Article generation

SEO-articles are texts optimized for a specific list of requests, the main purpose of which is to rank high. The text must be user-friendly and take into account the requirements of search engines.

Article generation automates the writing of articles. For this, enter the desired title revealing the topic of the article, and it will generate a finished article based on this title. Article generation will be useful for:

  • Copywriters;
  • SEO specialists;
  • Website/Business owners.

Use case:
For example, you picked up a title for a future article or copied the title of someone else's article and want to publish an article on the same subject. Paste the title into Article generation and you'll get a finished article on your request, saving time and reducing manual work to a minimum.

How to use the tool

  1. Enter the token from the profile;
  2. Choose language and add your article title to Article Generation;
  3. Click Generate and get a finished article with your title. You can also copy the created material to the clipboard.

Article generation
Available to:
Users with a Team subscription or higher.

1 request = 1000 credits for English and 1500 credits of other languages of the Tools module.

If you still have any questions, can contact the tech 
support chat.

To learn more about how the tool works, you can watch the attached video!

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