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Search engines storm

Using this tool, you can determine how many search engine results have changed over the last day.
As part of the report, two graphs are available with the storm dynamics for Google and Yandex. The graphs contain the storm dynamics based on Serpstat for the last 30 days for Google and Yandex search engines. The higher the storm rate, the more the search engine results have changed in the previous 24 hours.
One of three storm levels can be displayed within the charts, each of which will be marked with a corresponding colour:
- low storm level: less than 20%, indicated in green;
- average storm level: greater than or equal to 20%, but less than 25% is indicated in yellow;
- high storm level: greater than or equal to 25%, indicated in red.

Database storm 16261788838322

Within the last 30 days, you can view the storm level for a specific day by hovering over the appropriate date. On hover, a tooltip with the date and storm level is displayed:

Database storm 16261788838322

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