Main information

This section allows doing the following:
- Change the name, the surname and the position of the user.
- Indicate the name of the company and the website address.
- Choose the time zone that will be used by default for the monitored projects.
- Change request history saving settings (the data that is going to be shown in your profile).

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Contact information
Contact information tab can be used to change your phone number, as well as Google Hangouts or Skype credentials.

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Change password
In order to change the passport, the user has to indicate both old and new passwords and click the Save button to confirm the changes.

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Notification settings
Here you can change preferences for the notifications about the Serpstat report state in your profile.

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E-mail notification settings
Here the user is able to subscribe for the mailing lists, or remove subscriptions by setting or removing the corresponding ticks:
- Serpstat analytics mailing list – by disabling this mailing list, the user won’t receive information and links to the prepared reports.
- Weekly marketing mailing list – it includes weekly updates from the Serpstat blog editor, main news, interesting articles and offers from partners.
- Customer Success Serpstat department mailing list – it helps to be aware of all the updates, as well as allows participating in the polls related to the convenience and quality of service.

Settings 16261788731847Information about social profiles
In order to make the authentication process easier, your Serpstat account can be easily linked with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profile.

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Automatic recurring payments
The user is able to disable or enable automatic recurring payments by using the Settings section of the profile:

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Serpstat allows various safety and security tools in order to protect your data.

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