Title generation

The tool is helpful to website owners, copywriters, SEO specialists, and anyone who works with online texts for the automation of manual work.

Tool description

The "Title generation" tool generates text for the title meta tag for website pages based on the provided text. For example, you can add a product description text, and the title for the corresponding page will be generated on its basis. The tool runs on artificial intelligence, which allows you to automate manual work and still generate text for meta-tags that will clearly convey the essence of the page content.

When filling a website with content, an SEO specialist needs to fathom the content of each page to come up with a brief title that accurately describes content of a page. The text must be indexable by search engines and understandable to users. When working with large websites, this process takes a lot of time, as you need to go through each page manually.

The tool will significantly speed up filling pages with content because a specialist will not have to fathom the content of each page and come up with a title for it themselves. It is enough to just add the text from the page describing its content to the tool to get a ready-made title.

How the tool works

  1. Choose language and add the text describing the page's content (no more than 1000 characters long);
  2. Click the "Generate Title" button;
  3. When finished, export the ready title in the "Generated Title" block.
  4. In the Requests history field you will be able to see all previous requests.

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