Links intersection

The "Links Intersection" report consists of two comparative tables (a summary mini-dashboard and a main detailed dashboard) and a graph. "Links intersection" shows the common donor domains for the analyzed sites. Using filters, you can see donors that one of the analyzed sites does not have, but two others do.

The pie chart allows you to quickly select the required data. For example, select donors that match any two domains. Analyze competitor donors that don't link to your site. The areas on the chart are clickable, select the needed information, and it will be displayed in the spreadsheets.

To start searching for competitor donors, just enter 2 or 3 domains in the search fields.

On the graph, using Euler circles, the referring domains of the sites that we have entered are schematically shown.

The smaller table (to the right of the circle graph) provides a brief summary of domains: a specific number of referring domains for each analyzed site.

See the table below for a more detailed breakdown of each donor domain:
Donor is the address of the domain that links to the analyzed site;
Donor SDR (Serpstat Domain Rank) indicates domain trustworthiness on a scale from 0 to 100. It depends on the number of sites linking to the analyzed domain, as well as on the number of sites linking to these linking sites. Thus, all sites in the Serpstat index associated with the analyzed domain are taken into account;
The number of links from the specified donor domain to the analyzed domains.

Also, in the "Links intersection" report you can:

1. Copy the data to the clipboard.
2. Set up the report display convenient for you  — you can select the columns you need to display in the report.
3. Filter the report.
4. Export in the required format.
5. Serpstat Recrawling URL Tool — tool for updating or adding information about page links by Serpstat bots. If you want to recrawl the URLs, just press the button in the upper right corner to start scanning and specify the pages of sites to crawl. The link data will be verified within 1 day.
The number of pages to check is 500 URLs per day. The remaining credits are not summed up, but expire.
6. Send feedback — opens the support chat for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
7. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for the report.
8. Apply quick filters and sorting.

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