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White Label SEO Reports For Big In-House Teams and Agencies

Custom reports, White Label and Branded Reports by Serpstat
White Label SEO Reports For Big In-House Teams and Agencies
Valeriia Lokhtenko
Valeriia Lokhtenko
Blog Editor at Serpstat

Are you an SEO expert or the head of SEO in an in-house team? Perhaps, you're a part of an SEO/Digital Marketing agency?

Then, reporting is probably one of your daily responsibilities. White-label SEO reports (or branded SEO reports) are an excellent way to save time while keeping your clients informed.

It's one of our most useful features, as it allows you to remove the Serpstat logo from all graphs and showcase your own logos. Also, there are custom SEO reports — an excellent way to combine all Serpstat reports into one and personalize them according to your preferences.

In this article, you'll learn how to optimize your reporting routine and the ins and outs of Serpstat's custom, branded and white label reports.

SEO Reporting: What Should You Consider?

Before starting any project, it's crucial to negotiate the most important aspects with the client, including SEO reporting.

What types of reports do the clients typically want to see?

1.Website's main SEO metrics: visibility, traffic, and the number of keywords it ranks for.
2.Website's rankings in search results for the target keywords.
3.Site audit results: the list of SEO issues affecting the website's rankings.
4.Website's backlink profile.
5.Website's market share compared to leading competitors in the industry.

How often do the clients want to receive the reports?

Clients frequently request monthly updates on all key aspects. They can, however, request weekly or on-demand reports.

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    White Label and Branded Reports: What are They and Why Do You Need Them

    Generally, a white label product or service is manufactured by one company but renamed after another to make it appear as if they created it.

    Serpstat White Label reports allow you to remove the Serpstat logo from all Serpstat reports and graphs. That way, you can replace it with your company's logo and present all data as your own.

    Here's an example of Serpstat graphs with and without our logo:

    with serpstat logo
    without serpstat logo

    With the Branded reports feature, reports contain your company's logo and Serpstat's logo.

    White label and branded reports are most crucial for SEO and digital marketing agencies, SEO specialists and marketers.

    So what makes Serpstat White Label SEO reports so beneficial?

    How to Create and Export White Label Reports in Serpstat

    1.Go to your account settings, and select the White Label section. Then tick "Enable White Label":

    Open White Lable
    2.Then click "Select file", upload your logo and save the changes.
    Select your logo

    Now that you've successfully turned on the White Label feature for your account, let's learn how to export the reports:

    1.Click "Export" in the upper right corner and select your logo.
    Export thr report
    2.Download the file. Your logo will be displayed in the upper left corner of the report.

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    Serpstat Custom Reports: Overview

    Did you know you could create fully custom reports on Serpstat? There's no need to export dozens of reports from different tools and then sort through them on your computer.

    All you need to do is select "Custom Reports" on the sidebar of the platform and customize your own personalized dashboard with Serpstat data from different reports. As you tailor all the information to your needs, you can export it into one PDF file.

    Open Custom reports
    1.Select "Custom report" on the sidebar.
    2.Enter the domain name.
    3.Select a database.
    4.If you have an existing project, select it from the menu.
    5.Select a pre-made template or start from scratch.

    Note: in order to include the data from the Rank Tracker and Site Audit tools, you need to have an existing project.

    Client SEO report

    What you can do after creating a client SEO report in Custom Reports:

    1.Select one of the existing projects.
    2.Enter any domain for a report creation.
    3.Save a domain to My projects.
    4.Select a database to display data from search analytics.
    5.Save a report and send a report link to a client or team member, even if they don't have a Serpstat account.How to save a client SEO report

    To share it, open a saved report, copy its URL address, and send it to your colleague or client.

    6.Save a new or apply existing templates.
    7.Copy the link to the current template or export the report in PDF.

    And what can you do with report sections? You can add and delete them and move the sections up and down. It can be done via the block menu (1) or the side menu (2).

    Move blocks in Custom reports

    By default, all blocks, except for the title sheet, are added to the end of the report. The cover sheet block is always added to the beginning of the report.

    The blocks added to the report in the side menu of the custom reports are highlighted with a green checkbox.

    Watch the video overview of the tool to see Custom reports in action.

    Besides the data Serpstat gathers on a domain, you can enhance reports with the data from an embedded report from Google Looker Studio (or any embedded report) and Google Analytics 4.

    Embed report

    Embed a Looker Studio report to better the customized report with more data. Embedded reports appear in view mode.

    The viewer can interact with the report:

    Options not available for viewers:

    Embed a report to Serpstat

    How to get an embed link from Looker Studio?

    1.Share the report: for public or private use.

    If the report is publicly shared, anyone viewing the page sees the embedded report.
    If the report is shared with specific users, groups, or domains, only those people can see the embedded report. These viewers must be logged into a Google account.

    2.Go to File → Embed report (or click <>).
    3.Click "Enable embedding".
    4.Select "Embed URL".
    5.Copy the link to the clipboard.
    How to copy and embed a report
    6.Insert the link to the Custom reports "Embed report" block.

    As said, you can embed any site that uses the oEmbed format ;)

    a link to embed a report
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    Google Analytics 4

    Add a "Google Analytics" block to provide additional data in the customized report.

    Data is displayed for the last 30 days by default, but you can change it.

    How to connect GA4 to Custom reports

    1.Add the item from the left menu.
    2.Choose your Account ID and Web property ID.Google Analytics 4
    3.Get a graph and a table with information imported from Google Analytics.Google Analytics table
    4.Choose a required time span, hide/show the table and hide/show columns.

    Which Serpstat Pricing Plans Include the White Label and Other Features?

    If you want to create custom reports, you should have Individual, Team or Agency pricing plans.

    For Team and Agency plans, all downloaded reports can contain two logos — the company logo and the Serpstat logo. Tables and graphs only contain the Serpstat logo.

    If you enable a White Label option on the Agency plan, you get all the available reports, tables, and graphs without the Serpstat logo.

    Branded reports
    White Label
    Custom reports


    Serpstat's white label feature and brand reporting are comprehensive SEO solutions for professionals, with a variety of custom reports included. You can use the white-label features to notify your customers about your SEO performance while also increasing brand loyalty.

    In just a few clicks, you can export Serpstat data in a variety of formats and generate stunning visualizations!

    If you still have questions, you can find answers in our FAQ, use cases or contact the technical support chat.

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