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Serpstat generator of SEO reports for agencies

Clients of digital agencies want to see progress on their projects. Create clear reporting with the most important KPIs on schedule and minimize manual work with the online Serpstat builder.
One-click report on 20+ indicators, dozens of widgets and charts.
Customized templates for reports and presale.
White Label and branding feature of the report.

Looking for a convenient reporting tool?

Heads of digital agencies and SEO team leaders face many challenges related to the organization of processes in a team:
How to keep reporting on clients' projects without spending a lot of specialists' time on it?
How to create compelling pre-sales to attract new customers in a few clicks?
How to combine data on rank tracking, external links, domain analytics and competitors in an understandable format?
How to make informing clients about the results of work automated?
Find out how to solve these tasks using Serpstat reports.
Create, customize and send reports with Serpstat
Each client has different KPIs, goals and priorities, so there is no point in giving the reports in a multi-page tabular format.

Reflect your client's business priorities in a streamlined dashboard, leaving only the data you need.
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Flexible reports customization

A clear report is the key to customer loyalty

Add notes, images and comments to any report and any graph or table. Explain the data to clients and highlight your agency's accomplishments for each marketing and SEO channel.
конструктор seo отчетов

Ease of use and automation that saves time

Reporting tools can provide you with advanced functionality, but it will take time to integrate these SEO services and train employees to work with them.

Serpstat custom reports provide maximum data on the accomplished SEO work in one click, and then you can adjust the report, leaving only the necessary data.
конструктор seo отчетов

Branding and White Label of all service reports

While White Label reports are optional, it helps develop your agency's brand and gives a professional look to everything you send to a client.

Impress the client with a clear and beautifully designed report!
конструктор seo отчетов

Share the results with the client

It is important for the client to see the results of your work, so send a link to a ready-made SEO report, save it in PDF or add the client's email to the list of recipients of trigger mailings for individual projects.

With the ability to automatically send reports on a convenient schedule, you can save the time of your team and focus those resources on more important tasks.
конструктор seo отчетов

How does it work?
Select and customize the report

Customize the SEO data report according to your client's goals:
Choose a ready-made template or create your own from scratch by simply dragging and dropping blocks from the side menu.
Add texts to your report. Use them for notes or conclusions on the work on the project.
Add the agency logo to the title page and send the link to the report or send the report in PDF to your client.

Personal demonstration

Leave a request and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service capabilities tailored for your tasks, provide a trial period and offer comfortable conditions for the start.
Serpstat is a solid SEO tool. It's got all of the features you'd expect from an SEO software suite. And it's competitively priced compared to its main competitors. I haven't had a ton of interactions with Serpstat support. But the few I did were impressive. A big checkmark here.

I like Serpstat because it allows me to easily see which keywords bring up featured snippets on the results page.
Serpstat is a solid tool that can be a cost-effective alternative to some of the industry heavyweights such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. Serpstat is certainly worth a trial if you are looking for a tool that can provide actionable insights and help improve your SEO and PPC campaign performance.
Serpstat is another comprehensive keyword research tool that I discovered recently. They have done some really good work when it comes to helping us identify winning keywords.
Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko
Jeff Bullas
Digital Marketing influencer
Neil Patel
Digital Marketing influencer
Robbie Richards
Digital Marketing strategist
Harsh Agrawal
Head and CEO of ShoutMeLoud
Serpstat is one of the newest on the market and is quickly gaining users across the community thanks to key features, such as its powerful API and a huge database of keywords and domains.
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Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool
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Introducing Serpstat

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