Serpstat Integrations

This section contains the available Serpstat integrations that will help you automate and speed up the processes of collecting and analyzing large data sets.

The listed integrations can be helpful for SEO and PPC specialists, PR and SERM specialists, marketing agencies, and business owners who are independently engaged in website promotion or control their contractors.

1. Serpstat Website SEO Checker browser extension
Install the plugin - Serpstat Website SEO Checker on your browser and Analyze your website in a few clicks! Perform a Page Optimization Analysis, evaluate meta tags, age and markup of your site. Monitor traffic, visibility, keyword and backlink changes.  

2. SeoTools for Excel
Retrieve information from Keyword Research, Domain and Backlink Analysis directly in the Microsoft Excel file with the integrated software.

3. Serpstat connector for Google Looker Studio
Use our free connector for Google Looker Studio to visualize your SEO data. Visualized information is easy to understand, share and analyze. The tool visualizes data from Competitors and Domain History reports. Reports can be easily customized to suit your needs and can contain all kinds of charts, maps, images, and tables.

4. Serpstat Batch Analysis add-on for Google Spreadsheets
Try our Google Spreadsheet add-on to batch analyze large volumes of search data and create real-time SEO and PPC reports in tables without having to go to the Serpstat interface. The tool will allow you to download data in bulk by domains, URLs, or keywords.

5. Serpstat API Python
Automate keywords and domain analysis with Python. Use request drafts to see how you can convert JSON Serpstat API requests to Python programming language.

6. Serpstat R
Analyze your competitors, keywords, backlinks with Serpstat R API wrapper. Reduce your manual SEO and PPC tasks!

Brilliant Ways to Automate SEO Routine Using Serpstat for R: SEO Dashboard

7. Airbyte connector
Use the connector to sync Serpstat data with various Airbyte destinations. Create domain data pipelines to enhance the depth and accuracy of insights.

8. ChatGPT Plugin
Use Serpstat SEO tool plugin for ChatGPT to perform your daily tasks more effectively. The plugin allows you to get keywords, domains, and backlinks data directly in ChatGPT and use the data for further tasks in the chatbot.

ChatGPT SEO Plugin: How SEO Influencers Make AI Create Optimized Texts (Lifehack by SEO-Star)

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