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Changelog is a digest that collects information about the latest Serpstat updates in a quick reference format. We update the section with every release, once every two weeks, which allows you to know about all the changes to the tool.
To get to the Changelog, click on the Serpstat Updates section in the top bar.

The Changelog section is always located in the upper page on the part so that you can quickly get acquainted with changes to the service.

Changelog structure and content
The list of updates for each release is added in chronological order, that is, the higher the update is in the list, the newer it is.
The updates themselves are divided into two types:

- New — options and features that were not previously in the tool. These updates are marked with a blue tag;
- Improved — options and features that the Serpstat team has improved to make them more convenient and / or relevant. Such updates are marked with a green tag.

Updates’ descriptions are presented in the form of help, which often contains useful links to blog articles or reports.

We also release a video where we talk in detail about the updates. To view it and find out about the Changelog publication in time, don’t miss notifications in the right lower part of the Serpstat reports. 

For a detailed description of all Serpstat updates, read the article The most important new tools that will be useful to SEO specialists in any industry.

If you have any questions about updates or Serpstat functionality, please write to our support chat.

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