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13 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

WordPress plugins for SEO allow you to automatically add meta tags, speed up page loading, fix redirect errors, optimize images, etc. This selection contains free and paid versions of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins.

Why do you need SEO plugins for WordPress

SEO optimization of WordPress websites can be partially or fully performed by using plugins. There are similar solutions that simplify the promotion of projects for other CMS; for instance, we previously published a selection for OpenCart and Joomla. SEO plugins will help you to:

  • generate an XML sitemap;
  • transliterate for automatic URL generation (user-friendly URL);
  • create accelerated AMP pages;
  • correctly configure server redirects;
  • add meta tags title, description, and keywords;
  • optimize image names and sizes;
  • use caching to speed up resource loading;
  • add the nofollow attribute to external hyperlinks so that they don't transfer the reference weight.

Useful WordPress Plugins

The choice of plugins depends on the WordPress version used on the website, its download speed, the number of media files, and other parameters that need to be optimized.

You can download both free WordPress plugins and premium versions with advanced functionality. Usually, when developing a website, they add a multifunctional SEO plugin, the capabilities of which are then supplemented with extensions that solve specific tasks important to the project.

Comprehensive SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO by Yoast) is a comprehensive solution developed based on different plugins. Premium version of the plugin:
Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress
The plugin has been installed more than five million times and translated into 40 languages.

Features of the free version:

  • creating an XML map of the project;
  • setting canonical page addresses to avoid content duplicate;
  • meta tag templates;
  • tools for writing SEO texts;
  • display snippets in preview mode;
  • integration with Google Analytics, etc.

Additional features of the premium version:

  • Yoast SEO extension with additional News SEO, Video SEO, etc. plugins;
  • free technical support throughout the year;
  • tools for managing keywords: a selection of synonyms, similar keys;
  • hints for internal linking;
  • preview mode on social networks, which allows you to find out how the page will look when it is shared, etc.
All in One SEO Pack is another popular multifunctional WordPress plugin for SEO promotion. The plugin has been translated into 51 languages and has been installed more than two million times.

Premium version:
All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress
Features of the free version:

  • XML sitemap;
  • AMP technology support to speed up website loading;
  • integration with Google Analytics;
  • support for Open Graph layouts to improve the appearance of pages when sharing in social networks;
  • API for expanding functionality with other plugins;
  • automatic notification of search engines about changes in the project;
  • SEO integration for e-commerce websites;
  • automatic optimization of headers;
  • automatic generation of meta tags.

Additional features of the premium version:

  • extended support for WooCommerce;
  • SEO for product categories and tags;
  • SEO video module;
  • access to technical support forums;
  • access to the Knowledge Center.
The SEO Framework is a plugin that also has both free and premium versions. It has been installed more than 90 thousand times and translated into 16 languages.

Subscription plans:
The SEO Framework plugin for WordPress
Features of the free version:

  • generation of breadcrumbs for Google search: a chain of movements from the main category to subcategories and a specific page;
  • generation of an XML-map and auto-notification of search engines about changes on the website;
  • automatic creation of title and description in accordance with the recommendations of Google;
  • support for Open Graph layouts to improve the appearance of pages when reposting in social networks;
  • auto-generation of canonical pages to avoid problems with content duplicates;
  • disabling indexing of empty categories, etc.

Additional features of the premium version:

  • limits for simultaneous connection of websites have been increased;
  • premium extensions are added;
  • API access limits are currently increasing.

Plugins that solve individual SEO tasks

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin developed to speed up website loading through caching:

  • improves page ranking, especially for mobile-friendly websites and resources using SSL;
  • caches pages in the browser for instant display;
  • improves website performance;
  • reduces page loading time;
  • compresses HTML, JS, and CSS codes;
  • supports AMP pages;
  • acts as a CDN, etc.
Redirection is a popular plugin for managing server redirects, installed more than a million times and translated into 15 languages:

  • avoids errors associated with the 404 error ("Page not found"), and improves the project ranking;
  • you can configure any number of redirects on the website using the plugin;
  • compatible with PHP from 5.4 version and higher.
Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin designed to generate an XML sitemap that improves search engine indexing of a resource:

  • installed more than two million times;
  • translated into 23 languages;
  • compatible with WordPress sites from version 3.3.
AMP on WordPress allows you to create an AMP version of the website, which will have priority in Google search results on mobile devices.

Premium version:
Plugin AMP on WordPress: PRO version pricing
Additional features of the premium version:

  • automatic conversion of forms;
  • Schema.org markup support;
  • extended support for WooCommerce;
  • sending custom events to Google Analytics;
  • Google Tag Manager support;
  • multilingual support, etc.
Cloudflare is a plugin for easy integration with the eponymous cloud network platform. To use the plugin, you need to create an account on Cloudflare.com.

This cloud service serves as a CDN and allows you to protect your website from hacker attacks and speed up page loading. You can choose free or paid plans:
Cloudflare plugin for WordPress: pricing
MetaSlider is a plugin to quickly create SEO-optimized slide shows:

  • about a million plugin installations;
  • compatible with PHP from version 5.2 and higher;
  • when creating a slideshow, allows you to drag and drop images from the media library and fill in SEO-fields (Title and Alt);
  • available various slideshow design options.
Media File Renamer (Auto Rename) is an SEO WordPress plugin that automatically renames media files for search engine promotion.The plugin automatically renames media files based on their headers. After renaming, all related posts and pages are also updated. You can block the renaming process using a small icon.

Media File Renamer (Auto Rename) Wordpress plugin pricing
Spider Blocker is a plugin that allows you to block the most common bots that slow down the server:

  • works for Apache servers with mod_rewrite enabled;
  • compatible with WordPress from version 4.0;
  • modifies the .htaccess file.
Nofollow for external link Is a simple SEO plugin for WordPress that automatically adds the Nofollow attribute to all external links:

  • thanks to the use of the plugin, the reference weight will not be transferred to other resources;
  • you can add exclusion websites for which links will not be closed from robots;
  • all links will open in a new window, leaving the user access to the source website.
Lazy load by WP Rocket is a plugin that speeds up website loading due to delayed image loading:

  • the plugin delays the loading of thumbnails, images, and other content until the user sees them, which speeds up the loading of the visible part of the page;
  • compatible with WordPress versions 4.7 and higher;
  • suitable for PHP from 5.6 version.

Wp-rocket.me is a paid version of the plugin that supports additional features for optimizing the speed of the website, for example, page caching, CDN, font optimization for Google, and more:
Wp-rocket.me plugin for WordPress: pricing


  1. SEO plugins are effective tools to avoid mistakes inthe promotion and optimize the website on WordPress CMS with minimal effort.

  2. All of the above-mentioned plugins have free versions, so they can be installed and tested without any fee.

  3. When installing extensions, you should pay attention to the already installed plugins, the WordPress version, PHP, and, in some cases, to the resource server in order to avoid conflicts between them.

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