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SEO 11 min read

SEO Reports For Freelancers And Agencies

Custom reports, White Label and brand reports by Serpstat
branded reports
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Are you a freelance SEO specialist, or are you heading an SEO department in a company? Is reporting one of your daily tasks? Then white label and branded reports are a great way to save time and keep your customers informed.

This is one of the most useful features of our service. It allows you to disable the Serpstat logo on the graphs, as well as upload and display your own logos.

The last but not the least — Custom reports. A new opportunity to collect all modules in one report, customize according to your wishes, and even more! In this article, you'll learn how to optimize your routine and improve the quality of reporting using these functions.

SEO reporting: what should you consider?

Before you start a project, you should approve several important aspects with your customer. This includes SEO reports.

Which reports does the client want to receive? Some of the most popular reports include:
Overall site report with such metrics as visibility, traffic, number of keywords.
Site audit results with a list of SEO errors and weaknesses that can affect site's rankings.
Position of a site in search results for a list of tracked keywords.
Development of the site's link profile.
Market share of a site compared to leading competitors in the niche.
How many times does the customer want to receive these reports?

Most often, clients require monthly reporting on all important areas. Nevertheless, they can also ask for reports on the measures and services used weekly or on demand.
Effective Site Audit With Serpstat: Tool Overview
Technical Audit Of A Page In 2 Clicks

White label and brand reporting: crucial notes

What is white label?

White Label is a product or service that is manufactured by one company and renamed by other companies to make it look like they have made it.

Serpstat white label allows you to:
Remove the Serpstat logo from all infographics and reports.
Export all reports without Serpstat logo or Serpstat data under your brand name.

Why do you need white label and brand reports?

If you're an SEO freelancer or work at an agency that provides SEO services, dozens of different reports are part of your daily business. Why is it worth reimbursing brand and white label reports?
Reports for customers. All SEO and online marketing agencies regularly report to their clients to present performance and plans. It is essential when positive results of optimization are not so obvious. In this case, regular reports are the best solution for clients to follow project development.
Insight into a project. Serpstat reports will help you if your client requests an unplanned report. In a few minutes, you can present the most critical indicators of the project. Also, the quick site analysis and creation of the infographic are useful when starting your SEO activities.
Time savings. Serpstat reports are the best option to show accomplished tasks in a few minutes for agencies and freelance SEOs who simultaneously optimize multiple websites. Creating custom reports and charts from scratch requires a lot of time. Now you can create a report for your customer with just a few clicks.
Professional reports. White label reports allow you to present data to customers under their own name or agency name. So you improve the reputation of your company. This is crucial, whether you own an SEO agency or work for yourself (I mean personal branding here).
Loyalty. Such reports strengthen customer loyalty. Each time your client receives your reports and sees your name, it combines convenience and quality, and the loyalty to your business increases.

White label settings

Why do you need white label and brand reports?

Go to the White Label section of your Serpstat profile and tick Enable White Label in the White Label Status menu and save the settings.
seo reports
Then click on Select file. Please note that the logo must be on a transparent background to appear correctly in your reports. After selecting the logo, check the box and click Save.
white label in serpstat
If you want, you can also add other logos when exporting reports to choose the one you want.

How do you export reports with your logo?

Click on Export in the right corner.
Then select the PDF format and the desired logo.
Open the downloaded file. Your logo will be displayed in the upper left corner and in the lower right corner of the file.

Custom reports

What is it and how to work with projects?

The new functionality will allow you to create reports that are entirely consistent with your goals. This will save time and streamline the process. Now you do not need to export dozens of reports, search for them on your PC and send them to a colleague, boss, or client, getting confused between them. Just one file - plenty of information.

Custom report allows you to customize a dashboard for a project with data from all tools and export this dashboard to PDF.
Using a custom report, you can build a dashboard by domain or by one of the projects you created.

seo reports
Enter the domain name in the domain.com format;
Select a database to show data from search analytics;
If you already have created projects, you can select them in the menu;
You can create a project according to a pre-made template.
Data from the Rank Tracker and Site Audit can be seen in the report only if a project is created and launched in the list of projects.
Data from Audit and Rank Tracker is shown for 1 month.
seo reports
After creating a report, you can:

1) Select one of the existing projects;

2) Analyze any domain;

3) Select a database to display data from search analytics;

4) Save new or apply existing templates;

5) Copy links to the current template;

6) Export the report;

7) Edit the title and description of the report.

Block operations

Using the block menu, you can remove and add blocks from the report, move them up and down. You can also do it in the side menu.

The blocks added to the report in the side menu of the report generator are highlighted with a green check-box. The blocks of the title, text and page break in the report generator menu are not highlighted because you can add several of them.

white label
When you click on the item highlighted in the green checkbox in the add blocks menu (for all blocks, except for the header, text and page break blocks), the corresponding block is removed from the report.

By default, all blocks, except for the title sheet, are added to the end of the report. The cover sheet block is always added to the beginning of the report.

Pricing plans allowing white label feature

If you want to create custom reports with your name or the name of the agency, you should have Standard, Advanced (+plan D for Custom reports), or Enterprise plan.

For Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans, all downloaded reports can contain two logos — the company logo and the Serpstat logo. Tables and graphics contain only the Serpstat logo.

If you enable a white label option in the Plan Enterprise, then you can get all the available reports, tables, and graphics without the Serpstat logo.
Custom reports
Brand report
White label report
Custom reports


Serpstat's white label feature and brand reporting are complete SEO solutions for professionals that includes a wide range of custom reports. With white label you can inform your customers about your SEO performance while increasing loyalty to your brand.

Export Serpstat data in various formats and create beautiful visualizations for your clients in a few clicks!
We've created the Serpstat Website SEO Checker which allows you to find out the key metrics of any site in just a few clicks.
To examine a domain, you don't need to open Serpstat in a new tab - all necessary data is available with one click directly on the site!
Click on the icon and you'll get multiple SEO metrics about a domain or page: visibility, traffic, keywords, top competitors in the region, etc.
Read the post to learn about the benefits of the updated Serpstat checker.

If you have questions about any about our 5 modules, feel free to ask them in the comments under this article or contact our Customer Success team.

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