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Keyword Trends: react on the news break before others

How to determine current trends in a particular region in real time? Use the Keyword trends tool to discover up-to-date topics and news for your publications, thematic platforms, and niche media.

What is the Keyword Trends tool?

Keyword Trends is an instrument that collects and displays the most popular queries in a search engine by a country on a current date in real-time.

The tool shows trending keywords that can generate content that drives traffic.

What are the Keywords Trends used for?

Trending search queries are an endless stream of content ideas for a journalist, content marketer, or editor.

Check trends and create "hot" content for your audience: articles, video reviews, analytical materials, topics your competitors have not disclosed yet. The tool is useful for:
news aggregators
regional online publishers
thematic content platforms (politics, finance, business, society, etc.)
niche media

Tasks that can be solved using Serpstat Keyword Trends

to search for relevant topics in a specific region based on keyword statistics.
to create evergreen or trending content at the "peak" of the topic's popularity.
to explore content ideas for seasonal trends in your niche and create content at the "right time".
to determine with maximum accuracy the localization of interest in your products or services for targeting advertising campaigns or optimizing for local search.

Your content is always one step ahead of your competitors

Do not give competitors the opportunity to collect trending keywords and announce a popular topic first. With Serpstat, you will see the subjects gaining popularity and get a whole set of tools for creating trending content.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Keyword Trends?

To get Keyword Trends online, go to the sidebar with a list of all Serpstat reports.

1. Choose the tool.


2. Select search regions (there is no limit on the number of selected s.e). You can also set the city needed.

3. Click on the "Show trends" button.

The report includes the following columns:

  • Keyword — a list of popular Google queries.
  • Country — shows popular keywords based on Google searches by regions.
  • МCity — offers trending queries in the analyzed city.
  • Language — parameter, based on vocabulary request entered.
  • Date — the date when the query became trending.

What additional features are available in the report?

For comfort analysis, there are filters and sorting in ascending/descending order for columns with keywords, country, city, language, and date. The following report operations are also available:

When working with the tool, how are credits spent?

For each request, credits will be deducted from the section "Credits for sites, keywords, and Backlinks analysis."
- 1 selected database = 2 credits.

2.Credit will be spent from the additional credits unit "Export rows" for reports' export.
- 1 row in file = 1 credit.

You can notice the number of available credits in the report and your Profile.

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Introducing Serpstat

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