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How to analyze a list of keywords and domains in the Serpstat interface?

Analyze up to 100 000 keywords and a bunch of domains
batch analysis
Yuliia Zadachenkova
Yuliia Zadachenkova
Product Marketer Serpstat
Need an easy way to compare hundreds of keywords, competitor sites, or link donors? Serpstat team offers a new solution: batch analysis for keywords and domains: 9 SEO metrics, 9 link research metrics, and up to 5 databases in one report.

Find out how to save time on SEO analysis and link building!
In what tasks are batch analyses useful:

1. Analyze semantics with Keyword batch analysis. Add a ready-made list of keywords, compare them, and select the best keywords by several indicators for optimization.

2. When launching an ad, are you unsure about the effectiveness of keywords? First, add multiple regions to the project for analysis, and compare metrics. Then, run ads for the region using the most popular keywords.

3. Find out if competitors are using drops to get a ready-made link profile. Add the list of domains to Domain batch analysis and check the Redirecting links column.

4. Do you have any doubts about the sites for placing links? Unload competitors' sites or your options, and select the sites with the best metrics.

5. Does your site have subdomains? Upload the list to Domain batch analysis and check SEO analytics and link mass metrics in one report.

Keyword batch analysis

Now you can get data in bulk not only in the API! Collect and edit a list of key phrases with the main metrics: frequency, cost, difficulty, level of competition, number of results.

Upload up to 100,000 keywords to Batch analysis with a choice of 239 bases and 18 parameters. Read more about the report below!

How to create a project

To get to the report, go to Batch analysis/ Keyword batch analysis.
Click on "Add new project" for configuration:
- enter a name of the project;
- select up to 5 search bases;
- add phrases manually, up to 5 000 keywords at once, or import with a file;
- check the parameters for analysis.

The credits are removed for the number of selected databases, but not the number of keywords.
The project will appear on the main page of the report, as in the screenshot above. Let's work with keywords!
To add or expand the semantics of a site, get to a project and select the keywords with the best frequency, low level of competition or other metrics, using a filter. For effective analysis, compare the keywords metrics in different databases this will improve the quality of content and optimization.
batch analysis filter
Change project settings and get fresh data at any time. For this use settings button to:
  • add keywords to the project,
  • change a name,
  • add parameters,
  • add or delete search engines.
seo parameters
Select options
Would you like to learn more about Keyword batch analysis?
Order a free personal demo of the service, and our specialists will tell you everything!
personal demonstration
Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool
Refresh SERP by a keyword to see updated data in Search analysis reports.
That is, you do not need to update the whole project and spend a lot of credits. Regulate updating of necessary phrases and charging credits.
serp updation
SERP update
Transfer data to the document by clicking on the button to copy the table to the clipboard. Don't waste time exporting, copying data, and transferring to the desired document.
batch analysis functions
If there is no data for keywords (N/A), check the keywords and click on the button to get the data. This increases the possibilities of analysis any keywords.
sepstat base
Add to Serpstat database

Tool's things: connection with other Serpstat reports

The team considered possible options for working and made it easier to work with other modules by linking reports. Read to find out how to speed up projects creation!
Create a new project or add keywords to Rank tracker! To do this:
  • get to Batch analysis;
  • select keywords;
  • press the button as on the screenshot below.
rank tracker serpstat
Add keywords to Rank tracker
Speed up projects creation or adding keywords to batch analysis:
  • get to the Website analysis or Keyword research reports;
  • check keywords;
  • click the "Operations" button and "Submit keywords to Batch analysis";
  • check a project to add keywords.
The credits will be removed for the number of bases in the project.
keywords research
Add keywords to Batch analysis
The tool is available for all paid plans: from Lite to Enterprise. Create up to 20 projects with 100 000 keywords each.
For Registered users, one project with ten keywords is available.

Domain batch analysis

Domain batch analysis includes backlink profile analysis and metrics for SEO analytics.

  • compare traffic, visibility, keyword information in SEO and PPC, backlink profile metrics, and 18 other metrics;
  • analyze data in Google search engines and 239 databases;
  • do not waste time editing the exported report, change the display in the interface!
personal demonstration
How to solve tasks with Domain batch analysis?
Leave a request, and our experts will answer your questions and help with testing.
Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool

How to create a project

Let's create a project and start domains analysis!
Get to the report via the side menu and click "Add project".
domains batch analysis
Add project
Add a list of domains manually or import a file.
Select metrics for analysis from Analytics and Links.
Check up to 5 bases and run a project.
reports sttings
Project settings
The project will appear on the main page of the report, as shown in the screenshot. Go to the report and get started!
Each domain has indicators of the selected parameters. Use the scroll to view all the data.
batch analysis
Change projects settings and update data any moment.
domains batch
Add or remove columns to display in the report. Change the display of the report in the service and upload ready document.
seo report for domains

How to beat competitors

Use these lifehacks to analyze competitors and change SEO strategy!
The largest indicators are green discover competitors' strengths and work out the weaknesses in yourself.
domains batch view
Learn more about your competitor in 2 clicks!
Select competitors with high performance as indicated above and quickly jump to other reports to analyze them. Click on the blue indicator and the required report.
domains analysis
The tool is available for all paid plans: from Lite to Enterprise.

Video tutorial

To speed up your introduction with the Domain batch analysis report, I recorded a video for you.
Thanks for your attention!

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