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Content Marketing 19 min read September 7, 2022

Why Content Marketing Is Essential For SEO

Why Content Marketing Is Essential For SEO
Why Content Marketing Is Essential For SEO
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin
These days, content marketing is becoming the bread and butter of digital marketing, especially when it comes to SEO. Your strategy should revolve around content marketing if you want to attract a crowd. And while making content sounds easy at first, it requires more creativity and consistency than you'd expect.

There are many forms of content marketing, most of which will be discussed below. We'll also talk about the importance of content marketing, how it works, and how it's essential for SEO.

In this article, you'll find everything you need to get started with content marketing. So, let's roll!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to your audience. White papers, newsletters, and blogs all serve as examples of it. They can be found in emails, social media posts, and other media types.

When done right, your published content conveys your expertise and improves your credibility. It shows people that you’re a professional in your niche. It also reflects how you care for your audience because you’re also catering to what they want to know about your brand.

With consistent content marketing, you establish and nurture relationships with your prospects. It also builds a feeling of partnership between you and your audience.

And in this partnership, you also take an interest in their success and guidance, which entices them to choose your brand in the end. 78% of users who become interested in your content believe this.

Why Content Marketing Is Important?

  • Excellent Content Influence Conversions

Statistics make it easier to prove the benefits and importance of content marketing. Hard facts and collective experiences are just some of the pieces of evidence. However, we do hope that these will prove our point.

Content marketing provides conversion rates six times higher than other digital marketing methods. Hence, content marketing services are often employed by those who seek professional help.

In the U.S. alone, it's widespread for 61% of online consumers to purchase after reading blog recommendations. The comments on the said blog can also complement the blog's content. Thus, it further supports the consumer's decision to buy the product or service.

Content marketers can choose to create video content instead of text for consumers who don't enjoy reading long passages of text. 84% of consumers are convinced to make purchases after watching the brand's video.

Therefore, content marketing improves conversions because you can connect and inform your consumers.

Compilation of the Best Content Marketing Techniques

  • Optimized Content Equates to Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving aspects of your website, so it will rank higher in search engines. Being on a search engine's first page means you've already achieved several key objectives.

First, you spread brand awareness because you'll be one of the first brands they'll see after inputting their inquiry. Your online business gains more visibility. Think about it. Have you ever looked at Google's second page when you were searching?

The second objective is to appear credible in your customers' eyes. No decent search engine will put a lousy website on its front page. You're showing your consumers and prospects that they can trust your content and services.

Your content has to be optimized to improve your website's SEO. This includes using the right keywords. And you also need to post blog entries consistently so that search engines will deem you credible.
You might think that having more content on your site means more chances of being in a search result. We agree that that's right, but more content doesn't guarantee more traffic. However, it gives you opportunities to rank higher with the appropriate keywords.

More content also gives your visitors more reasons to keep visiting your website. And the higher on-site time has a considerable positive impact on SEO. Google, for example, looks at time spent on a website as an indicator of your content's value.
The process of finding appropriate keywords for your site would be much easier if you use such platforms as Serpstat. This is where you can find Keyword Research tools and make the most out of different reports:

  • "Related Keywords" report represents all search queries that are semantically related to the searched keyword. This is where you can check and use new variations of the queries. 
  • "Search Suggestions" report shows the queries offered to users under the search bar.
  • "Search Questions" report is where you can see all question forms of search suggestions. These are questions that include a selected keyword that users are looking for an answer to.
Overview the most popular keywords, find out what interests your audience the most, and attract new visitors using Serpstat.

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  • Content Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Every marketing effort is made so that you’ll get new leads, convert prospects, and make a profit. Content marketing is one way to help your business bring in new leads, but it’s especially important for small businesses. Small businesses rely on consistent traffic to boost their sales and for their brand to grow.

Content marketing is also affordable, so it’s great for small and big businesses. It costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods and generates three times as many leads. Because of this, it’s necessary for small businesses so they can maximize their marketing budget.

It’s important to keep in mind that content marketing is time-intensive, and its results are long-term. You can’t expect fast results from content marketing or SEO as you would from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. But as long as you publish quality content, these small steps will go a long way.

On social media, 67% of marketers spend a lot of time building social media communities. Without paid social media ads, you can still reach several prospects for free by publishing content. And by having your own community, you manage to create followers for your brand.

  • Content Marketing Is a Step to Solidify Your Position In the Industry

After establishing your online presence, it’s time to build your authority by creating and publishing quality content. It should demonstrate your expertise and give relevant answers to your prospects’ questions.

As we mentioned earlier, the more credible you are, the higher your rank in search engines. And with that comes trust from customers and the image of you being an expert in your industry. 

To be successful at content marketing, you can opt to be assessed with content scoring. Content scoring is a method that tracks each of your content assets and campaigns. It will help you see how well they generate leads and opportunities for your brand.
More businesses are increasing their content marketing budgets, and if you’re one of them, you must ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. What better way than to establish scoring metrics for those campaigns and projects?

With content scoring, you can improve your marketing strategies and performance accordingly. And in due time, you’ll be able to solidify your position in your designated industry.
If you want to check the success of your promotion campaigns, you can do it using Serpstat Domain Analysis. The main steps of domain analysis include: 

→ analysis of site visibility in search engines;
→ analysis of keywords for which the domain is in the top 10;
→ distribution of phrases by positions;
→ analysis of keywords for which a domain is placing ads in Google Ads;
→ analysis of competitors in context.

How to Analyze a List of Keywords and Domains in the Serpstat Interface

If you want to score your content and boost your results using a comprehensive tool — follow the button below, choose your trial plan and test all the possibilities of the platform! 

  • Content Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty and Awareness

Content marketing can build brand loyalty and awareness uniquely. You can strategize so that your content will appear everywhere your prospects are. Your brand is also exposed to people who can potentially be your clients.

Executing this strategy means writing about topics that capture your prospect’s interest. And as long as it's quality content, even the quality will be associated with your brand.

We can take it further and expect your followers to advocate for your brand. The hype around your content and the emotions it inspires will revolve around your brand. You can say that consistent exposure to your content inspires brand loyalty. And those loyal to your brand can influence their friends and family to purchase your products. Having loyal customers can pique others’ interest in what makes your brand special.

As your clients learn from your published content, they can share this knowledge with their friends and family. That is also a form of indirect influence and recommendation on their part. Awareness of your brand and developing loyalty towards it will keep spreading in their circles.

Five Ways to Build Trust With Your Audience via Content Marketing

10 Types of Content Marketing

  • Blogging

Blog posts help build brand awareness and customer engagement. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s the cornerstone of content marketing. Blogs offer a versatile platform where marketers can publish different kinds of content.

And the process isn’t complicated, either; it’s quick and simple to publish. You can use tools like WordPress to build a blog in a matter of minutes.

If there’s a downside to blogging, it’s that the success of your blog depends on the quality of your content. Your blog posts need to be elaborate, detailed, and relevant. It’s approximately 1,000 words long on average, but you can also publish it with over 3,000 words.

The benefit of publishing a post in long form or with over 3,000 words is that you’ll have a better shot at answering a user’s search intent.

  • Video

Whether on YouTube or other social media, quick videos with captivating topics are always eye-catching. Some blogs even upload their short videos on YouTube before putting them on their blog posts. Some resort to live-streaming, which is an increasingly popular mode these days.

Videos are difficult and time-consuming to produce. A lot of care and planning goes into the production and editing processes. But the return on investment of videos is very significant because people spend at least 100 minutes watching them daily.

If your company creates excellent video content, the conversion rate is very noticeable. You’ll also be nurturing leads more than strictly investing in written content.

4 Types of Videos a Small Business Can Use to Grow Sales

  • Podcasting

Podcasting is the digital evolution of radio broadcasting. It involves one or more audio or video files that are episodically released. Podcasting is a concise way for marketers to communicate with their captive audience.

Brands can tell their story anywhere and anytime, which helps establish authority in their fields. This method can also help them create brand advocates who will listen passively to these recordings.

Podcasting doesn’t attract a large audience immediately. But it’s a powerful medium you can use to express a range of ideas and information. And those who are compelled by your podcast can subscribe. Therefore, it eliminates the necessity to establish another marketing campaign.

  • Infographics

An infographic is a visual method of presenting ideas and utilizes bullet points and numbers. Usually, people don’t have the time to spare to read large blocks or watch short videos. Hence, infographics became their go-to platform for a visual summary of topics

Sometimes, some things are better expressed in images than in words. These concepts are difficult to explain, but an image is more than enough to convey the message.
There are also times when images and text go hand in hand, so infographics complement blog posts instead. In simpler terms, an infographic, in this sense, functions as the blog post’s framework. It’s a wonderful way to communicate complex ideas without relying too much on words.

  • Email

The majority of adults with access to the internet use email, making it an essential part of your marketing campaign. There are three times more email accounts than on Facebook and Twitter combined.

Additionally, emails are more likely to be read than social media posts because they are delivered directly to the recipient's inbox. Therefore, it's easier to reach out to your target audience.

Email marketing has also produced the highest return on investment compared to any marketing channel. Every time you spend $1 on email marketing, you earn $42 on average.

As a result, email marketing is known to be one of the most effective digital marketing tactics. With content marketing strategies, you can showcase your company's uniqueness to prospects. You can also show them how you are a better choice than your competitors.

  • Ebooks

Ebooks are downloadable long-form texts that customers can obtain by giving you some of their personal information. For example, they’ll need to provide their email address and name to get the eBook. 

Your company can go through customer nurturing with that information by sending them more content. Perhaps you can send them investment newsletters or more eBooks within a set date.

The eBooks you provide can pique their interest in your company’s products and services. Ebooks are good alternatives to producing online content, so feel free to try them out.

  • Checklists

Freebies or free tools are very enticing to consumers, and you can give them those after making a checklist. The checklist is a series of tasks you give customers, so they can get something without spending money.

This content is used to ensure that your customers are following the correct steps to achieve their goals. It’s a great feature to have on your website, so you can also guide new customers.

The pros of a checklist are that it’s simple and easy to make and accomplish. It can practically generate leads like the eBook method.

Top eCommerce Lead Generation Strategies

  • Memes

While memes used to be informal internet jokes, they also became a creative way to market. Even marketers can have fun with their content marketing strategies by using memes!

However, memes don't always align with a brand's image. Can you imagine luxury brands using memes? Even if you do, the luxury brand won't seem as luxurious or prestigious as before.

But if your brand does work well with memes, it's a great way to keep your audience interested in your message. As visuals, they're also a quick way to communicate your intent to your consumers.

And let's not forget that memes have great potential to become viral so that they will reach people across the internet. Marketing with memes yields 60% organic engagement compared to traditional marketing.

  • Webinars

Since the pandemic, webinars have become a staple for business growth. It helps boost brand recognition, awareness, and sales. You’re able to reach out to prospects and answer their queries directly.

Webinars provide an interactive experience, almost like a seminar, but easier to organize. It’s also more affordable than organizing a seminar, where you’ll need to find a venue and provide food. In the case of a webinar, you mostly need to pay attention to your speakers and guests.

Hence, webinars have become an essential part of content marketing strategies. Companies use it to deliver their content to prospects and form a part of their content library. As your company gets more followers, so will your webinar acquire more guests.

How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Posts

Social media is going to your prospects and customers instead of waiting for them to approach you. And the best part is that you don’t have to contact them directly. A social media post can find its way to the right people through the platform’s algorithm.

Hence, it’s not surprising that many content marketing tools have been developed to engage audiences on social media. It isn’t easy to attract new readers to your website, but social media interaction can lead them there.

Social media is an excellent way to keep your audience informed and updated on your latest products and services. You can also post about promos, events, and other memorable things you want your audience to know about.

Social media can generate new leads and prospects with consistent updates and interaction. Consumers like attentive businesses, so replying to their comments will encourage them to stick around.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

  • Create Relevant and Valuable Content

The first step is to create relevant and valuable content in your chosen media. There are many platforms and media on which you can create your content. But what matters most is its value to your readers so that search engines can rank it highly.

Creating valuable content will answer your audience’s questions, which can gain their trust. To keep these leads, ensure your content is informative and thorough.
If you want to speed up and optimize content creation with the power of AI, it's time to test Serpstat Content Analysis tools. Discover our updated module, and:

→ create content with a single click;
→ generate and rewrite articles, create meta tags, check grammar and spelling;
→ extract keywords from any text to get the main topics covered, and many more. 
You can use, for example, a spelling checker in Serpstat to ensure that your text is mistake-free. Here is how it works:
Simply go to the "Content analysis" section → "Grammar and spelling." You will be redirected to the app that finds mistakes in your text, highlights them, and corrects them. Enter your text, and press the "Check!" button. The corrected text will be available below in a few seconds.
Click the button below and sign up for a free 7-day trial to test this and other tools!

  • Share What You’ve Created

After you create your content, it’s time to publish it online and share it with your audience. The first attempt may not be as grand as you expected, but you can keep optimizing your work for SEO later.

If you share your content on social media, you can post it on your profile or reach out to influencers on different platforms. These influencers already have many followers, and it would be helpful for your business to have them promote your content.

Of course, you can’t just choose random influencers, but those who are related to your industry. They will then reach your target audience on a different social media platform.

Additionally, you can also reach out to other experts in your industry to establish connections. You may even ask if they would willingly link your content within theirs, so you can get some traffic. If your content is valuable enough, they’ll consider the offer.

  • Expect People to Search For Information Related to Your Business

Your target audience will search for any information they need, usually related to your topic. They’ll choose from a list of pages on the search results to see which answers their questions. If your article is relevant enough, it’ll be there, and they’ll check it out.

You can expect people to find their way to your company by having high-quality content on relevant topics. They’ll eventually learn more about your services and spend more time on your page. As mentioned earlier, the amount of time spent on your page by your visitors can improve your SEO ranking.

Components of an Effective Marketing Plan: Buyer Persona and Buyer’s Journey

  • See How People Enjoy the Content You Created

As you become more exposed to the mechanism of content marketing, you notice how valuable content is. Depending on its quality, your audience can enjoy your content while remaining informed. Your audience becomes empowered by your knowledge and gains the confidence to share it with others.

As your content ranks higher in search results, more people will be able to find and enjoy your content.

  • Boost Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Checking out your content means being exposed to your brand, hence, brand awareness. Your audience will keep familiar with your brand, its values, and other unique aspects.

Your visitors can keep exploring your website and social media accounts to get to know you better. As they become more familiar with your brand, they’ll soon develop loyalty towards it with the proper follow-up. 

This follow-up pertains to giving customers a good user experience and service on your website. If they reach out to you via social media, make sure to accommodate them accordingly, so they’ll have a good impression of your business.

  • Reap What You Sow and Earn More Conversions

Being exposed to your content also results in one more thing: conversions. They can purchase your products or services online if they're genuinely convinced. Even if they don't convert immediately, they'll remember your business and reach out eventually.

By using content marketing, you should be able to keep yourself in your customers' minds. That way, you'll boost your sales and conversions long-term.

Content Marketing Etiquette

→ Prioritize Engagement

You need to give before you expect to receive anything from your customers. Sharing content with them is a way to empathize with them. You prioritize building a relationship and trust with your audience, so they may also trust your brand.

→ Never Underestimate Your Audience

As humans, we easily detect when we’re being sold products or services. That’s why we dislike it when great content is spoiled by blatant advertising of products or services.

This also includes an unnatural positive review or testimonial for your company. Promotions need to be done in a smarter way that doesn’t rely so much on features and benefits.

→ Patience Is a Necessity

When you manage to publish an excellent piece of content, you’ll be elated with the number of views and clicks it gains. However, you can’t expect that to happen all the time, even with a big audience. And it’s even more challenging to do so if your audience is still small. So, we advise being patient in growing and converting your audience.

→ Accept the Need to Pay

In theory, content marketing is free if you’re doing it alone, but you don’t have to be a cheapskate entirely. You can use some promoted posts on social media, like Facebook, or paid ads. Your ROI on Facebook is expected to be high because of its specific target audience.

→ Always Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

The danger with content marketing, especially on social media, is the temptation to flood your audience’s feed. You’d think more content is better because you have more chances of being seen. However, that’s only true if the quality is excellent and remains consistent.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Topics?

  • Each Content Should Have a Goal

Having your organizational content marketing goals will help you decide on a topic, let alone plot how to write about it. 

Compare your topic to your company’s bigger goals and see how it helps you achieve them. Are you writing content for lead generation or brand awareness? The goals you aim to accomplish will dictate the angle of your writing.

  • Quality Content Goes With a Stage In the Buying Cycle

Use your deep understanding of the buying cycle to create content.

Are you guiding your consumer through the awareness stage or the evaluation stage? If you already have content for those two, then you need to write something for the purchase stage of their journey. In effect, you can give consumers insights into products and services they’re considering.

  • Choose a Topic Based On Your Audience's Needs

Every writer has to put themselves in the shoes of their characters for immersion. And in marketing, you create a persona of your audience to help you identify their needs and goals. Your content will revolve around helping them address and accomplish those two, respectively.
If you are willing to keep up with the recent requests in your country or even city, we'd recommend you benefit from the Keyword Trends tool.

Here you can get data for the selected period: from today to one month. The information is updated in real-time. So, feel free to identify the most trending keywords and use them on a site, increasing traffic.

React on the news break before others using Serpstat!

  • Combine Different Types of Content Promotion

The problem with making personas is it's an imbalanced practice, so you might not get excellent results. You can't just focus on one type of promotion because it will be monotonous. Hence, balancing how you use different types of content promotion will spice it up.

  • Understand the Difference Between Content Format and Type

Content format and type tend to be confused or interchanged because they can seem similar.

For example, an event is a content marketing format, but a webinar is a content marketing type. If your audience loves events, you can switch out the type of content marketing, but keep the format. That said, it’s essential to research which of those two falls under.


Now, we can confirm the fact that content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO. This is especially true if you publish blog posts on your business website. The very content of your website has to be altered to be SEO-friendly.

And there are so many ways to do so, from various content marketing formats to content marketing types. However, you must be aware of the format and type differences to use them fully. Once your clients favor a format, you can play around with it with different types of content.

There is much to know about content marketing, from the basics to etiquette. Choosing a topic isn’t done randomly, but with a series of steps. You may see content marketing as overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, it can be enjoyable and creative.
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