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Anchors analysis

The report table displays a list of unique anchors on the analyzed site.

Anchors 16261788841015

The Anchors report contains:
Anchor  — the content of the anchor to the analyzed site.
Referring domains  — the number of referring domains to the analyzed site, in the links from which the specified anchor was found.
Referring pages  — the number of pages referring to the analyzed site, in the links from which the specified anchor was found.
Nofollow is the number of backlinks to the analyzed site with the specified anchor, which has the rel = "nofollow" attribute.
Sort by default: Number of referring domains, descending.
The table header contains a filter by the number of words. The number of words is determined by the presence and number of spaces.
Also in the "Anchors" report, there is an opportunity to:
- Copy data to the clipboard.
- Set up the report display convenient for you  — you can select the columns you need to display in the report.
- Filter settings.
- Export in any convenient format.

Anchors 16261788841016

There are also such functions:

  1. Serpstat Recrawling URL Tool — tool for updating or adding information about page links by Serpstat bots. Read more about this functionality here.
  2. Send feedback — a window for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
  3. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for this report.