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Serpstat Batch Analysis Add-on For Google Spreadsheets: Data Analysis In One Click

Serpstat Batch Analysis Add-on For Google Spreadsheets: Data Analysis In One Click
Андрей Белоусов
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Our developers don't stand still on the way to improving Serpstat, so today I have another good news! We've released a new add-on — Serpstat Batch Analysis for Google Spreadsheets! It will allow you to perform data batch analysis in just a few clicks. Does it sound interesting? And if I say that it saves you 3 working days per month for just 69$? Let's discuss the details :)
I'm sure you already know that in January 2019 we presented a document which allows you to upload information from the Serpstat API! No? Then read the post!

Many users appreciate the convenience and functionality of the document. That's why we decided to release a new version with advanced features. Serpstat Batch Analysis for Google Spreadsheets was created to simplify and automate the work with analytical information. You can get information about domains or pages, grouped in separate tabs of Google spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

Setting up the add-on

Go to Chrome marketplace and press the Install button.
chrome market
Next, go through a short authorization with your Google account:
Go to the Add-ons section and select Serpstat Batch Analysis. There are two buttons in the menu: Create report and Settings.
spreadsheet interface

Creating the report

To use the add-on and upload the necessary data, you need to copy the API key (token) in the personal profile and enter it into the appropriate field. After that you'll see a sidebar.
Important! The sidebar won't open until you enter a valid token.
The Serpstat API is a way of collecting data that helps to immediately get massive volumes of data without using the Serpstat interface. It also allows you to integrate Serpstat analytics into your internal tools.

The Serpstat API includes Website Analysis, Backlink Analysis, and Keyword Analysis, checking keyword rankings, analyzing website keywords and all the described methods allow you to get data on these modules.

Serpstat API is well-liked among our clients. Such businesses as Flatfy, WebXpage, Accesstrade are already using Serpstat API to approach their goals.

Serpstat has very reasonable API prices. We reach such low costs because we made our product recently compared to competitors and with new technologies to make many features cheaper.

You can use the API as part of your plan with the following features:
In the menu on the right you need to:

Select a search engine. Choose a regional database for which you want to get a report.

Select a cell range. It displays the cell value in which the cursor was placed by default. It must be set manually.
Important! Data must be entered using A1 notation.
To change the range, select the desired cells in the table. Click on the icon near the corresponding field to save the changes.

If you need to select multiple ranges, click Add another range. You can enter ranges separated by commas in the right menu.
Important! Enter the information for the analysis only in the specified range.
Select a report. Choose the API method which you need to get data. After that, filters will open (if they are provided for this method). Set up the filters and click Create Report.
The report will appear on a new table sheet:

API limits for batch analysis

To upload data using the Serpstat Batch Analysis add-on for Google Spreadsheets, you need to have:
Serpstat account
API access
API token
To create reports using the add-on, you need to check Max number of API results to be exported:
API limits are spent according to the following formula: 1 domain / 1 URL / 1 keyword = 1 request.

If you don't have API access, please write to our chat or contact support by filling out the product demonstration form.
Serpstat Batch Analysis add-on for Google Spreadsheets is a unique tool that allows you to conduct batch analysis of data quickly and easily. In combination with the Serpstat API, the add-on offers advanced capabilities for analyzing competitors. To upload data with the Serpstat API, you need to:
Have a valid Serpstat account.
Have access to the API.
Set up the document according to the instructions.
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