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Positions history

In the report "Positions history" you can see the dynamics of domain's positions for the tracked keywords for the certain period at the project.

The position distribution chart by ranges takes into account all positions in the search results for a keyword. It is based on:
- the selected domain (1);
- time (2);
- tags (3);
- search regions (4);
- there is a possibility to display the interested distribution by ranges (5).
This graph is similar to the "Project overviewreport.
To get more results on the page you can hide the graph (6).

Position destribution chart by ranges

In the table, you can see how the positions of the domain have changed for the tracked keywords for each monitoring date of the selected period:

Keywords — all tracked keywords in the project in the order in which they were added to the project.
Tags — each keyword can be assigned 1 or more tags.
Search regions — the search regions for which the data for the given keywords are displayed.
Volume is indicated per month in the selected country or city.
Dates and positions — the position of the domain for the certain monitoring date. The icon of special elements is shown near the position in case the selected domain has been detected for this keyword in the special elements.

Also, in the table you are able to show or hide icons of the found domain in special elements — switch on/off the option "Show SERP features" (1), and there is an option "Turn dates" (2) that allows you to change the direction of the dates in the table with historical data:

Operations with keywords in the table

Export report is available in the formats:
- csv;
- xls;
- xlsx;
- Google Sheet: