Keyword trends

Keyword trends show the most popular Google queries at the city level in the selected country. Data can be retrieved from today up to one month. The information is updated in real-time, and this is an opportunity to identify the most trending keywords and use them on the site, thereby increasing traffic.
The report is useful for news websites and blogs. Marketplaces that sell any kind of product. And to anyone who wants to drive more traffic to the site.

How to use the report

  • Select search regions (there is no limit)
  • Click on the "Show trends" button.
How to use Keyword trends tool
The report includes the following columns:
  • Keyword is a list of popular queries on Google.
  • Country shows the level at which country the request was entered.
  • City shows in the level of which city the request was entered.
  • Language is the language in which the request was entered.
  • Date is the date when the query became trending.

There are also fast filters for all columns. And sorting in ascending/descending order.

“City”, “Date”, and “Language” parameters in columns are clickable and can be used as filters. 
To filter results by cities:

  • click on the City column and type the city name manually or choose it from a drop-down list. By clicking on the name of the city you will filter the list by the selected city.

Selecting a City in Keyword trends filters

  • click the Filter button, next choose the City parameter and option “Contains all” or “Not contains all”, then enter the city's name or choose it from a drop-down proposal list.

Filtering Keyword trends by City

Additional features in the report

  • "Operations" button. Use it to pass keywords to Keyword Batch Analysis, Rank Tracker and Keyword Clustering;
  • "Copy to clipboard" button. It copies tables, rows, or keywords only.
  • "Report appearance settings" button. This is the ability to exclude columns from the report;
  • "Filter" button: by keyword, city, country, or date.
  • "Export" button in formats: csv, xls, xlsx, google sheets.

How are credits charged?

For requests, credits will be written off from the combined credits of a Website and backlink analysis.
- 1 selected base = 2 credits.
For exportcredits will be written off from the combined export credits of a Website and backlink analysis.
- 1 row in file = 1 credit.
You can see the number of available credits in the report and in your Profile.

Use case

  • Select a country and a city in which you are promoting your website / URL.
  • Use filter by city and keyword to narrow your search by topic. And choose a date to see popular keywords for a specific period or today.
  • Analyze what keywords can be added to a website page, prepare a landing page, or write an article on a blog.
  • Select keywords from the same report and launch ads on pages with new content based on them.
  • For many trends, there may not be established competition at the top this way you will get to the TOP of the results and get more traffic to the site.

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