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Scale your product, find growth points, and attract new users with content. Become an indispensable tool for your customers by deeply analyzing the requests of target audiences and competitors.

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Looking for an SEO platform to promote your SaaS?

Find out how Serpstat will help solve the main challenges facing SaaS businesses:

Lead generation and building loyalty through content

Creation of content that helps solve readers' problems and at the same time achieve business goals: this demonstrates the value of your online service, generates leads and works to retain the audience.

Search for traffic growth points and development of new functionality

Monitoring of audience needs, based on the SEO analysis of search queries is required to find open niches and improve a service.

Competitor Analysis and Positioning

Finding keywords that users search for your product or competitors' products. An in-depth study of the semantics of a niche will help better understand needs and pains of the audience and formulate positioning theses to detach from the competition.

Don't waste time! Find out how useful Serpstat can be for your business!

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Top 3 Serpstat opportunities for SaaS business:

Keywords analysis to explore target audience

Find keywords that audience actually google and optimize product pages for the user's path, to describe the product in terms of needs and pains at every stage.

  • Finding keywords that not only meet your customers' request and drive traffic, but transform it into new users for your SaaS;
  • Find out how the audience describes your product, services of competitors or the problems that the service solves in order to create useful content for the users;
  • Collect search suggestions and questions, as well as long tail keywords in your niche and fully cover the topic.
Keywords analysis to study target audience

Content creation for your audience

Evergreen or Trending? It depends on your strategy.
With Serpstat, you can find any topics that are in demand.

  • Search for keyword ideas for a content plan based on the best pages of competitors;
  • Themes for evergreen helpful blog content that will attract regular traffic;
  • New strategies for creating product, lead-generating, landing pages for specific features, special projects that will bring your users.
Content creation for your audience

Positioning and development of an online service

Find low-competitive niches, analyze the potential of competitors and detach yourself from them.

  • Market research and search for opportunities for functional development by analyzing key phrases;
  • Revealing the interest of the audience in a product that does not yet exist, using the analysis of competitors and trends;
  • Selection of precise positioning formulations for retuning from competitors for a specific functionality, service in general, and the formulation of Jobs to be done.
Positioning and development of an online service

Most SaaS companies opt for these Serpstat pricing plans

Team is suitable for a small SaaS team of marketers, SEO, PPC, or content specialists up to 3 people. Agency has more features and is suitable for a team of up to 30 people. If your needs do not fit into any of the proposed options, find out in the support chat how to get a custom plan.

Options and limits
$ 119 / month
$ 479 / month
Tools for team work and reporting
Members in a team
Additional users for reports mailing
Projects to track, analyze and audit
Number of accesses per project
Rows export per month
Branded reports
White Label
Access to the API
API rows
Keyword, domain, URL analysis and Link analysis
Requests per day
Results for requests for Keyword, domain, and URL analysis
Results for request for links analysis
Rank tracker
Position checks per month
Competitors rankings
Daily updates
Organic keyword rankings
Paid keyword rankings
Desktop and mobile rankings
Site audit
Pages to audit
Pages to audit per scan
One page audit
Tools, including AI for content tools, Clustering and Batch Analysis
Credits for tools
AI for content tools
Text analysis
Keyword, domain and link batch analysis
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Additional features of Serpstat SaaS SEO platform

Link index, link analysis and databases for all regions of the world

  • 1 trillion links across 386 million domains, data updates constantly. "Live" database of relevant links to analyze the link profile of customers and competitors and to search for new link building strategies.
  • 230 databases of keywords and domains, the volume of which is constantly increasing in the background, without manual updates. The most extensive databases of Google USA, Google Ukraine, Google United Kingdom and Google Australia on the market.
  • Database for Bing United States – don't miss the opportunity to get more traffic from Bing!
Link index, link analysis and databases for all regions of the world

Clustering and Text analysis

  • Group large volumes of keywords page by page for better ranking and search engine optimization.
  • Quickly collect semantics for new sections and special projects: pages of comparison with competitors, landing pages with opportunities for different segments of the target audience.
Clustering and Text analysis

Rank tracker

  • Track the positions of your site and top competitors in different regions and types of search results.
  • Adding priority keywords to generate traffic and leads for site positions. Tracking keywords linked to a specific page to avoid cannibalization. Analyzing competitors in the top 100 SERPs. Comparing mobile, desktop, organic and contextual search results.
Rank tracker

Site audit and page audit

  • Conduct a regular SEO audit of your site to find broken links, fix errors and increase your keyword rankings in Google search results.
  • Track the dynamics of the site optimization level and find errors on individual analyzed pages of your site.
Site audit and page audit

Flexible API

Upload large amounts of data without using Serpstat interface. Integrate service analytics into your internal analysis tools and automate routine SEO tasks. Available API methods:

  • keyword research;
  • domain analysis;
  • backlinks analysis;
  • site audit;
  • rank tracking.
API in all pricing plans

Lists of tasks for projects

  • Use ready-made templates or create your own lists for the development and optimization of a site.
  • Keep tracking the work status of a specific project: technical SEO, content, links, semantics and analytics for all the data.
Lists of tasks for projects

Additional services for SaaS companies

Try services for parsing Google results and for mass analysis of search results. Detect trending queries, check the frequency of thousands of phrases on a schedule, and collect complete data on an array of keywords in search engine results.

What professionals say about our tools


For my use, there is much to like about Serpstat. I really like the site audit tool and information I can gather on competitors.
Most of all, I like all of the training and support they provide.


I love that it tracks SEO over a time period tracking keyword growth across your site and competitors over time. I'll leverage it
on client meetings to show how their current SEO guy is failing.


Helps you understand how your site and sites belonging to competitors are performing in paid and organic search, and what to do about things you want to improve.


Serpstat is another comprehensive keyword research tool that I discovered recently. They've done some really good work when it comes to helping us identify winning keywords.

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Introducing Serpstat

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