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Attract new clients, automate tasks, create transparent reporting and control team work with a multifunctional platform to promote client projects.

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Looking for SEO platform for agencies?

Find out how Serpstat all-in-one SEO tool can help you cope with the challenges that agency leaders and SEO experts face every day:

Lead generation

In the competitive environment of marketing agencies, you have to fight for each client, and to prepare an effective pre-sale you need to allocate time and a specialist. Use the Serpstat to generate pre-sale report and prepare an offer to a potential client faster.

Projects and reporting

Prescribed strategy and a list of completed tasks are not enough for clients, they need proofs and numbers. Automate a task with Serpstat: custom, branded and white label reports, mailings with results on a regular schedule for maximum transparency and trust building.

Internal processes

Does a team make mistakes by unbalancing workload, prioritizing or reporting project results? Don't lose the big picture and monitor employees in real time to minimize human error and evaluate the contribution of each team member to the project.

Using a variety of tools

The variety of tools is needed to collect and interpret SEO and PPC data, generate reports, and monitor team performance. Replace most of them with Serpstat to save time processing information from different sources.

Don't waste time! Find out how Serpstat SEO software can meet your agency's challenges.

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Serpstat SEO software key features for digital agencies

Flexible API

  • Quickly download large amounts of information without using the Serpstat interface;
  • Integrate service analytics into your internal tools and dashboard;
  • Automate routine SEO tasks: selection of keywords, domain analysis for niche research or link building, links analysis, audit and positions tracking in the search results.
API in all pricing plans

Multi-user mode: a convenient option for team work

  • One account in Serpstat allows you to simultaneously connect up to 30 specialists;
  • Distribute credits among employees and control their use;
  • Determine how effective team members are.
Multi-user mode: a convenient option for team work

White Label and Branded Reports

  • Get branded reports with search analytics, site audit, positions tracking, and link analysis data to send to a client;
  • Save time — no manually created pre-sales or project reports: use the generator and send the finished project report to clients;
  • Use your logo not only when exporting reports, but also in the web version of Serpstat.
White Label and Branded Reports

Project Task Lists

  • Use ready-made templates for different aspects of working on client projects: technical part, content, link profile, local SEO;
  • Create own to-do lists inside Serpstat so you don't miss out on important points;
  • Track progress on a specific project.
Project Task Lists

Most agencies choose Team and Agency plans

Team pricing plan is suitable for a team of up to 3 people, and Agency — up to 30. It is possible to create a custom pricing plan tailored to your tasks:

Options and creditsTeam
$ 119 / month
$ 479 / month
Tools for team work and reporting
Members in a team
Additional users for reports mailing
Projects to track, analyze and audit
Number of accesses per project
Rows export per month
Branded reports
White Label
Access to the API
API rows
Keyword, domain, URL analysis and Link analysis
Requests per day
Results for requests for Keyword, domain, and URL analysis
Results for request for links analysis
Rank tracker
Position checks per month
Competitors rankings
Daily updates
Organic keyword rankings
Paid keyword rankings
Desktop and mobile rankings
Site audit
Pages to audit
Pages to audit per scan
One page audit
Tools, including AI for content tools, Clustering and Batch Analysis
Credits for tools
AI for content tools
Text analysis
Keyword, domain and link batch analysis
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Other options and SEO tools for digital agency

Rank tracking

  • Tracking the local and global positions of a site allows to increase the visibility and traffic to landing pages of clients.
  • Use the tool to accurately assess the potential of sites and clearly understand the organic position of customers in the market.
Rank tracking

Databases of search engines in all regions of the world

  • 230 databases of keywords and domains for Google, the volume of which is constantly increasing.
  • Database for Bing United States – don't miss the opportunity to get more traffic from Bing!
  • The most extensive databases of Google USA, Google Ukraine, Google United Kingdom and Google Australia on the market.
Databases of search engines in all regions of the world

Own link index and link analysis

  • 1 trillion links across 386 million domains, data updates constantly.
  • "Live" base of relevant links to analyze the link profile of customers and competitors and to search for new link building strategies.
Own link index and link analysis

Clustering and Text analysis

  • Save time: automate grouping of keywords for client projects with the clustering tool.
  • Manual analysis of competitors' pages and semantics for drafting technical specifications for copywriters is minimized: get ready-made recommendations for correcting errors based on dozens of competitors' pages.
Clustering and Text analysis

Website SEO technical audit

  • Conduct website audit at the stage of drawing up a commercial proposal to clients: thanks to a technical audit, you will find SEO issues, form a project work plan and an effective strategy.
  • Run the project transparently for a client: track and demonstrate progress with audit reports.
Website SEO technical audit

Projects Insights

Get insights from AI about changes in visibility, traffic, and organic keywords count for your projects. Look for sudden increases and decreases quickly to change the SEO strategy.
Clustering and Text analysis

Additional services for agencies

Try parsing services of Google results for bulk keyword research. Detect trending queries, check the search volume of thousands of phrases on a schedule, and collect complete data on an array of keywords in search engine results.

What professionals say about our tools


For my use, there is much to like about Serpstat. I really like the site audit tool and information I can gather on competitors.
Most of all, I like all of the training and support they provide.


I love that it tracks SEO over a time period tracking keyword growth across your site and competitors over time. I'll leverage it
on client meetings to show how their current SEO guy is failing.


Helps you understand how your site and sites belonging to competitors are performing in paid and organic search, and what to do about things you want to improve.


Serpstat is another comprehensive keyword research tool that I discovered recently. They've done some really good work when it comes to helping us identify winning keywords.

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Introducing Serpstat

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

Please send a request, and our specialist will offer you education options: a personal demonstration, a trial period, or materials for self-study and increasing expertise — everything for a comfortable start to work with Serpstat.




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