Description generation

Description is an important part of SEO optimization and website promotion. With this tag, you can improve the clickability of the snippet, which contributes to an increase of traffic.

Why do we need a Description:

  1. Creation of snippets by search engines. A snippet is a small description (a sort of preview) of the page content that appears when a user searches for it in a search engine. If you fill out the description correctly, the search engine algorithm is more likely to catch the content of that tag and what you want to show;
  2. Increasing relevance to the search query and improving user attractiveness. If the snippet is optimized for keywords and matches the user's query, the likelihood that the user will go to the page to read more increases significantly. In this case, both the right choice of keywords in the description and the right presentation of information to direct the user to that page play an important role.

How Description generation works:
In the Description generation tool add text describing the content of the page and based on it the description is generated, which can be added to the appropriate page of the site within the meta-tag. The tool works on the basis of artificial intelligence and thus automates manual work and saves time. You don't have to delve into the subject matter of the pages to compose competent text for the description meta tag. Our tool will summarize the added text and make a brief description. Description generation will be useful for:

  • Copywriters;
  • SEO specialists;
  • Website/Business owners.

*Description generation is temporarily available in English only.

Use case:
For example, you have created product cards and described them in detail. To add the description meta tag, copy the text describing the contents of the page, such as the product description, add it to the tool and the output will be a ready text for the meta tag.

How to use the tool

  1. Enter the token from the profile;
  2. Choose the language and add the text for Description generation;
  3. Click Generate and get the generated Description. You can also copy the created text to the clipboard.

Description generation

Available to:
Users with a Lite subscription or higher.

Each Description generation request = 150 credits for English and 450 credtis of other languages of the Tools module.

If you still have any questions, can contact the tech support chat.

To learn more about how the tool works, you can watch the attached video!


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