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Marketing 7 min read August 31, 2016
Igor Gorbenko
We always try to improve on SEO tools that we're all used to. Our rank tracking tool is not an exception. In this post we will show you 5 unique features of Serpstat's rank tracker that make it more than just another tool for position monitoring

5 Unique Features Of Serpstat's Rank Tracking Tool

Digital Marketing Expert at Serpstat

Monitoring Top-100 Domains For Each Keyword

In short, Serpstat doesn't monitor your domain's position for a keyword, like most of its alternatives, it monitors a keyword and saves data about all 100 domains that rank for it.
Most of the rank tracking tools on the market work with domain and it's positions. They take your domain, look for it in the search results and save its position for a desired keyword. Then show you how the positin of that domain are changing.

This type of rank tracking doesn't provide any applicable data. For example, you can't compare your progress to your competitors.

Serpstat's Rank Tracking Tool saves data for al 100 domains that rank for monitored keyword. It means that you'll see complete data for domains that rank for your keyword in top-100. That's 100 times more data than you get from a regular rank tracking tool.

If you start monitoring a keyword like "buy a cellphone" you will see positions of all 100 domains for this keywords, regardless of what domain you monitor. Of course you can chose to highlight your own domain and domains of your closest competitors, but you'll still get complete data for each keyword.

Keyword Grouping

With Serpstat's rank tracking tools you can divide keywords of your domain into groups by using tags and monitor your positions and market share for each group separately.
Monitoring niches separately allows you to get accurate data on your own and your competitor's progress within a niche you're currently targeting.

For example, if you're working with a big online store that sells various products, you'll have different competitors in each niche. You'll compete with one set of websites for laptops and completely different set of websites for books.

Serpstat's rank tracker allows you to use tags and create separate keyword groups for all of your niches.
Here's a list of domains that competes with for all of the keywords that were added to the tracking project.

And this is a list of competitors within a keyword group. We created a keyword group named "Style" where only the keywords that refer to clothes, accessories, shoes are present.


Market Share Analysis

Serpstat is the only tool that allows you to analyze the size of your and your competitor's market shares.
Market share distribution analysis is a very useful feature for both, marketers and SEO specialists. You can use it for monitoring your own progress within a niche and compare it to the progress of your competitors, to see if your optimization really brings more clients to your website.

Another awesome use for this feature is market analysis. If you're thinking of joining a new market, it's best to start with analysis, so you know what websites are in the lead and how big of a market share you'll be able to grab.
This tool compares the visibility score of a domain within a niche compared to the visibility scores of all competing domains.
To use this feature you need to create keyword groups based on the type of products, for example "cell phones" and "laptops" and analyze these groups separately. For each group of phrases you will the list of top-100 domains along with the size of a market share for these domain. Your domain may be the biggest in cell phones but lack in laptops.

By monitoring the size of a market share, SEO and Marketing specialists can see how website is improving, regardless of the ranking. Market share analysis accounts for search volume and CTR, which is more useful than just looking at website's position for a certain keyword. Improving visibility for 100 low-volume keywords may result in expanding your market share more than ranking for a few keywords with high search volume.

Monitor How The Positions Of Your Competitors Are Changing

Serpstat shows how the positions of your competitors are changing and let's you know when a new competitor appears or someone gets pushed out of the top-100 positions.
Monitoring positions of your competitors is an important part of using rank tracking. With traditional rank trackers you have to add each competitor to your project if you want to know how their positions are changing.

Serpstat constantly shows all of the ranking changes of your competitors. You can see which domains improved or tanked their positions, see and track the arrival of new competitors as well those who are no longer rank for your target keywords.

Historical Rank Tracking Data From All Existing Projects

If someone was tracking a keyword that you've added to your project in the same region as you, we will show you the historical data from their project, for free!
Regular rank tracking services show the data from your project only. While Serpstat provides previously saved positions data for all keywords that were previously monitored.

If the keyword you add to your project was monitored previously in the same region, Serpstat will show you the data we have on that keyword.

For example, a user has been tracking his position for the keyword "laptops" in Florida for the previous 10 day, and you want to start tracking your position for this same keyword in Florida today, you'll get the top 100 search results history for "laptops" over the last 10 days as a bonus.
These 5 features turn regular rank tracking into the source of data you can apply to outrank your competitors.
Let us know if you have any questions about our rank tracking tool by leaving a comment, contacting our tech support team or reaching out to us on social media!
Share this article with your friends to let them know that rank tracking is more than just looking at your positions in search!
Want to see how it works and learn to use it? Watch this video:

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