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Complete Website Analysis in One Click

Get data on every website in a single click of a button. All in one tab while you are browsing websites. With Serpstat Website SEO Checker.
Also available for:
Microsoft Edge
Complete Website Analysis in One Click
Get data on every website in a single click of a button.
All in one tab while you are browsing websites. With Serpstat Website SEO Checker.
Also available for Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge
What data can I get using this extension?
Serpstat extension designed for fast and comprehensive analysis of any website or webpage. All necessary data is available with one click directly on the site and help you find out the level of website optimisation.
  1. Go to your at Serpstat profile and create an API key
2. Copy API key to clipboard, if it already exists
3. Enter API key to extension login page or settings menu and start working
Before you start
Before you start
Go to your at Serpstat profile and create an API key
Copy API key to clipboard, if it already exists

Enter API key to extension login page or settings menu and start working
All-in-One SEO extension for Browser
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Access and limits
All features are available to every user with both paid and free pricing plan at Serpstat
Paid user
1 000
requests per day
1 - 10 requests every 1 sec
(depends on your monthly plan)
Free user
requests per day
1 request every 1 sec
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Serpstat Website SEO Checker changelog

We constantly update extension: add features based on users feedback, improve the interface and fix bugs. In the latest updates:
Version 3.6.0 (release 27.01.2020)
1. Moved all the highlighting switches in the settings menu and changed the logic of their operation:
  • now you can turn on the highlighting once and it will work on all pages until the user switches it off;
  • next to the switches you can now see how each of the highlights on the page will be displayed;
  • made a single-style backlight with a new title tree.
2. Added the ability to view the hierarchy of h1-h6 headers on the page as a visual tree.

3. SWS Checker now opens on the last closed section/tab (if the page is analyzed).

4. Fixed missing translations.

5. Fixed robots.txt analysis for some sites.

6. Fixed the selection of some h1-h6 headers when the highlight was activated.

7. Corrected rounding of large numbers in tables.

8. Added a hint for h1-h6 headers that are hidden by styles (display:none).

9. Fixed image sorting by extension.
Version 3.5.5 (bugfix 19.12.2019)
1. Improved the highlighting of alt tags for images on the pages: changed the format, added frames, a tooltip for hovering.

2. Removed preview for large sitemap.xml/robots.txt documents.

3. Fixed the ability to run an analysis if there are not enough limits for a full analysis.

4. Fixed word/character count analysis on pages.

5. Corrected the display of data to check Site created.

6. Fixed infinite loading in some cases.

7. Fixed Binotel code definition.

8. Fixed the definition of keywords/description in some cases.

9. Added the ability to enter a captcha for Yandex ICS.

10. Fixed incorrect URL reduction in the header and added a hint.

11. Fixed display of total number of h1-h6 headers.
Version 3.5.1 (bugfix 09.12.2019)
1. The token is now hidden in the settings menu and displayed at the click of a button.

2. Fixed no communication with server error on the Tools tab.

3. Fixed translation problems for some users.

4. Fixed the bug: Pinterest didn't show actual value.

5. Fixed the bug: tips for cropped URLs didn't display.

6. Corrected the image display in Open Graph markup.

7. Fixed displaying large values in the Backlinks section.

8. Fixed visual and translation errors in the search by region in the drop-down list.
Version 3.5.0 (release 02.12.2019)
1. We added new section Tools to the SEO Parameters tab: checking server response codes and showing server response headers.

2. We fixed the bug connected with incorrect work during the analysis on the SEO Parameters tab.

3. We fixed the display of data in the W3C validator if there is no data on the site.

4. We fixed the display of alternate and hreflang tags.

5. Minor corrections of styles and layout.
Version 3.4.0 (release 14.11.2019)
1. Added highlighting blocks / rel = "nofollow"! When the switches are activated, additional customization will open in the settings.

2. We added definition of the IP address of the analyzed site (IPv4 and IPv6).

3. We fixed a bug due to which the Refresh button updated data on several tabs at once.
Version 3.3.5 (release 07.11.2019)
1. Added to the Site stucture section.

2. Added a new section to the Settings and tools menu. Moved the autostart switch of the On-page SEO parameters tab there.

3. Added color tags for robots meta tag condition: noarchive, noindex, nofollow.

4. Added a new item: Related websites on the On-page SEO parameters tab.

5. We fixed a bug due to which the section Services and technologies (Built With) on the On-page SEO parameters tab was not displayed.

6. We fixed a bug in which some images were not displayed in the preview of the OpenGraph.

7. Fixed a bug with data cropping in the keywords table on the Page Analysis tab in Firefox.

8. Corrected styles and design.
Version 3.3.0 (release 31.10.2019)
1. We added the option of autostart analysis on the SEO-parameters tab:
  • a switch appeared in the settings, disabled by default;
  • autostart runs all analyzes of the "SEO-Parameters" tab when opening the extension window.

2. A new section appeared on the tab On-page SEO parameters - Site structure!
  • OpenGraph layout data is available;
  • contains a quick link to Google's micro-marking verification tool.
3. We added CSS check by the W3C validator and fixed HTML validation errors.

4. Updated registration / login tab.

5. Fixed errors while checking the availability of the Google Analytics code, Google Tag Manager.

6. Bing, Baidu, Google index and Alexa ratings are fixed.
Version 3.2.0 (release 15.10.2019)
1. We have added a new Backlinks section to the Domain Analysis tab.

1.1 The Domain Analysis tab is now divided into sections.

1.2 The following Backlinks sections are available:
  • general information on the domain;
  • site leader pages;
  • referring domains chart.

1.3 For a full analysis of the section you will spend 3 limits. The total cost of the analysis is 10 limits.

2. Now you can select a region for Domain Analysis and Page Analysis!

2.1 We changed the appearance of the region selection on the Page Analysis tab.

2.2 We added region selection to the Domain Analysis tab.

2.3 Now you can select the default region in the extension settings;

2.4 We fixed such bugs:
  • Firefox didn't show the background for the tabs when starting the analysis;
  • the robots.txt preview was sometimes shown in the wrong encoding.
Version 3.1.7 (bugfix 17.09.2019)
1. We fixed a bug because of which the extension lost translations and stopped working after a browser reboot;
2. We fixed the error in loading the Where to start page when updating an extension or browser. Now the page is displayed once after installing the extension from the extension store.
Version 3.1.6 (minor, bugfix 12.09.2019)
1. Added a what's next page after installing;
2. Fixed missing background images on tabs;
3. Fixed a bug where the text / translations were not updated when updating the version.
Version 3.1.5 (release 11.09.2019)
1. We added a new section Outbound links to the tab SEO-parameters with all outgoing links of the analyzed page!
2. We fixed a bug where the delete page didn't open;
3. We fixed a bug where the url was cut in the links to the Serpstat on the Page Analysis tab.
Version 3.1.0 (release 02.09.2019)
1. We added background data loading to the extension:
  • Now, after starting the analysis, the data is loaded even when the extension is closed!
  • Now you can run analysis for several tabs in one window at once!
2. Added a new Services tab with quick links to popular Serpstat tools;
3. Links in the extension are now open in background tabs, without switching and closing the extension window;
4. Removed the extra permissions that the extension requested during installation and upgrade.
Version 3.0.2 (bugfix 28.08.2019)
Fixed the bug with requesting extra limits from the browser (only Google Chrome).
Version 3.0.1 (bugfix 12.08.2019)
  • Fixed bugs with incorrect data in Page Analysis.
  • The default language is changed to English.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect URL when working in multiple browser windows.
  • Bugs with displaying sitemap.xml, robots.txt, charset have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug with list styles when there are 0 items in the list.
  • The meta tag blocks and the h1-h6 headers in the SEO options tab are swapped.
  • The button for starting the download speed analysis has been fixed.
Version 3.0.0 (release 07.08.2019)
1. Accelerated the loading and overall work of the checker, added several features:
  • You can navigate through the extension tabs while data is being loaded;
  • Now the tabs are available immediately after starting the analysis. Data will be shown as it downloads.
2. Updated the structure and design of the SEO parameters tab:
  • Data is now separated according to sections;
  • Collected and fixed style errors;
  • Improved the display of many sections, for example, separate tabs for images and for download speed with a completely new design.
3. Updated the structure and design of the settings menu: a completely new side menu with everything you need.
4.Updated texts, elements and heading names, translations.
5. We fixed a bug with invisible facebook data.
6. Fixed the bug where the data for the canonical tag was not displayed.
7. Added the link to the service to the logo.
Version 2.1.5 (bugfix)
Fixed the bug with an advertising sign.
Version (bugfix)
Fixed the bug with collecting analytics data.
Version 2.1.3 (minor)
Added a plate with information about important events and service changes.
Version 2.1.2 (bugfix)
Information on regions has been updated.
Version 2.1.0 (release 02.05.2019)
  • The features that don't require API requests to Serpstat servers are available immediately after installation.
  • Mobile optimization is added.
  • The graph "Domain analysis" is accelerated.
  • The load time data has been updated.
  • Switching between tabs is faster.
  • The API speed information in the profile and extension has been synchronized.
  • The code has been optimized.
Version 2.0.0 (release 18.04.2019)
  • The SEO parameters tab is now open by default.
  • It doesn`t require registration and API token.
  • Visual preview of favicon on different devices has been added.
  • Content previews of the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files are available after clicking.
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