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URLs report

This tool designed to compare a page that is optimized for a keyword with a page that is actually ranked by it.
The report provides basic information about landing pages and their positions for keywords.

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- Keywords  — a list of keywords that you have added to tracking in the project.
- Target URL is a landing page that is optimized for a specific keyword.
- Actual URL is a page that appears in search results for a specific keyword.
- Position  — the position of the page by the keyword.
- Traffic  — the expected traffic for the given request and the actual URL.
The actual URL is highlighted in red if it does not match the target.

URLs 16261788674773

The report has quick filters relative to the URL. They allow you to go to the desired group of keywords in one click.

URLs 16261788674773

If you want to add or change the target URL, click on the "Enter target URL" field and specify the page you need.

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