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In Account management tab you will be able to:

  • change settings (email, password, notifications, mailings, etc.);
  • check the number of credits in each tool and buy more;
  • manage a team;
  • monitor referral statistics;
  • download generated reports.

To open the "My account" tab:

  1. Click on your profile in the upper-right corner of your screen;
  2. In the menu that appears choose "Account management".

Also, through the menu you will be able to check the "Team management" tab, "Plans" list, and "Latest reports" tab.

In the "Profile" section, you will see the following information:
1. Avatar  click to set/change an avatar.
2. Account ID.
3. The email address that the account is registered with.
4. Date of the next credits update for Rank tracker, Tools, Site audit, Serpstat API.
5. Recurring billing  after paying for a pricing plan your subscription will be automatically renewed and the subscription fee will be charged off from the bank card according to the selected period. If it's active, you may follow the link to cancel it.
6. Activate trial access for 7 days.
7. Active pricing plan and the date until which it is valid (inclusive in YYYY-MM-DD format).
8. The "Upgrade plan" button will direct you to the "Pricing plans" page.
9. Button to activate trial code.
10. Key to access the API.
11. Go to account and subscription management  go to the account settings, where you can cancel the subscription and delete the account.

You can see also the following information about the available credits for the current subscription:

1. Credits for service modules (green indicator represents the number of unused credits):
- Rank tracker (per month);
- Tools — the number of monthly credits for Clustering, Text Analysis, Domain batch analysis and Keyword batch analysis (general).
- Credits for sites, keywords and links analysis — the number of requests per day for Website analysis, Keyword research and Backlink analysis (general);
* the number of results in the Website analysis reports — the number of rows with results in the Website analysis and Keyword research reports;
* number of results in Backlink analysis reports — number of rows with results;
- export rows for Website analysis, Keyword research and Backlink analysis per month (general);
- Site audit (per month).

2. Information about available projects and team members:
- maximum number of projects at Serpstat, according to the pricing plan;
- number of share access to your projects to other users;
- team members (for pricing plans Team and Agency).

3. Information about API credits:
- number of rows / blocks of the response with the results via API per month;
- limits for Website SEO Checker extension per day;
- number of API requests per second.

4. Access to branded reports
- Branded reports provide an opportunity to get your own logo in the exported report next to the Serpstat logo (available starting from the Team pricing plan);
- White Label provides opportunities (available to Agency plan):
* remove the Serpstat logo from all graphs and reports in the web version;
* export all reports without Serpstat logo or with your own logo.

5. SERP crawling balance:
- information about the funds on the account for SERP crawling;
- information about the cost of crawling one keyword;
- information about the cost of crawling the frequency of one keyword.

If you have run out of credits for any of the modules, you can:
- buy them separately using the "Add" button opposite the needed module

- or use the "Buy additional credits" button in the sidebar

After which the support chat will be opened and you will be connected to the curator to clarify the details. More information about credits you can find in our article.

To return to the tools and continue working with reports and your projects, go to the "My Projects" tab:

When you select a language in the dropdown, the language is saved in the profile and cookies, with further transitions through the service pages, they will be opened in the selected language (only for registered users):

Still have questions? Contact the tech support chat.

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