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Frequently Asked Questions About Serpstat Credits: Customer Support Digest #5

Frequently Asked Questions About Backlink Analysis: Customer Support Digest #4
Михаил Златов
Mike Zlatov
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
This is the 5th part of our regular Customer Support digest! Today I'll answer all the frequently asked questions about Serpstat credits. Here we gathered questions and troubles that you may face while using Serpstat tools. So, meet a new article with FAQ to save your time!
— What are credits, lines, results? What are the differences?
— Each module has its system for calculating credits.
In the analytics section, 1 credit = 1 request.
In API, you spend 1 credit for each received request result (for example, when receiving information using the keyword_top method, in most cases, you will spend 100 credits since in the response we will receive the top 100 domains for the selected key)
Number of lines - this definition is only used in our export credits.
— How and when are the credits added?
— The system of credits is arranged in this way: you have a certain number of credits to use per month (within 30 days). Upon the expiration of the credit month, the number of credits is updated. We consider the start date of the plan payment as the beginning of the credit month.
— What is the general information on the number of credits in each pricing plan?
— The general information on pricing plans can be checked on the pricing page. Or you can ask us in the online chat.
— Where can I check the current number of credits?
— You can check your current number of credits for each module in your profile.
— What are the API credits and how are they spent?
— There are 2 types of credits when working with API: the number of requests per second and the number of lines.
Requests per second is the number of simultaneous API threads per second.
Lines are the number of results in the returned query response.
The number of credits removed per request is 1 per line with the response (the method removes as many credits as lines received in the API response).
For an example of a method response, see the API documentation.
— How are credits calculated in Search Analytics?
— The credits are counted for 1 day. A certain number of credits is added once a day (depending on the pricing plan).

Credits in the Search Analytics module are spent on:

  • Request for the site/keyword;
  • Refreshing the page;
  • Using filter/sorting;
  • Switching to another report;
  • Changing the search database;
  • Changing the type of tracking;
  • For batch analysis of domains. In the batch analysis tool, it is essential to remember that the number of spent credits directly depends on the number of domains and the number of search bugs. For each additional base, 1 credit will be spent.
— How are credits calculated in Rank Tracker?
— The credits are counted for 1 month. They are added once a month, depending on the date of payment for the pricing plan.
For each update of information on a keyword, 1 credit is removed. For each region, 1 extra credit is also removed.
For example,
10 keys for 1 region = 10 credits;
10 keys in 2 regions = 20 credits;
20 keys in 2 regions = 40 credits, etc.
Serpstat Rank Tracker: A Complete Guide
— How are credits calculated in Site Audit?
— The credits are counted for 1 month. They are added once a month, depending on the date of payment for the pricing plan. 1 credit is removed for 1 scanned page. For example, if we get a result for 1000 pages at the end of the scanning, it will be 1000 credits.
Effective Site Audit With Serpstat: Tool Overview
— How are credits calculated in Backlink Analysis?
— Similar to Search Analytics, but within the Backlink Analysis module. You cannot select a search region here, as our link base covers all regions.
Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool: A Comprehensive Guide
— How are credits calculated in Clustering and Text Analytics?
— The credits are counted for 1 month. They are added once a month, depending on the date of payment for the pricing plan. The credits for Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics are common. 1 credit is removed for 1 key on which the project is launched in Clustering/Text Analytics.
Successful Keyword Mapping In 5 Easy Steps: How To Create A Site Structure With Our Clustering Tool
— How are credits calculated in Keywords Quality Control?
— Credits are counted for 1 month. They are added once a month, depending on the date of payment for the pricing plan.
— I see 100/100, is it 100 used or 100 left?
— We show you how many credits LEFT. For example, 70/100 means that 70 out of 100 possible credits are still available.
— What are export credits?
— Export credits are counted in lines. 1 line means that information was received for one keyword or domain. The credits are calculated for 1 month. They are added once a month, depending on the date of payment for the pricing plan.

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