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19 Pinterest SEO Tips For Your Blog

19 Pinterest SEO Tips For Your Blog
19 Pinterest SEO Tips For Your Blog
You have probably heard that Pinterest can make your blog a success, haven't you?

Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. It allows users to search for topics, photos, and recipes just as they do on Google. It differs though as it displays the search results via imagery and visuals instead of the text blocks.

Therefore, we highly recommend optimizing your pins in the same way you would integrate Search Engine Optimization into your blog content.

So, how to achieve this goal?

In this article, we’ll share 19 SEO tips to optimize your Pinterest account and help drive traffic to your blog.

1. Include Keywords in Your Display Name

Including keywords in your display name is one of the SEO techniques that can help you generate traffic to your blog.

It also helps visitors grasp a little more about the kind of content and the pins they eventually come across on the Pinterest boards. Pinterest users may seek specific topics and pay attention to the content they are interested in. Thus, if your display name includes relevant keywords, they might come across your account.

Choosing appropriate keywords for your Pinterest board name is going to be much more efficient with Serpstat's Keyword Research Tool.

There is such a feature as Search Questions. It allows you to choose your title based on questions in the search bar and have better options for catching their attention.
Serpstat's Keyword Research tool. Search Questions.
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2. Optimize Your Bio

Your bio serves as the first line of the text that Pinterest users will most likely come across when accessing your profile.

Like your Instagram bio, this one may also be as creative, straightforward, or sassy as you wish. Regardless of what you decide to incorporate in your bio, you can also add a couple of relevant keywords to increase your site visibility on search engines.

If you are uncertain about the keywords, you can just review the results from the Pinterest search bar. If there are many loads, you are certainly not an outright winner. But, if there are just a few, you may have to try another keyword. To put it simply, you have to use a keyword that is most likely to be searched for.

3. Claim Your Site

claim your site
If you're not claiming your site on Pinterest, you're missing out on potential traffic and exposure. Millions of people use Pinterest to find new products and services each day. Claiming your website on Pinterest allows you to tap into that market in a big way!

This is a great way to access your site's analytics and track how many people visit your blog or website through your Pinterest account. You'll also get a verification checkmark next to your site name, which gives users confidence that they are clicking on the correct link.

If you use your blog to sell products like posters or digital prints, you may benefit from getting a verified merchant status. In that case, you may also tag your products on your pins. This will help empower your clients to purchase goods from your store without closing Pinterest.

If you're migrating an existing site, it's essential to consider how your URL structure will affect your Pinterest SEO. When you update your URLs, the search engines have to relearn who you are and what content you post. However, learning how to do a proper SEO migration of your site will help you save your Pinterest traffic.

4. Follow Like-Minded Accounts

It's no secret — Pinterest has the follow-to-follow mentality.

Following others is one of the possible ways to boost traffic and new followers. This is a great way to come across like-minded persons with the same interests. The person you follow is factored in when generating the research outcomes per the Pinterest algorithm. So, all the "Follow to Follow Back" techniques have a positive effect on attracting a new audience.

You may manually search for relevant accounts. But there is also a great possibility to find top competitors in your niche via specially elaborated services like Serpstat. This is the way you may use the "Domain Analysis" module: 

  • enter your site in the search bar;
  • go to "SEO Research" —> "Competitors" report. This is the way to find your top competitors that rank for similar keywords in search results;
  • visit their websites —> check whether they have social media pages, namely Pinterest —> follow them or consider mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities. 
Competitors SEO report
For instance

Let's imagine that you have a business that specializes in quirky lamp sales. You follow like-minded brands from the same niche. When the followers of these similar brands browse Pinterest, your profile emerges as a similar account that they might be interested in.

This is a great way to attract more traffic to your blog.

Jenni Lui is a Pinterest software engineer. He says that roughly 40% of all engagements on this platform originate from related pins.

5. Make Video Pins

As per Pinterest, one can see increased views of organic video pins — up 240% year on year — mainly driven by food and beverage, beauty, and entertainment.

If you generate video content for your blogs or YouTube channel, uploading the organic content to your Pinterest profile gives rise to more impressions. Also, it piques the interest of new audiences on the platform.

In regard to the SEO rankings, videos are the right thing. Whenever accessing Pinterest via the mobile platform, which accounts for 82% of visits, video pins get stacked atop the page.

By pinning the videos, you stand to be noted first by a new user, which also means an increased probability of being liked.

6. Improve Your Search Discoverability Using Relevant Keywords

Search Discoverability
Boards generally rank at the very top of the search engine results pages. It hence goes that by creating many boards that target specific phrases or keywords, your contents attain higher rankings and thus generates more traffic.

For this to be possible, your board should:
incorporate other people’s pins too;
link to related blog posts to establish connections with those profiles as well;
explain vividly what the board entails;
employ some keywords to achieve excellent estimates.

7. Generate Original and High-Quality Content

When editing keywords in your descriptions, you ought to use the display of the names and the bio a lot. These elements work extra hard for your SEO campaigns. It is also important to bear in mind that Pinterest is primarily a visual platform. Hence, the best way to optimize your profile is to create eye-catching content.

The users of Pinterest are great scrollers. Hence, it is your responsibility to catch their attention and let them engage your content. To do this, make clear and attractive photography backdrops, and incorporate bold fonts.

If you seek to enhance your blog posts, do not just stop at pinning photos incorporated in your articles. Instead, you are supposed to generate a sharable and exclusive picture for Pinterest. This has to be accompanied by a title that may be clicked.

If you post manly fashion or beauty content, refrain from using your facial images. Due to some issues, the social media Perth opines that images that lack faces do get pinned frequently.

8. Optimize Your Image Sizes

We have already stated that Pinterest is predominated by the pictures. That is why optimizing your images for this platform is critical. We recommend resizing the pins in tandem with the pin size standards.

The optimum sizes of the contents are as follows:
  • Images – 2:3 or 600 by 900 pixels.
  • Videos – 1:1 or square.
✔️  Long pins are used less often on the platform, as they are illegible on the smaller screens. Choosing them is hence likely to endanger your traffic.
✔️  Horizontal pins do not get traction as well. They are shrunk on the main search feed to fit within a strict column.

9. Write Effective Pin Description

Write Effective Pin Description
Bio descriptions of your pins with keywords included are as important as well-created display name, bio, and the boards.

It isn't that hard. All you have to do is log into your Pinterest account and begin pinning things in the four directions. Launch deeper to use descriptions rich in SEO on the pins, videos, and boards, which have an impact on driving traffic to your profile.

Pinterest imposes a maximum of 100 characters per title, which grants lots of spaces to fill the keywords in. Maintain the titles short and catchy while adding more details in the description.

Titles attract the readers in the same way the article headlines do. Overall, "How to" or "X Best" titles tend to increase impressions. If you have not managed to convey the necessary message in 100 characters, use the pin description to cater for the extra pieces of information.

The Pinterest audience mainly maintains satisfying and short descriptions. The first 50-60 characters may be seen in the feed. Thus, they need to be coherent. Maintain the first sentence within the 60 characters to let the readers know what you are attempting to state.

10. Choose the Right Keywords

We have mentioned keywords extensively in this article because of the simplicity of optimizing your content for search results.

If you are uncertain of the keywords you should use in your pin descriptions, you may look up the keyword research tool for Pinterest. Serpstat is one of those easy to use :)
To find relevant keywords with Serpstat SEO Keyword Research Tool, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • enter the keyword in the search bar;
  • go to "Keyword Research" module —> "SEO Research";
  • check "Related keywords", "Search suggestions", and "Search questions" reports and discover search queries that are semantically related to the searched keyword.
  • The service shows similar keywords based on the similarity of the top-20 of their search results, for which there are at least two pages at the top as in the analyzed keyword.
  • "Connection strength" equals the number of identical URLs in keywords' top-20 search results (that’s why the highest number of connection strength is 20).
Want to know how to use Serpstat to find correct SERP keywords to get your content in front of the right audience?
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Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool
Also, you may access the same by keying in a phrase or word in the search bar and checking the suggestions that Pinterest provides. These search suggestions are, in fact, terms that users commonly seek. 

The most searched keyword appears at the very top, while the relevance decreases with the ranking down the list. The most searched keywords tend to have thousands of relevant pins. This calls for your content to be extraordinary to rank higher.

It is also worthy to combine most searched terms with some low competition keywords to boost the chances of increasing the page visibility. 

How to Use Pinterest for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

11. Set Up Rich Pins

Rich pins are of utmost importance for Pinterest bloggers.

Whether you are pinning a product, a list article, or your favorite recipe, the pins organize extra pieces of information concerning the kind of pins you post and add the same to the pin. Thus, if you wish to link the same to a recipe, a rich pin quickly displays to the reader the necessary ingredients and the preparation times.

An ordinary pin requires the users to click on the blog to discover more. Rich pins are generally a great way of making your content a lot easier to access and read. They are also great when attempting to attract scrollers.

These highly specialized pins generally rank better in the platform's search results, where the algorithms read the contents easily.

Bear in mind that the pins are only available to business account users. Switching your personal account to the business one is free. This switch also gives you easy access to the analytics and the rich pins.

12. Incorporate Calls-To-Actions in Your Pin Designs

The best way to make people click on your site is to give them a good reason. This means you need a solid call to action in your pin description. It's all about creating a sense of urgency and making your pins feel more interactive, which will result in more readers finding their way to your site.

Using action verbs in your CTAs, such as "click here" or "learn more," is a powerful way to motivate people to take action. A typical example of this is "Click here to see the recipe" or "Click here for step-by-step instructions." Don't leave it at that, though — include one or two other sentences that explain why someone should click through.

When you integrate a call to action into your pins, you'll better get people to click through to your site. By leading your readers right where you want them to go, you'll avoid losing potential customers, and instead, you'll even gain a few. 
Incorporate Calls-To-Actions in Your Pin Designs

13. Create Catchy Headlines

When people go to Pinterest to search for a topic, they're looking for inspiration, ideas, and useful information. To make your content stand out to them, you need to create attention-grabbing headlines.

The first thing that captures the eyes of potential pinners is the headline. If your headline is great, you will have a higher chance of getting repinned and driving more traffic. However, if your headline is not good enough, it will not be pinned or shared. You can write a good headline by doing these:
make sure that it’s relevant and clear;
use keyword research tools to find keywords related to your niche and your blog post topic;
keep the length of the title between 50 and 60 characters long so that it can be seen entirely on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Headlines are essential to the Pinterest experience because they give users a quick idea of what to expect from each pin's associated article. But as a blogger, you should also be aware that headlines are essential for SEO.

When writing a headline for your pin, include the main keyword that you want it to rank for on the platform. You can find out which words get searched most frequently by using the auto-complete function on Pinterest (which works almost exactly like Google's).

Your pin will likely appear on their Pinterest feed if your headline accurately matches the keywords people search for. And if your headline is attention-grabbing, it'll entice them to read the rest of your content. 

14. Add Large Texts to Your Images

One of the best things you can do to improve your Pinterest SEO is adding large text to your images. When people look for images related to a topic, Pinterest shows them all images with text overlay that match their search query. And given that, according to Pinterest statistics, there are over 200 billion saved pins on the platform, which means that the level of competition is quite high!

Adding text to your image will make your pin stand out on someone's feed and entice them to click through it to find out more about what's on the pin.

The text on your image should be clear, easy to read, and aligned with your image. A large, descriptive headline on your image will help potential readers understand what your post is about — and therefore, they'll be more likely to click on it.

You can do this for free using Canva or Desygner, which are popular online graphic design tools. If you have Photoshop installed on your computer, you can also use it for image editing.

15. Schedule Pins at Prime Time

Schedule Pins at Prime Time
As was previously mentioned, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for driving traffic to your blog and website. It's important to pin frequently and at the correct times.

If you're using Pinterest for your blog, you know the importance of scheduling pins at the right time to get your content to be seen by as many people as possible. You can schedule pins from your blog or website, which will ensure that you're posting when there are many people on Pinterest. The good news is that there are multiple tools that will help you easily do this. Such tools are Tailwind, Hootsuite, or Buffer.

When you schedule pins from your blog at prime times and analyze your repins, likes, and clicks, you can learn more about your audience and pin performance. You can fine-tune your content strategy to reach a larger audience more successfully with that information.

However, to get the most out of this strategy, you need to know when the best times are to pin. It depends on what industry you're in and who you're targeting. If you want clicks, consider posting during peak traffic hours for your target audience.

Compilation of the Best Content Marketing Techniques

16. Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags aren't just for Instagram anymore — they can be a helpful way to get your content found on Pinterest. Now, it's one of the best ways to attract a new audience to this platform.

You can add hashtags to your pin description. They are searchable and clickable. This makes it much easier for people to find your pins when searching for specific things on Pinterest. To use hashtags effectively, take a look at the keywords in your title, description, and even board names.

For example, suppose you're writing a blog post about the best tips for making delicious smoothies that are also healthy. In that case, you might use hashtags in your description that directly relate to this topic, such as #healthysmoothies or #delicioussmoothies.
However, you don't want to go overboard, and you definitely don't want to cram too many hashtags in your description. This will look spammy and may turn away potential readers. So, when using hashtags on Pinterest, make sure to include only the most relevant keywords that people are searching for.

By making sure your hashtags are relevant, and including just a couple in each pin, you'll get higher-quality traffic from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

17. Install a “Pin It” Button to Your Posts

One of the best strategies to make your blog rank higher and increase its traffic is by using Pinterest in conjunction with your blog.

Adding a "Pin It" button to your blog posts will make it easy for readers to share images from your blog on Pinterest without taking any extra steps, which will help drive traffic back to your site. If the reader has to copy and paste the URL and find your corresponding image, they may not bother pinning at all.

What's more, it's essential to make sure that the "Pin It" button you install is compatible with mobile devices. Otherwise, people will have a hard time clicking on it from their phones or tablets.

If you're using WordPress, you can use a few plugins to add the "Pin It" button to your blog posts. You can also add this button yourself without using a plugin. All you need to do is add the Pinterest code to your website, which is also another way to increase your website engagement

18. Create a Pinterest Business Account

You're missing out if you're a blogger and don't have a Pinterest business account. Many people are resistant to switching their accounts from personal to business accounts because they think it will badly affect their traffic. We're here to tell you that this is not true!

In fact, having a business Pinterest account can help you increase your blog traffic, which is an excellent idea if you're planning on making (more) money with your blog.

A Pinterest business account will allow you to use Pinterest analytics, which will tell you how many people are seeing and clicking on your pins and other helpful information to guide your pinning strategy. It will also give you more insights into which pins perform best, and even help you determine when is the best time of day to post new content. Plus, if you ever need it, you'll be able to easily advertise on Pinterest.

So, if you haven't already done so, consider switching over to a Pinterest business account. It's completely free, so there's no reason not to try it!

19. Maintain Consistency with Pinterest

Perhaps the most significant piece of advice is maintaining the utmost consistency with Pinterest. Your account is less likely to attract lots of traffic if you access it erratically, regardless of how many pins you post at that time.

Update your boards regularly and upload your pins consistently, while also engaging with other users of Pinterest. This will help you turn your business into an income-producing asset.

Final Thoughts

The success of Pinterest for bloggers is undeniable. With over 433 million monthly users, it's easy to understand why this platform is so popular. Pinterest makes sharing your content extremely easy and is one of the best ways to increase your blog or website traffic.

This is undoubtedly why we see so many pinners harnessing its power to share product and blog posts with the world. They know that the more content they share, and the better they optimize it for SEO, the more traffic they'll get and sales they'll make. Pinning often is simply the best way to get more eyeballs on your blog posts!

With the Pinterest SEO tips covered in this guide, you'll also be able to harness the power of this amazing search engine platform to grow your business or blog. These SEO tips aren't hard to implement, and they'll be sure to bring you greater success in the future. Make sure you use them when possible to give yourself an edge over other bloggers in your niche.
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