Website SEO Checker Browser Extension: Analyze Sites in One Click

With the Website SEO Checker plugin, you can easily solve routine SEO tasks, since it provides basic and advanced functionality for quick page and site analysis.

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Website SEO Checker Plugin Advantages

On-page SEO Checker Plugin is a browser extension that allows you to analyze websites in a few clicks. Using the plugin, you can solve a number of routine SEO tasks, for example:

  • Page optimization analysis.
  • Evaluation of meta tags, age and site markup.
  • Finding errors, checking structured data and site speed.
  • Track traffic and visibility changes, analyze keywords and backlinks.

The plugin is regularly updated and available for all pricing plans, including the free users after signing up, with a limited number of credits. Read about all the features and updates in the article.

Website SEO Checker Plugin Advantages

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SEO Site Analysis in the Browser

On-page SEO parameters section of the Website SEO Checker plugin will show the most important website's SEO parameters in a few clicks.
Evaluate the level of optimization based on the domain authority score, the quality of structured data and content, the number and size of images, site technical errors, meta tags, number of links and the site loading speed.

SEO Site Analysis in the Browser

Quick Analysis of Any Webpage

Use the Page Analysis report to get data on key metrics for keywords, competitor pages in SERPs, and missed queries for which competitors rank in search engine results.

  • Go to the page you want to analyze and activate the plugin.
  • Switch to the Page Analysis section to get a quick reference for the page's URL and keywords.
  • If necessary, switch to expanded reports to get complete information in the Serpstat interface.
Quick Analysis of Any Webpage

Domain Overview in a Few Clicks

Use the Website SEO Checker plugin to get data about the domain as quickly as possible. Switch to the Domain Analysis section to evaluate:

  • Traffic, visibility, keywords, number of new, lost, up and down keywords.
  • Domain indexing in search engines Google and Bing.
  • Domain visibility trend for the last year
  • Backlinks data: domain rank, referring domains and links, top pages, etc.
Domain Overview in a Few Clicks

How to Install Website SEO Checker

On-page SEO checker is available for four browsers, select your browser and proceed to download the extension:

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Then, go to your Serpstat personal account, generate and copy the API token and enter it into the corresponding field of the plugin. Use the plugin for complex site analysis in a few clicks.

How to Install Website SEO Checker

Setup Options of Website SEO Checker

Go to the settings section by clicking on the icon in the upper-right corner. Choose the language of the plugin interface, check the number of credits, check the changes and previous queries. In the Settings and tools section, you can highlight:

  • Headings h1-h6
  • Alt attributes of images
  • External links or links with "nofollow" and "noindex" attributes
Setup Options of Website SEO Checker

Use the Right Data








Keywords suggestions




Keywords in SERPs

Website SEO Checker plugin will help you to solve the following tasks:

  • Find backlinks from your competitor's best practices and incorporate them into your site's SEO campaign
  • Evaluation of meta tags, age, loading speed and site layout, for their upgrade and correction to increase the ranking of the site
  • Page optimization analysis to find technical errors and growth points for site optimization
  • Track traffic, visibility, and keyword changes. 

Get handy essentials for SEO analytics

Use Website SEO Checker to quickly get data about any page SEO parameters, without switching to third-party tools. A free plugin that allows you to quickly find out details about keywords, backlinks, technical errors, page competitors and other parameters that are vital to an SEO specialist.

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Website SEO Checker Plugin FAQ

What is the best SEO plugin to use?

Serpstat Website SEO Checker plugin makes it easy to solve routine SEO tasks and is convenient to use: it’s free and will save you a lot of time on website analysis. With Serpstat Website SEO Checker, you can solve the following tasks:

  • Page optimization analysis
  • Evaluation of meta tags, age and site markup
  • Finding errors, checking microdata and site loading speed
  • Track traffic, visibility, changes for keywords and backlinks
Using the plugin will allow you to get important SEO data easily without switching between tools, which saves you time. Just click on the plugin icon while on the page of any site to learn about technical errors, competitors, keywords and other parameters. The plugin will work in the most popular browsers, click on the appropriate link to download it for your browser: Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Microsoft Edge and Opera .

How to install a site analysis plugin?

Installing the Serpstat Website SEO Checker plugin for SEO analysis is very simple: choose the one that suits your browser and download it: Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Microsoft Edge and Opera . Then go to the Serpstat page, go to the My Profile section and copy the API token (if you don't have a Serpstat account, just sign up as the plugin is available in a free version). Add a token to the appropriate field of the plugin and start analyzing the site.

How credits are charged for using the Serpstat plugin

The Serpstat Website SEO Checker plugin is available to users on both free and paid plans - 1 request per 5 seconds and up to 100 requests per day.

How to properly set up a plugin for SEO-analysis of a site?

The Serpstat Website SEO Checker plugin for SEO analysis of the site has flexible settings and allows you to select the region for which the analysis will be carried out, the interface language and estimate the number of credits. In addition, in the plugin settings, you can choose the ability to highlight those parameters that are relevant to your tasks:

  • Highlight headings h1-h6.
  • Select Alt attributes of images.
  • External links or links with "nofollow" and "noindex" attributes.

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