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SEO 6 min read July 24, 2019

Interview With Andy Crestodina: How Influencers Can Drive Your SEO

Interview With Andy Crestodina: How Influencers Can Drive Your SEO

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Recently we were excited to have Andy Crestodina as our Twitter chat guest. Andy is the speaker, content marketer, co-founder of Orbit Media and author of Content Chemistry. He answered the questions of our Twitter channel members on the topic How Influencers Can Drive Your SEO. In case you missed the chat, you can read this article :)
Who qualifies as an influencer?
Andy Crestodina:
What's an influencer? A person who has built the audience that you'd like to connect with.

What's influencer marketing? The art/science of collaborating with that influencer to borrow (or rent) access to that audience. They may not be content creators, but they share, they power word of mouth, they're readers and fans and advocates.
How do you identify the right influencer for you? Which factors do you take into account?
Andy Crestodina:
If you're thinking about #SEO focus on those content creators...

• Bloggers
• Editors
• Journalists
• Columnists
• Podcasters

They influence search rankings.
Video bloggers should be included If they have a website with good domain authority. If they just post on YouTube, there aren't likely any SEO benefits for the collaboration.

Build relationships with content creators because content creators make links → links pass authority → authority drives ranking potential.

Not all influencers create content. Not all collaborations are on web pages.
To pay or not to pay?
Andy Crestodina:
A lot of people pay for influencer marketing. I prefer organic collaboration.

If it's unpaid, there is still an exchange of value. They get some exposure value and access to your audience! ...hopefully, you've built your audience too.

I'm a huge fan of collaboration. As I rule, I never publish anything without a contributor quote from a friend/influencer/content creator/expert. Why would I?

Better content and better connections! Highly recommended. A journalist would never publish an article without a source. Content marketers shouldn't publish content with an expert contribution!

If you pay, it doesn't have to be a lot. $50 or $100 is sometimes enough to get an influencer to share something for you. Reach out and offer a little bit of money for a little exposure but never buy links.
How can you make it a win-win interaction?
Andy Crestodina:
Never write an article without adding a contribution from a friendly expert/content creator. Why?

1. Makes your content better
2. Can help improve the social reach
3. Make friends, and those relationships sometimes lead to links.

If an influencer is in your content, mention them when you share. Then send them the link to the social post. Ask politely if they'll amplify your post (like, comment, share.) This can trigger the algorithm to show it to many more people.

I always reach out and ask for a quote. I never just pull something from something already written. It's the difference between collaboration and just quoting someone.

It's always better to get a contributor quote from an expert. Without it, the content is a missed networking opportunity. With it, there's a strong chance I can learn by reading my own blog.

My goal is friendship! Show thanks in unexpected ways. Try a handwritten thank you note. Or a LinkedIn recommendation. Gratitude is the key to friendship.
How exactly can influencers impact your prospects' opinion?
Andy Crestodina:
Having any trusted person associated with your brand will increase trust (the "halo effect") Subtle difference.

Testimonial = Happy things said by a customer
Endorsement = Happy things said by an influencer.
Which KPIs can measure the real impact of an influencer on your SEO?
Andy Crestodina:
Mentions, links, Domain Authority, referral traffic, shares, comments, likes, etc. But the best things in life aren't in #Analytics.
Which is the check-list of the right strategy of building up a fruitful cooperation with an influencer?
Andy Crestodina:
Checklist for #InfluencerMarketing for #SEO

✓ Pay attention to the content creators (bloggers, etc.)
✓ Build relationships with them (share, mention, comment)
✓ Include contributor quotes from them in your content
✓ Offer to contribute to their content!

To let people know you'd like to make things together, end every email with this sentence: "If you'd ever like to collaborate on anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out!"
It works!
What is the best way to approach influencers?
Andy Crestodina:
Approach influencers gradually, then boldly.

1. Share, like, comment
2. Send connection request, endorse, recommend
3. Reach out, ask for a contributor quote or interview request. Make it easy.
4. Follow up with huge, unexpected gratitude.
We hope that this chat was useful for you! If you have more questions, you can contact Andy and follow him in Twitter :)

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