Serpstat for media platforms: news media, online magazines and brand media

Collect an endless stream of content that will pay for itself, optimize existing content and get predictable growing traffic to your media portal. Check out Serpstat's capabilities for your media!

Serpstat for media platforms: news media, online magazines and brand media

Use capabilities of Serpstat for your media

Finding ideas for content is a time-consuming process. Discover news feeds, monitor trends, find viral content ideas and evergreen topics that attract new and retain existing readers.
Do you need a continuous stream of content and stable traffic?
Solve the challenges faced by content teams using the Serpstat platform:
Facilitate the process of creating large amounts of quality content for your team. Identify audience interest and focus only on content that is worth the investment.
Ready-made content quickly becomes outdated. Audit your content and optimize it to get regular traffic and save a team's time for creating new content.

Find topics that attract traffic

Set priorities

Improve content and adjust strategies

Find ideas from competitors and create new sections, special projects and headings depending on the interests of your target audience. Use Serpstat power to scale.
Find new advertisers and retain existing ones. Showcase growing traffic statistics as an additional argument for potential advertisers.

Scale your media portal

Attract advertisers

Leading media and content projects already use Serpstat in their work

Don't waste time!
Find out how useful Serpstat can be for your business.

Key opportunities for media:

Find out how useful Serpstat can be for your business!

Content plan and strategy development

Find the most successful competitors in a niche to analyze their projects.
Analyze the pages attracting the most traffic, social media shares, external links and collect promising content topics.
Collect the semantics of competitors and implement it in your projects.
Create content on hot topics by analyzing trending queries;

Content generation

Collect semantics to create evergreen content that will drive traffic to your site on a regular basis;
Attract a new audience: find keywords that are in demand by your target audience and use them in your content.
Analyze the in-demand content of competitors, and use the semantics you missed to optimize content.

Content audit and updates

Create a site navigation that is understandable to the audience by analyzing the successful cases of competitors.
Optimize a ste mobile version, fix errors in meta tags and 404, find broken images in articles.
White Label reports
Determine how effective your work on projects is and whether it is worth the resources spent.

Rank tracker

Track keywords that bring traffic depending on regions and types of issue.
Monitor the effectiveness of competitors' SEO campaigns in the top-100 SERPs.

Most media projects opt for Lite and Standard plans

Lite is suitable if a project is handled by one specialist, Standard — for a small team of up to 3 people. And if you want to get advanced features, try the Advanced plan or consult with a manager to select a subscription for your needs.
Options and limits

$69 / month

$149 / month
Site audit
Pages to audit
Page audit
Text analysis
Keyword, domain and links batch analysis
Tools for team work and reporting
Members in a team
Access to Task lists
Access to the API
Site analysis
Requests per day
Results on request
Export rows per month
The analysis of the links
Searches per day
Results per report
Export rows per month
Rank tracker
Position checks per month
Competitors rankings
Daily updates
Organic keyword rankings
Paid keyword rankings
Desktop and mobile search results

Other tools and opportunities for media:

Databases of search engines in all regions of the world

244 databases of keywords and domains, the volume of which is constantly increasing in the background, without manual updates.
The most extensive databases of Google USA on the market.
баз Google
6.7 billion
Google bases

Own link index and link analysis

952 billion links across 168 million domains, only fresh data.
"Live" base of relevant links to analyze the link profile of customers and competitors and to search for new link building strategies.
Check the quality and optimization of a project content on the checklist: from creating a text to optimizing the finished material.

Task lists for projects

Use a tool to create content, fix and refine it, and analyze performance.
Buy one Serpstat account and work with the entire team of editors and marketers.

Multiuser mode

Distribute credits among employees, control their use and the efficiency of each employee.

Additional services for media platforms:

Analyze SERPs for the required array of keywords in any region, desktop and mobile, organic and context search results and in any language in Google. From $0.001 to $0.0013 per request, depending on volume. Learn more
Try services for parsing Google results and for mass analysis of search results. Detect trending queries, check the frequency of thousands of phrases on a schedule, and collect complete data on an array of keywords in search engine results.
Check the frequency of keywords and find the most popular and trending keywords for your business. Estimate demand by phrase, forecast sales and find out the level of competition in a new niche. Learn more

SERP Crawling Service

Search Volume Crawling Service

Attract new audiences and advertisers

Scale your media, attract new advertisers, and create content that will pay off using Serpstat tools. Sign up for a free consultation with our specialist to find out about all the opportunities that we have prepared for you!

We recently used a competitor platform for our SEO activities but were often only using a fraction of the bells and whistles the platform provided and could not figure out how to take advantage of it. Serpstat cuts through a lot of the noise and gave us tools that are so much more intuitive and simple to use, we are hooked.

The customer support has been awesome & the ability to run keyword research and competitor research along with site audits with only a few clicks is what we are here for. Already seeing organic traffic increase on our site as a result.
Serpstats has streamlined keyword and competitive research for our company. We also use Serpstats as a secondary and sometimes primary source of keyword volume data.
Daniel Knecht
Stephen Lau
President at Salient Marketing
Being founder of many websites, it becomes a responsibility as a publisher to keep track of backlinks and keywords. I like the interface which is quite good than the competitors. The average crawling rate is good and will surely improve more in the future.

Perfect tool for SEO professionals as its one of the most affordable deal available in the market. Company could increase limit of rows which can be exported, increasing such limit will dramatically increase the use of this tool.
Ashish Agrawal
Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool
Open support chat

Introducing Serpstat

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

Please send a request, and our specialist will offer you education options: a personal demonstration, a trial period, or materials for self-study and increasing expertise — everything for a comfortable start to work with Serpstat.




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