Improve company awareness, attract new customers, increase profits. All the necessary on-page SEO tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs in one Serpstat platform for self-promotion or contractor control.

The best SEO tools for small business by Serpstat

Serpstat is a convenient tool for business and entrepreneurs

Are you working in a highly competitive niche? Analyze the needs of your audience, do the keywords research and offer them the products that are really in demand.
Evaluate its capabilities in your work.
Find low-competitive niches, do the competitor research and detach yourself from them.
Whether it's a contractor or a marketing agency, whoever is in charge of your SEO strategy, you will be able to visually assess the results of their work.

Increase profits

Scale your business

Check the results

The technical support team is always in touch, the intuitive interface contains tips at every stage, as well as a blog and a knowledge base that will help you in all matters of promotion.
Do you use many mono instruments at the same time? Stop wasting money and time on them. Everything you need is already collected in our platform.

Self-promote a business or evaluate the work of contractors without deep knowledge of SEO

Solve all tasks using only one platform

We are proud to be trusted by these guys:

Don't waste time! Find out how Serpstat can meet your agency's challenges.

TOP-5 Serpstat features for small and medium-sized businesses

Identify your real competitors in organics and PPC, analyze their strategy. There is no point in competing with the giants, look for and separate yourself from competitors in your field.

Detailed analysis of the niche and capabilities of your competitors.
Even without SEO knowledge.

Find windows of opportunity by comparing the work of several competitors and finding their omissions.
Regularly track keyword rankings by which your company will be found, even if you recently started work.
White Label reports
Choose keywords by which the audience successfully finds your competitors' sites.

Collection and integration of keywords that will not only increase site traffic, but will bring interested customers.

Collect successful keyword ideas for pages, articles and sections of competitors' site for implementation on your site.
Collect missing and low competitive keywords, , search suggestions and synonyms to optimize already published pages that receive less traffic.
Find technical weaknesses of your site such as broken links, missing tags and receive detailed instructions on how to fix them;

Check a site for technical SEO issues for effective promotion. Identification of errors and recommendations on fixing them with Serpstat website audit tool

Get a ready-made technical assignment for an SEO-specialist based on the results of a site audit.
Track the progress of fixing issues in projects. Useful for companies delegating search engine optimization to agencies or freelancers.
White Label reports
Understand which SERPs are organic traffic sources.

Rank tracking. Track the positions of your website and competitors in organic search results and contextual advertising.

Select those regions and types of search results in which the competition is lower.
Compare a site with the positions of competitors and find new opportunities to appear in the top results of search engines.

Create content for audience

Identify the interests of your audience to create relevant content;
Find ideas for related niches to your business that will help you scale your business.
Collect keywords for writing product cards, service pages and blog articles that will drive traffic.
Find relevant keywords for the content sections of a site: blog, categories, pages about the company, terms of delivery and payment, services, optimize product descriptions.

These rates are most often selected by entrepreneurs and small business owners

The Lite rate is suitable if you work independently, or one specialist is engaged in your project. Standard pricing plan is a solution for a small team of marketers, SEO- or PPC-specialists (up to 3 people).

$69 / month

$149 / month
Keyword analysis, Domain, URL
Requests per day
Results on request
Export rows per month
Backlink analysis
Requests per day
Results per report
Export rows per month
Rank tracker
Position checks per month
Access to task lists
Competitors rankings
Daily updates
Monitoring SEO positions
Monitoring PPC positions
Desktop and mobile rankings
Site audit
Pages to audit
Page audit
Text analysis
Keyword, domain and links batch analysis

In addition, you will receive:

244 databases, the volume of which is constantly increasing.
Use the tool to select the least competitive regions to promote. Optimize your site for local search for each region in which your business operates.

Databases of search results for all regions of the world

6.7 billion
Google bases
Use ready-made templates or create own lists to develop and improve the created project.

Task lists for projects

Even if you have no experience in promotion, use ready-made templates with step-by-step instructions for each stage of work. Task lists can be broken down into parts and used as a technical assignment for freelancers.
Select sites with the highest domain rank and negotiate with them on the placement of links to your site. Analize competitors backlinck profiles and create your link building strategy.
External links to your site will lead it to better search engine rankings.

Own link analysis and index

Clustering and text analysis

No need to manually collect keywords or select them following the example of competitors.
Collect semantics, add them to a project, get a ready-made work plan.

Try Serpstat!

Increase profits, attract new customers and help your business grow. Serpstat will be your right hand in this. Evaluate the convenience and multifunctionality of the platform: sign up for a free demo with our specialist.

Ben Rollins
Founder, Axon Optics
Jason Lavis
Patti Pacifico
Owner at Pacifico House LLC
To say that Serpstat has been pivotal to the growth of our online store would be an understatement. We frequently log into the dashboard during the week. Whether analyzing our competitors PPC campaigns to find opportunities that we may have overlooked or by sifting through thousands of keywords to determine the next article that takes off, we always seem to be coming back.

If I had to choose the tool that was mostly attributable to the increase in our store's growth, it would be Serpstat.

I use Serpstat to determine KW difficulty, volume, to check ranking and domains that are ranking the keywords I begin my search and to find the plethora of keywords with a difficulty score less than 10. Serpstat is easy to use, has a great knowledge base and, I think, is much easier to use, reference and discover all the information I need than other tools that come with a cost that is 2-3 times more than SerpStat. The onboarding process of SerpStat is top-notch and the people are very helpful, patient and kind. I LOVE Serpstat and am so happy I found them and will continue to use and refer as often as possible.

If I could choose only one SEO tool/ subscription it would be Serpstat. It has everything most webmasters and small SEO firm need and some features are the way better than the competition.

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Why Serpstat is the best SEO software for small business?

Serpstat is the best SEO software for small business because it includes many usefull features for on-page SEO such as: Rank Tracker, Domain Analysis, Keyword Research, Baclink Analysis, Site audit, Batch Analysis, Clustering, SEO reporting and others.

How do small businesses do SEO?

Small businesses use SEO services for site audit, link building, tracking positions, improving website visibility, analyzing competitors and niches, etc.

What are basic SEO tools?

Basic SEO tools to start are: Site Audit for finding and resolving SEO issues; Keyword and Domain Research to expand semantics; Backlink analysis to increase amount of quality links and Rank Tracker to track positions of the website and analyze current situation.

Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

Definitely yes! By optimizing your website for search systems you can bring it to the top of the search results page and increase number of leads, which later will become your loyal customers.

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