FAQ generation

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a certain topic.
Using the FAQ generation tool, you can generate questions and answers for a specified topic.

The report consists of two steps:

  1. Question generation by the specified keyword.
    Enter the keyword for which the list of relevant questions will be collected. The questions are collected from the Search queries database report. The database consists of the actual queries asked by users in Google. Thanks to this you can be sure that the proposed questions are of interest to real users and they will be able to find the answer on your site.
  2. Answer generation.
    To generate answers, either use the list of questions suggested by the tool, or skip the first step and add your own questions. You can also edit the suggested list by deleting unsuitable questions or adding new ones.

Use case:
With FAQ Generation, you can save time finding new topics to mention on the site, and you don't have to search for and write out the answers to questions yourself. You can use the tool to perform the following functions:

  • expand the pool of keywords on the page;
  • improve visibility in search results;
  • when you add links to the answers, you can improve the internal linking of the site.
  • Introduce special elements on the page, which will allow you to improve the ranking of your site. (Read more about SERP features in this article)

How to use the tool

  1. Enter the token from the profile;
  2. Choose language, enter a keyword (optional) and click Generate questions to generate questions based on the keyword;
  3. Click Generate answers to generate answers to the tool-generated, or downloaded, questions;
  4. Download the results in .txt and .html format.

Available to:
Users with a Team subscription or higher.

1 request = 100 credits of the Tools module. 

If you still have any questions, contact the tech 
support chat.

To learn more about how the tool works, you can watch the attached video!

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