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Why is it worth doing content marketing or how much money does the Serpstat blog bring?

how much money blog brings
Alex Danilin
Alex Danilin
Lead Product Manager at Serpstat
Summer brought new records for the Serpstat blog: we got 240K sessions and 160K unique visitors per month. We hasten to share our secrets - how we managed to achieve such numbers.

We will also spill the beans and tell you how much money our blog brings;)

Serpstat Blog as a part of business

In 2015 we published the first article on our Russian blog, and in 2016 - on English blog. Since 2018, we have been working on the German version. Now the blog has more than 1000 posts that receive 225K traffic monthly. But it was 2019 that brought the maximum growth to our blog due to many crucial improvements in the processes.
traffic of russian serpstat blog
Serpstat RU blog session growth from September 2017 to September 2019
traffic of english blog serpstat
Serpstat EN blog session growth from September 2017 to September 2019

What are the functions of our blog?

As an essential component of the content marketing strategy, the blog contributes to:
Increase trust in company and service
Good content is an indicator of team expertise and a quality product for both readers and colleagues in the market.
Brand recognition
The promotion of a brand via blog requires fewer resources than classic advertising methods. The service builds trusting relationships with readers, solving their problems and professional tasks with the help of content. Our blog is an opportunity for a dialogue with our users.
Improving search engine rankings and organic traffic
A blog means regularly published materials on the site, thus increasing the number of promoted requests.
The blog is entirely our resource
We can make any changes to this project without any third-party restrictions and associated risks.
All these advantages lead to indirect sales through content, as the blog is involved in the decision-making stage of the purchase.

How we achieved such results

Since the beginning of the year, blog traffic and the number of unique visitors have grown by 55% and 52%. This traffic is the result of comprehensive work on the blog, which included creating quality content, optimizing articles for search queries, reforming the newsletters, and sharing on social networks.
Serpstat RU Blog number of sessions: compare January 2019 and August 2019
Serpstat RU Blog number of sessions: compare January 2019 and August 2019
Serpstat RU Blog number of visitors
Serpstat RU Blog number of visitors: compare January 2019 and August 2019


We focus on quality articles and experiment with different formats. Here is a list of the most popular posts for the current year:
Serpstat researches are based on the latest data, which SEO and PPC specialists cannot do without.
Tool lists
Our readers love lists, and we are happy to gather useful collections of tools, tips, and interesting sites for them.
We regularly invite experts to our roundups and Twitter chats.
entertaining content
To brighten your day, we also publish entertaining articles: funny studies, comics, and tests. We hope you enjoy them :)


How-to is a section with manual articles that help promote a site with small steps. The project was launched to support Serpstat's modules Checklist and Site Audit. Then we published 70 more training articles on the most popular SEO, PPC, and Marketing topics (in Russian). We are currently working on similar articles in English.


The project on optimization and internal linking of published articles lasted 7 months. As a result, the organic traffic of the blog doubled, and the number of keywords increased by 800%, and the bounce rate decreased by 21%.
Organic traffic growth of the Serpstat RU blog
Organic traffic growth of the Serpstat RU blog: January 2019 and August 2019


In our letters, we send to our readers various collections of articles on different topics, studies, cases, academy courses, how-to articles. By the way, have you already subscribed to our newsletter? If not, then we have 10 reasons why you should do this :)
10 Things You'll Love About Our Newsletter Or Why You Should Subscribe

social networks

For promoting blog articles, we use Facebook, Telegram, Vkontakte (for ru-segment), and Facebook, Twitter (for en-segment). We have a Telegram channel and chat, and Facebook closed group Serpstat Insights for our users. We also regularly conduct chats on Telegram and Twitter, where we invite experts to share their opinion. Then our blog editor collects chat materials for the article.
Organic SMM traffic growth
Organic SMM traffic growth: January 2019 and August 2019

How much money does Serpstat blog bring?

And now the question: how much money does our blog bring? To calculate the contribution of the Serpstat blog to sales, we use the following performance indicators:
The number of sales the blog participated in.
The sum of all the sales the blog participated in.
The number of personal demonstration requests from articles or the main page of the blog.
The number of personal demonstration requests after visiting the blog.
But how to determine the contribution of the blog and highlight the sales in which the blog participated? Let's look at several models: based on data from Google Analytics, an internal analytics system, and amoCRM, where we collect data on leads and deals. The summary table for evaluating the value of a blog using different methods looks like this:
Why Is It Worth Doing Content Marketing Or How Much Money Does The Serpstat Blog Bring? 16261788381836

Blog value according to Google Analytics

To estimate the total revenue for sessions that started with the blog pages, we divide the user channel groups by the type of landing page in the multi-channel sequence reports.

According to Google Analytics, for the period from 01/01/2019 to 08/28/2019, the blog brought in $ 41.000 (463 payments) for the entire period or $ 5.130 (57 payments) per month.

The blog affects the user at different stages of the purchase decision. Therefore, for a rough assessment, you can use the attribution model, taking into account the time decay attribution model. According to it, the touchpoints closest in time to the sale or conversion get most of the credit.

In our case, the half-life is 7 days, which corresponds to the statistics of blog readers' behavior. It is clear that this is a rather conservative approach, and if you increase the period, you can get a higher attributed income. At the same time, you need to take into account the general principles of how Google Analytics attribution models work, and understand that such an estimate is approximate.
Why Is It Worth Doing Content Marketing Or How Much Money Does The Serpstat Blog Bring? 16261788381837

How much would Serpstat not get if there was no blog?

To calculate the effect of deleting a blog, we can use an attribution model based on Markov chains, which gives an estimate of how much money and payments Serpstat would not receive if we didn't have a blog. This method uses a model that determines the likelihood that the user will take certain steps, taking into account only his previous action.

Thus, if all visits to the blog pages were deleted from the user's history, Serpstat would not receive $ 95,000 (1222 payments) for the entire period or $ 11.880 (153 payments) per month, according to data from the internal analytics system.
Why Is It Worth Doing Content Marketing Or How Much Money Does The Serpstat Blog Bring? 16261788381839

Demo Blog value according to AmoCRM

A personal demonstration is one of the crucial channels for interacting with users, which allows you to identify their needs and offer solutions to business problems using Serpstat.

The number of applications for a personal demonstration from the blog and payment pages made as a result of the demo also gives an idea of the value of the blog for business.
How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Work
If the reader fills out a request form for a personal demonstration on the blog pages or the blog pages participate in this request as one of the chain events, a transaction is created when the application enters amoCRM. In case of payment after the demo, the amount is tied to the blog.

Through applications for a demo, the blog delivered $ 2,400 (13 payments) for the entire period or $ 305 (1.6 payments) per month.
Why Is It Worth Doing Content Marketing Or How Much Money Does The Serpstat Blog Bring? 16261788381840


If you don't want to read the whole article, here we present a brief conclusion on how useful the creation of the blog turned out to be for Serpstat.
Since the beginning of the year, blog traffic and the number of unique visitors have grown by 55% and 52%.
Such a significant improvement was facilitated by an integrated approach, which includes: maintaining the main blog and filling it with useful and diverse content, creating a how-To section, reforming newsletters, optimizing old articles, promoting content on social networks.
For the period from 01/01/2019 to 08/28/2019, the blog brought
$ 41,000 (463 payments) for the entire period or $ 5.130 (57 payments) per month.
Via demo requests, the blog gave $ 2,400 (13 payments) for the entire period or $ 305 (1.6 payments) per month.

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