Increase your profits and stay one step ahead of your competitors with Serpstat SEO platform for ecommerce. Analyze leading E- Commerce business projects, pick the best solutions and incorporate them into your SEO strategy.

Serpstat SEO tools for ecommerce sites

Get a steady growth in business profits!

Does your SEO strategy need a fresh, non-trivial approach? Collect the best practices of colleagues in the niche, interpret, adapt them to your processes and implement them using ecommerce SEO tools. Evaluate the effectiveness of competitors' strategies in a few clicks using tools for website and keyword analysis, rank tracking, and link profile analysis.
Use Serpstat SEO features to find new niches, integrate the best practices of competitors into your projects and quickly solve routine promotion tasks. Serpstat will help solve a number of problems relevant to E-Commerce projects:
Do you spend a lot of time on routine data collection? Serpstat was created to help you forget about manual collection of the semantics, monotonous selection of donors for link building and analytics of each individual article. Use API and batch analysis to save significant resources. We know how valuable your team's time is.

Use the best strategies of competitors

Automate routine processes

Bring the work to a common denominator

Forget about dozens of mono instruments and data errors. Serpstat is a multifunctional platform of 30 precise and user-friendly tools. You can build SEO, PPC and content strategies using only it.


Find new niches and markets, expand your product variety by analyzing the requests of your audience and competitors' sites. Monitor trends and interests to cut out ineffective products and add new ones that are in demand.

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Don't waste time! Find out how useful Serpstat can be for your business.

TOP Serpstat Opportunities for Corporations and E-Commerce Companies

Check out how relevant these options are for your business!

In- depth analysis of competing
E-Commerce projects

Identify your competitors in organic and paid search results;
Analyze multiple competitors at the same time and find missed opportunities at the intersection of their strategies.
Choose the most effective solutions for online stores in your niche and implement new ideas for content, tags, categories;
Add to your projects the keywords for which competitors rank on the search pages;

Selection of keywords that attract not just traffic, but real buyers,turning search queries into sales.

Collect keywords that were missed in texts;
Use clustering and text analysis tools to prepare tasks for copywriters. Quickly group keywords, form the optimal site structure and recommendations for specific pages.
Find all variations of keywords: synonyms, suggestions, low competition keywords. Implement them to improve the effectiveness of existing content;
Find relevant sites to get quality links based on the intersection of competitors' profiles;

Analysis of backlinks for the development of the site link profile

Find out how your competitors are distributing link power within the site using the Top pages report in the backlink module;
Wondering if PBN works in your niche? Redirecting domains will show if competitors are sticking entire domains to their sites.
White Label reports
Automate your work and save time working with Serpstat without a third-party interface;

API in all pricing plans

Choose the necessary reports, filters and other options without switching from your site;
Integrate service analytics into your internal tools.
Differentiate between specialists' access to projects depending on their tasks;

Multi-user mode: a convenient option for an in-house team

Distribute credits so that each employee gets the tools that he or she needs in work;
Create task lists for team members, monitor the effectiveness of each, and receive automatic reports on their work.
White Label reports

Most E-Commerce projects choose these Serpstat pricing plans

Find out what tools are included and compare features:
Options and limits:

$299 / month


$499 / month

API access
Access to the Keyword, Domain, URL Analysis API
Access to the Link Analysis API
Access to the Rank Tracker API
Access to the Site Audit API
Tools for SEO tasks
Requests per day
Results for request
Export rows per month
Analysis of references
Requests per day
Results for request
Export rows per month
Analysis of references
Requests per day
Results for request
Export rows per month
Export rows per month
Rank tracker
Rank tracker per month
Tracking of competitors
Daily updates
Tracking of SEO positions
Tracking of PPC positions
Desktop and mobile results
Site audit
Pages for audit
Page audit
Text analysis
Keyword, domain and link batch analysis
Tools for team work and reporting
Team members
Projects to track, analyze and audit
Number of project accesses
Access to Task lists

Additional options for E-Commerce projects

Databases of search results for all regions of the world

230 Google databases for keywords analysis and comprehensive research of competitors.Choose any region to promote your business and use data to promote itall over the world.
Choose any region to promote your business and use data to promote itall over the world.
6.7 billion
Google bases

Rank tracking

Increase visibility and traffic to landing pages by tracking local and global site positions. Assess the potential of your site accurately.
Get a solid understanding of your organic and paid market position.
Use ready-made templates or create your own lists to develop and improve created projects.

Lists of tasks for projects

Keep a record of the status of work on a specific project.

Site audit and page audit

Find errors on individual analyzed pages of your site and those of competitors
Conduct a regular technical SEO audit of your site to improve rankings in search results and fix errors. Track the growth dynamics of a website optimization level.

Additional services for E-Commerce companies:

Analyze SERPs for the required array of keywords in any region, desktop and mobile, organic and context search results and in any language in Google and Yandex. From $0.001 to $0.0013 per request, depending on volume. Learn more
Try services for parsing Google results and for mass analysis of search results. Detect trending queries, check the frequency of thousands of phrases on a schedule, and collect complete data on an array of keywords in search engine results.
Check the frequency of keywords and find the most popular and trending keywords for your business. Estimate demand by phrase, forecast sales and find out the level of competition in a new niche. Learn more

SERP Crawling Service

Search Volume Crawling Service

Get more profit

Get around the competition. Find new niches. Manage your team. See how useful Serpstat can be to your business with a free 30-minute demo.

Serpstat is helping us in diagnosing our website performance in terms of technical structure, and also in ranking. Tracking the rank of the website for thousands of keywords everyday is impossible without a tool like Serpstat.

Also, finding out competition stand helps us realigned our content strategy. Besides this, auditing the site for optimization has also been a key benefits of using Serpstat.
Overall we're happy with Serpstat tool, it has all the features needed from an SEO tool. It has a good and comprehensive site audit report. As a side note, it will be great if we can get proper invoices via the platform.
Our experience with using Serpstat has been great. We use is daily to measure the SEO and keyword performance of our website and also to track how we rank compared to our competitors.

Making sure our SEO is correct and being seem by search engines is very important to use and Serpstat helps us keep it relevant and working!
Bikash Jain
Deputy Manager at Casio India
Polina Georgieva
Lauren de Vaal
Customer Success Manager at Oviond

Frequently asked questions

Why Serpstat is the best SEO platform for E-commerce?

Serpstat is the best SEO platform for E-commerce because it includes many usefull features for on-page SEO such as: Rank Tracker, Domain Analysis, Keyword Research, Baclink Analysis, Site audit, Batch Analysis, Clustering and others.

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