Custom overview

The “Custom overview” displays not just a list of errors, as in other sections of the site audit, but all information collected from the site pages on specific parameters. The report is drawn up in the form of a table, which can be exported in two formats: CSV Open Office and CSV Microsoft Excel.

Custom overview 16261788847175

Select the parameters that are displayed in the table and are available for export. They are divided into several groups, which are located right below the filters.
- URL;
- Title;
- Description;
- Links;
- Body;
- Indexing;
- Redirects;
- HTTPS certificate;
- AMP pages;
- Attributes;
- The presence of viruses.

To get data on the required parameter, click on the corresponding group.

Custom overview 16261788847175

To add new parameters to the report or remove the ones suggested by the service, click on the "Apply" button, and tick the appropriate boxes.

Custom overview 16261788847175

Filter the data so that the finished report contains only the information you need.

Custom overview 16261788847175

Page audit is a Serpstat tool that makes it possible to conduct a technical issue and track the statistics of any page on the site.
One page issue is much faster than auditing the entire site. You can check only the pages you need:
1. The most traffic generating pages;
2. Landing pages;
3. Pages that have recently been optimized and fixed.

An audit addresses several ranking factors at once, identifies errors in optimization, and makes recommendations for their correction.
More information on how to conduct an SEO audit of a website can be found in the article.

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