Custom reports

Custom reports allow you to customize a dashboard for a project with data from all modules and export this dashboard to PDF.

To start, enter a domain name or choose a domain from your projects list. You can apply a premade template.

Custom reports

The Rank tracker and Site audit data are displayed in the report only if the domain is in the projects list and has Rank tracker and Site Audit launched. Site audit and Rank tracker blocks show data for the latest month.
Custom reports provide the following options.

The following options are available at the top of the report:
1) Select one of the existing projects to create a custom report;
2) Enter any domain to create a custom report;
3) Save a domain to your projects list;
4) Select a database to display data from search analytics;
5) Save your report;
6) Apply an existing template;
7) Share the current template or Save as PDF.

Block operations
Managing blocks in Custom reports

Open the blocks section and click on the blocks you'd like to add. Click again to remove them.
Click on the 3 dots menu to delete the block, move it down or up, add another item before or after the selected block.

The blocks added to the report in the side menu of the custom reports are highlighted with a green checkbox.
All blocks, except for the title blocks, text, and page break, are removed from the report when you click on the item highlighted with a green checkbox in the add blocks menu.
All blocks, except for the title, are added to the end of the report by default. The cover sheet block is always added to the beginning of the report.

Embed report
Embed a Looker Studio report to enhance the Custom report with more data. Embedded reports appear in view mode.

The viewer can interact with the report:
- Filter and select a date range.
- Use the navigation controls on the bottom to go to the second page.
- Open this report in Looker Studio by clicking the Looker Studio logo.

Functions not available for viewers:
- Editing, copying, and sharing.
- Refreshing the data in an embedded report (the data will be refreshed when the cache expires).

Looker Studio report in Custom reports
How to get an embed link from Looker Studio:
1) Share the report: for public or private use.
If the report is publicly shared, anyone viewing the page sees the embedded report.
If the report is shared with specific users, groups, or domains, only those people can see the embedded report. These viewers must be logged into a Google account.

2) Go to File → Embed report (or click <>).
3) Click Enable embedding.
4) Select Embed URL.
5) Copy the link to the clipboard.
Embedding a Looker Studio report
6) Insert the link to the Custom reports Embed report block.

You can embed any site that uses the oEmbed format.
Embed a reddit post

Google Analytics

Add a Google Analytics 4 block to provide additional data in the customized report. 

Data is displayed for the last 30 days by default, but you can change it. 

How to connect GA4 to Custom reports in Serpstat:

1. Add the item from the left menu.
2. Choose your Account ID and Web property ID.
Connecting Google Analytics to Serpstat
3. Get a graph and a table with information imported from Google Analytics.
GA4 connected to Serpstat
4. You can choose a different time span, hide/show the table and hide/show columns.

Sharing the report

The report can be shared even with those who don't have a Serpstat account.

To save the report, click the Saved reports, enter a report name, and press “Enter”.
To share it, open a saved report, copy its URL address, and send it to your colleague or client.

Sharing the Custom report

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