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Visualize Serpstat Reports Using Google Data Studio Connector
Google Data Studio is a tool for creating reports that collect and display data in real time. The tool has a variety of visualization options and allows you to create easy-to-use dashboards quickly. Interactive reports include charts, links, clickable images, and more, customized to your needs.
What do you need to display Serpstat data in
Google Data Studio?
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503913
Create a new report
After setting up the data sources, you'll have a new window with 2 tabs: Create Report and Explore.
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
You can view and adjust the data for visualization on the Explore tab. In the navigation menu on the right, you can select the parameter (it is convenient to select date for the History report, and domain name for Competitors) and indicators. On the Create Report tab you'll find a report template. This is an example of what your report might look like. It is formed by two reports: Domain History and Competitors.
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
The Domain history report corresponds to the first three tabs:

  • Organic traffic and visibility
  • Organic keywords
  • Paid keywords.

The Competitors report corresponds to the competitors tab.
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
How to set up the reports
Depending on specified data sources, the template fills in the area that corresponds to the specific Serpstat report. If you don't want to visualize all the data offered, you can easily delete unnecessary tabs. The template introduced above is just an example and the user can set any report in any convenient way.

If you want to combine two reports in one to have all the information in one place, you have two ways:
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
Way #1
We create two separate History and Competitors reports.

Go to the Competitors report and copy the tables on the page
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
Go to the History report, select the fourth page and insert the data.
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
Way #2
If you don't want to create two separate reports and transfer data by copying, you can do everything in one report. Create the History report. Then go to Resource → Manage added data sources and click on the Add a data sourcebutton
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
Select Serpstat Connector
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
In the configuration window enter the same domain, but choose another report. Then add this data to the history report:
Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio  16261788503914
Go to the Competitors tab and add this field to the report
Access and credits
To display Serpstat reports in Google Data Studio, you should have:
Serpstat account
API access
Personal API token in your profile
If you don't have a Serpstat account, register for free!
" alt = "Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio 16261788503915" title = "Connect Serpstat with Google Data Studio 16261788503915" />
If you don't have the API access, contact the support team by completing a product demonstration form, or you can use our live chat.
What are the benefits of the platform?
The use of the platform is completely free for all Google users.
Creating the reports doesn't take up so much time and doesn't require special knowledge or skills.
Reports can be tailored to your specific needs.
Data is automatically loaded from integrated sources and displayed in real time.
You can share Data Studio dashboards via the link, and it is very convenient for teamwork.
Credits are spent while choosing the report type, depending on which method you choose and how many lines of results you get in the finished report. Next credits are spent while updating the report (12 hours each or on request). You can create the report and update it only when needed, thus saving credits.
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