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Questions and Answers

About Serpstat

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is a SaaS all-in-one platform for competitor analysis, keyword research, position tracking, site audit and backlink research.

The service is designed for:

  •  collecting profitable organic and paid keywords of your competitors to use them in your SEO and advertising;
  • daily tracking of your rankings, as well as changes in your competitors' positions;
  • in-depth domain or URL analysis against a range of ranking factor. The returned data will give you insight into issues that may negatively impact your search visibility visibility;
  • backlink research. The data on the domain's link profile will help you identify toxic backlinks or find linking opportunities when researching a competitor. 
Who can use Serpstat?

Online shop managers

Our service will help them analyze keyword organic and paid search results, will show what keywords competing shops use to attract visitors to their websites and beat on in advertising. Ads texts, queries they are being triggered by, cost per click are all here on Serpstat.  

Digital agencies while performing the whole range of tasks

Using Serpstat, SEO specialists reduce the amount of their work. For example, they can develop semantic core just in few minutes using competitor’s semantics, select phrases for internal linking, estimate domain’s visibility along with backlinks’ weight.  

Serpstat will help avoid guess work while developing successful advertising campaign: discover here the best keywords as well as negative keywords, level of keyword competition, and average CPC.  

Copywriters and journalists for creating content that drives traffic.  

It is easy to find topics for fascinating articles when you have at your disposal: volume of search queries and a huge number of search suggestions (phrases that pop up while you’re entering a particular word into the search engine). Serpstat will also identify questions related to a keyword that users are seeking answers to.  

What is the easiest way of becoming a power user of Serpstat?

To quickly learn how to use Serpstat, please visit these sources:

  1. Read our User’s Guide
  2. Watch short video tutorials.
  3. See the Use Cases section.
  4. Subsribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the freshest learning content (you can do this on our blog main page).
  5. Read  the news posts and guides on Serpstat blog.

Please feel free to contact us via chat on the website or email us at if you have any questions.

Do you offer SEO or PPC services?

Serpstat is not doing SEO or PPC services. 

The platform is designed for digital marketing professionals.

Our database

Can I have data on my website removed from your database?

Removal is not possible. The data we show is based on information that is publicly available. Although, if your website is beyond the top-100 Google and top-50 Yandex, it won’t show in our database.

Where does Serpstat data come from?

We are parsing Google top 100 and Yandex top 50 search results for each keyword from our database.

The stats on the number of keywords, domains, search suggestions or ads in our database can be found here

The service shows that the website does not use paid search. But I know for sure it does. Can you help me sort it out?

Keywords the website shows its ads for are probably not present in our database. The reason for this can be a low search volume for the keyword.

If the website is not ranking in Google top-100 or Yandex top-50, the analytics data for it won’t be available either.

What countries is data for?

Serpstat has data for the following countries and regions:

Google US

Google UK

Google CA

Google AU

Google BG

Google ZA

Google LV

Google RU

Google UA

Google BY

Google KZ

Google LT

Yandex Moscow

Yandex Saint Petersburg

Yandex Ukraine

Why does rank tracking tool show different positions from what I see in SERP?

There are several reasons why you see different positions in SERP and Rank Tracker.
1. Private Results. Search engines create personalized SERPs based on your search and browser history.
2. Search Filters. For example, your search parameters may be set to show only results from last 24 hours.
3. Typos. Even slight difference in spelling or word order may cause the difference in positions.
4. Search Engine Updates.Search engines update SERPs constantly and sometimes time of the update for your target keyword is different for rank tracker and search engine.
5. Search Region. Looking up the same queries in different areas will give different results, Make sure that you’re checking SERPs from the same area that you set in your Rank Tracker.

How fresh are the data presented?

The data on keywords and domains from our database are updated continually, although due to the large size of the database we're not able to fully update the whole database every day. High-volume keywords are updated more frequently than the low-volume ones. The full database update cycle can take up to a month.

The Keyword Distribution Chart in the Overview report shows the data from our database as of the current date. 

Some queries don't return any results. Why are the data missing?

The possible reasons are as follows:

  •  the researched domain is not ranking in Google top 100 or Yandex top 50 search results for any keywords;
  •  the keywords domain is ranking for are missing from our database due to low search volume. Our database contains keywords with search volume of 10 more monthly searches.
I have allocated a large budget for AdWords campaigns this month - why I don't see any data on paid keywords and ads in Serpstat for my domain?

If your AdWords campaign has been launched recently, we may have not yet noticed your paid keywords, or when we updated the data on keywords from our database, your competitors' ads were shown in paid search results. You may also have used some narrow location targeting. There's a bunch of possible reasons for the missing data on your ads and paid keywords.

Why do I see the inconsistencies between my rankings returned by Serpstat and my actual rankings in SERP?

Possible reasons for this:

  • personalized search results for your query
  • we show data from our database  - it's not possible to update this large data amount on a daily basis. For this purpose, we recommend to use Serpstat Rank Tracker
  • volatile search results as a result of Google algorithm testing or updates

Plans and pricing

Which plan works best for me?

The plans differ primarily in the number of queries available per day and the number of returned results per query, keywords to track and pages to audit.

A query is a request you make to our database when entering a keyword or domain for research or navigating between reports on the service.

The limits for results per report imply that there's a fixed maximum number of results you can get per report.

For instance, let's take a closer look at Plan B limits. With Plan B, you can get up to 15 000 strings in a report. If a domain is ranking for 25 000 keywords, you'll get the first 15 000 results. To export all keywords of the domain, you'd need to upgrade to Plan C (40 000 strings per report). 

Except for Plan A (which doesn't provide access to "Missing Keywords" and "Cluster Research", Serpstat API and Google KZ database), all plans offer the same tools.

Starting with Plan B, users can access "Missing Keywords" and "Cluster Research", as well as get data via API.

Starting with Plan D, users are provided access to the Google KZ database.

How can I upgrade to a higher-level plan

If you have already subscribed to a paid plan and want to upgrade to a higher-level plan,  you can simply proceed to the new plan checkout on the Pricing page. The unused funds from the previous plan will be transferred to the new plan subscription.  

Feel free to contact us via website chat or in Skype (support.serpstat) if you need help of advice :)

Can I get a discount?

There're at least 5 ways to get a discount, a promo code or even a free access to Serpstat - they're listed on the Discounts page.

How can I activate my discount code?

When proceeding to the checkout, you'll see a "Got a discount?" field. Enter your discount code and click on "Pay"

How can I activate my promo code?

1. Go to your Account Details

2. Click on the "I have a free trial coupon" button and enter the code.


Why am I getting an error when trying to activate the promo code?

You can activate only one promo code for an account, a single account can't use two promo codes at a time. 

If you are struggling with activating your promo code, please contact our support team via online chat or at the email

We're a legal entity. How can we pay for the subscription?

We offer legal entities an opportunity to purchase a subscription based on a public offer. For details, please contact our support team via online chat or at the email

Can I create two accounts - one as a free account and the other via affiliate link?

No, you can't. Both accounts will be blocked. 

But you can create one account and earn money via our affiliate program - get up to 30% from each payment made by users registered via your affiliate link.

How can I get a refund / cancel my account?

You can request a refund in accordance with the refund policy section of the Terms & Conditions.

To initiate the refund process, please contact our support team via online chat or at the email

Customer service

How can I contact your team?

The easiest and fastest way to reach out to Serpstat team is to use the online chat on our website. You can access it by:

1. clicking on the "Ask" button in the upper section of the website.

2. clicking on the "Contact us" menu option at the bottom of the page.

3. simply clicking on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner.

Also, you can email us at

We're always there ready to help you :)

I'd like to have my account deleted. Can you do this?

To have your account deleted, please contact us via online chat on our website.

I've got a few ideas for making Serpstat even better. Are you interested?

Yes! If you have a idea on an outstanding feature that could be implemented on Serpstat, we'll put it on our development list.

Please tell us about your suggestion via online chat or email us at

Do you have an API? How do I use it?

Serpstat's application programming interface (API) allows you to get the raw data from Serpstat without having to manually log in to the service. With API calls, you will be able to get data right in your browser without navigating to Serpstat's website.

We offer API free of charge for all our paid subscriptions.

The API documentation page will guide you through working with Serpstat's API. 

Still having question?

Reach out to use via online chat on our website or email us at

What is the Value of SERP Tracking?

Serpstat SERP Tracking allows you to get the top 100 search results for a keyword delivered via API in the JSON format. The developer-friendly API parses the SERPs in the specified location for 100 000 keywords in one hour - unbelievably powerful and amazingly convenient way to get the accurate data on your rankings right into your computer, CRM or app. Focus on your SEO, and let Serpstat do the tracking work for you.

Why Serpstat SERP Tracking?

Simple, powerful and precisely accurate city-based tracking in an area  of your choice - any location with more than 12 000 cities supported.  Get the rankings for 100 000 keywords in just one hour for the reasonable pricing - rank tracking has never been easier!

Serpstat stores the crawled data for 24 hours upon the crawling completion.

What is the pricing per query and how do I find out the total price?

The pricing starts with $0,001 per query for more than 1 000 000 queries per month, and $0,0013 per query if you have less than 1 000 000 queries per month.

To get the total price for the necessary number of queries, please use the pricing plan calculator on the SERP Tracking page.

How do I request the tracking services?

Please use the Send Request form on the SERP Tracking page to contact us. We’ll get back to you in the shortest amount of time.

For how many locations, search engines and keywords can I get the data?

You can get the top 100 search results for  any number of keywords in any country and 12 000 cities around the globe from Google or Yandex search engine, provided that the order amount is at least $300.

What is the minimum order price?

The order amount should be at least $300. Please use the pricing plan calculator on the SERP Tracking page to get your rank tracking service price for necessary number of keywords and locations.

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