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It's a Serpstat tool that makes it possible to conduct a technical issue and track the statistics of any page on the site.
One page issue is much faster than auditing the entire site. You can check only the pages you need:
1. The most traffic generating pages;
2. Landing pages;
3. Pages that have recently been optimized and fixed.
An audit addresses several ranking factors at once, identifies errors in optimization, and makes recommendations for their correction.
Setting up page auditing
Go to the Serpstat section “Site audit” → click on the “Page audit” tab → click on “Add page”.

Page audit 16261788841854

In the window that appears, enter:
1. URL of the analyzed page.
2. Project name.
3. User Agent (the name that our bot is presented to the server).
4. Login and password (for sites with limited access).

Click "Start audit" and wait for the service to process the request.

Page audit 16261788841854

After the issue, Serpstat will display a summary of errors on the page. To see the full answer, click "Result". If you need a second check, click "Run".

Page audit 16261788841854

In the full report, you will find an overview of the scan results and a summary of errors.
Serpstat Domain Optimization (SDO) score is an internal Serpstat metric. SDO shows how optimized the page is. This is the ratio of the number of errors and their severity to the total number of possible domain errors.
Errors on the page. Serpstat separates errors into three priorities:
- high priority  — the most serious mistakes that affect rankings to a greater extent. They need to be eliminated first;
- medium priority  — less serious errors, but their elimination should also be the priority;
- low priority  — the least dangerous errors for the site. It is worth fixing them after more and more serious problems are fixed.

Information is not errors, but recommendations for page optimization.
Viruses  — the results of checking the page for malware.

Page audit 16261788841854

In the Error Summary, Serpstat not only shows you all the problems found on the page but also provides recommendations for fixing them.

Issuing the content of the page for elements that violate the requirements of search engines. Lorem Ipsum is a nonsense text that programmers use to fill in page layouts. If it is present on a site page, the search engine may perceive it as irrelevant.
The body content is the content on the page. It is important for search engines as an indicator of page usefulness. The absence of text in the tag negatively affects the ranking.
Serpstat issues content for errors like this:
- pages with Lorem Ipsum;
- lack of text in the body;
- the page size is too large.

Site media components issue takes place in two directions:
- the presence of broken images;
- too large images.

Page audit 16261788841854


Links are an important indicator of a site's authority. The quality of the link mass of a domain affects its position in the search results. Serpstat issues links for the following errors:
- lack of favicon on site pages;
- too long URL;
- many GET parameters in the URL;
- too many outgoing links on the page;
- rel = "nofollow" attribute is used for internal links, or not used for external links.

Page audit 16261788841854

If your site contains language versions of the content, use the hreflang markup to indicate this to the search engine. Using this attribute helps the search engine understand the content in different languages ​​and show it in the relevant search results.

Page audit 16261788841855

AMP Pages
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Sites using AMP load faster on mobile devices and rank first in mobile search results.

Page audit 16261788841855

Open Graph and Twitter Card layouts are used to create an informative and presentable preview of your site on social networks and Twitter.
Micro-markup helps the search engine generate special snippets and recognize page content. It shows crawlers that text or other elements on the page are important and belongs to a specific data type.

Page audit 16261788841855

Loading speed
Loading speed for computers and loading speed for mobile  — this section of the Audit shows the presence of errors that can affect the site’s loading pages speed.
Website page loading speed is an important ranking factor. Fast sites rank higher in the search results. Also loading speed affects user behavior.
Serpstat identifies loading speed issues and offers fixes for both desktop and mobile versions of the site. Data taken from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.
Some parameters to the issue are:
- using the browser cache;
- use of JavaScript and CSS;
- optimization of images;
- readability of fonts.

Page audit 16261788841855Page audit 16261788841855

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