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Domain's keywords

In the report "Keywords" you can see the basic information about the positions of the project for keywords added to the project.

Keywords 16261788667592

Project name. By clicking on it, you will have the opportunity to go to the report of another project.
Credits counter  — displays the balance of credits on the user's account.
Settings  — go to the project settings on the General tab.
Filter  — the report can be filtered by:
- keyword
- better position
- frequency
- special elements
- date added

Project notes  — notes can be left for any date.
Export report  — reports can be exported in the format:
- csv
- xls
- xlsx

Position tracking articles  — more useful information and life hack for position tracking.
The table and graphs contain detailed information about changes within the site.

Visibility  — the percentage of the total visibility that the selected domain gets for the project keywords.
Average position  — the average position among all the best positions in the search results for the selected domain.
SERP storm  — the percentage of changes in the SERP by project keywords.
Special elements  — the number of special elements for the project keywords, in which the selected domain was noticed.
All keywords are the default filter used to load the report. All keywords added to the project are loaded by the filter including keywords for which no data is available.
No changes  — keywords for which the position was, and it has not changed or for the keyword, the domain was out of the top and remained out of the top.
Positions have grown  — all the keywords for which the positions have grown (from 50 to 20), or the domain was out of the top and got to the top (from -, now 80).
Positions have dropped  — all the keywords for which the positions have dropped (from 20, now 50) or the domain was in the top, and then dropped out (from 80, now -).
In the top  — all keywords for which positions appeared (it was -, now it is 80).
Out of the top  — all the keywords for which there were positions, but now the domain is out of the top (it was 80, now -).
Off top  — all keywords for which the domain is out of the top by the last removal of positions.
If one day then positions for this date -.
If the period then both withdrawals of positions were -.
The position distribution chart by ranges takes into account all positions in the search results for the selected domain for a keyword. It is built based on the selected domain, the time and tags are taken into account.

Keywords 16261788667592

When you hover over a point, the number of positions, their percentage of the total number in the project, and the dynamics as a percentage of the previous removal of positions are displayed.
The color scheme was made as close as possible so that there was the same highlighting logic on the chart and in the table when switching to the history of keywords.
The position chart has very detailed navigation:

Keywords 16261788667592

Selecting a domain allows you to choose what you want to see positions relative to.
Datepicker  — allows you to select the date or period for which the data is required.
Filter by tag  — allows you to sort keywords by category. The tag can be created locally in the dropdown or the "Settings".
Filter by region  — allows you to sort data by the project in the context of several regions. You can display data both for one region and for several.
There are two reports in the keyword table:
Positions  — the report shows the site position in the search results for the tracked keywords, frequency, and dynamics.

Keywords 16261788667592

History  — positions for a certain time.

Keywords 16261788667592

SERP  — the history of SERPs for a keyword.
Special elements  — icons of special elements that were found for the analyzed domain in Google organic results for a given keyword.
Position  — the place that the site takes in the search results for the selected search engine.
Keyword frequency is indicated per month in the selected country or city.
Position dynamics and storm  — visualized history of domain position changes for a keyword and a change in the top 100 positions for a keyword relative to the previous date.
Snippets  — Title, URL, description are displayed inside the snippet.
Find out the competitor position for the same keywords by selecting it from the list at the top of the page.

Keywords 16261788667592

If you have any questions about the report, there are 2 buttons in the upper right corner:

1. Send feedback — opens the support chat for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
2. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for the report.